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Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since I first heard of an anime adaptation.

And guess what? They didn’t butcher it! In fact I think this is the closest they’ve followed the manga so far~!


Just read chapter 17 of the manga! (How long has it been since I’ve been able to say that?)



So, this is my favorite episode of Special A. We’re at the halfway point and considering that it’s been pretty crappy up to now, I’m willing to be this is my favorite episode overall. Because we all know they’ll never get past Hikari and Kei’s second date. The fact that they cut out Kei thinking of the day he fell in love with Hikari is pretty much solid proof that we’ll just get the one season I think.

lol. Engrish. I always love it when they have Japanese people doing English voices in anime. It’s just so amusing.

More making Yahiro the bad guy when he’s not. I guess this is the only thing that really ticked me off in this episode. I mean seriously, he’s even got a bad guy setting go on around him. It’s ridiculous. At this point I can totally imagine them making the last two episodes be “defeating Yahiro!” or something ridiculous. Stupid anime…Yahiro’s suppoused to be an asshole, but he’s suppoused to be a funny asshole. Agh.

This episode followed the chapter of the manga so closely that it’s almost scary. I think one thing was sort of cut out, but they added it back in later anyway. And all the random stuff they added wasn’t “OMGWTF Out of the blue” crap like it usually is.

Yes, I think when we reached this point of the episode and it wasn’t still super close to the beginning I started to feel confident that we’d get a good (for a change) adaptation.

This is moment number one when I felt like hitting Hikari with my wiffle bat (it’s not just for crappy anime companies, but now for dense girls as well). What happened to blushing Hikari from two episodes ago? Unfair!!! At least she should be blushing a bunch in the future.

Brother complexes are funny. They turn normally average bratty cute boys into crying little cute boys. I’m just glad they don’t dwell on Sui crying too much, because no thank you. I don’t have a shotacon. But still, as long as it’s done in moderation, this is still pretty funny (especially with that moment they added later on).

In scenes like this I wonder how exactly Hikari gets to be ranked number two in the school. Then again, out of all the girls in SA she’s the only one who knows proper English according to that poster…

But again…poor Kei. Maybe I should count how many times I feel bad for him from now on.

Did anyone else wonder if Kei could see up Hikari’s skirt in this moment? because that’s the first thing that went through my mind. I wonder…

Ha. As soon as the water got all over Kei I knew exactly where we were headed and I love it. Misunderstandings are great, especially when there’s a brother-obsessed party involved. Yes~!

If only it was possible to hit fictional characters. What’s wiht Hikari not getting embarassed at all? I guess because she just thinks it doesn’t matter because Kei’s sick or something? I’ll just go with her being as dense as ever though. Hurry up Hikari and stop being dumb. It’s more aggravating in the anime…a lot more aggravating.

Oh Hikari, why can’t you just be honest and say that sick Kei is cute? Ah well.

Poor Kei…Hikari really must be the dumbest girl when it comes to love. But not to worry! Hikari gets snapped out of her absolute lameness soon enough (or at least, she gets a little snapped out of it).

YEEE~AH!!!! Ah! I was so looking forward to this! And it looks so much like it did in the manga (except with random glowing added in). Thank you~!

It took all my strength not to just skip right to this moment and just post and entry calling this episode either a success or a failure all based on whether this scene was in there. But it’s in there! So automatic success I suppose! At least for me. I’m easy to please.

…*giggle* Seriously, this made me so happy. Now things can finally develop! Though it will still move slowly in the anime because they’ll add all sorts of filler crap in…I know it.

Hahaha! That’s right! Take that Hikari you dense, dense, stupid girl! Shake her out of her stupidity quickly Kei!!!

I like how Kei starts acting after this point in the manga. He doesn’t get mad as often and he just basically teases Hikari all the time. It’s wonderful. It’s like he stops caring, right when Hikari starts getting all flustered all the time and everything too. It’s just karma, isn’t it?

WTF!? CRAYON CAR!? Why don’t they just give up already? Because this is getting to be very ridiculous.

And so we don’t end this on crayon car stupidity…awwww.

Okay now I’m done.



Crap, I haven’t even watched the preview yet. I was so excited about the episode actually being good that I forgot.

Let’s see…we have sailor fuku and Akira development. Basically, just chapter 18.


  1. I feel bad for Kei 24/7. -throws rocks at Hikari- And for once I’m looking forward to an episode of S.A. Maybe I should take up the manga again … I kinda stopped after chapter 7 or something. -runs off to download the RAW-

  2. Well, at least it was a crayon car and not crayon people again. They are wasting their crayons; save them for your colouring books!
    The minor deviations were fine; I was just glad they didn’t do anything really drastic to change the episode. Good adaption! I wonder how far they’re going to go with the source material though; will they make up their own ending like Ouran or adapt some later point in the series as the ending?

  3. Yes, this is my favorite episode so far. Yes, I agree about when she fell, I was like I know he’s looking at her skirt and looking at her panties. I’m also looking forward towards the next episodes, hopefully, which I know, there wont be any fillers, and just get right to the point. But I’m also wondering… how are they going to end it? Special A’s manga is not over..

  4. saimaisama: *also throws rocks at Hikari* It’s too bad that they’re such a cute couple together or I’d be all for Kei giving up.

    You…haven’t read past chapter 7? You missed everything. You have to pick the manga back up and ignore all the boring stuff at the beginning! Because it gets so much better later on!


    kaekyo: I almost would have preferred crayon people because that wouldn’t have been as wtf for me.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll make up their own ending. Gonzo likes doing that whenever they get the chance. I just hope it doesn’t suck.


    ohmiharu: I think it should be everyone’s favorite episode because it contained everything that all the sucky episodes didn’t.

    It’s just too bad that the development in this episode will be halted and put in the back seat while other characters get the spotlight (I mean they deserve spotlight too, but still).

    They’ll either end it with an important event that already happened in the manga or they’ll make up their own ending. I expect it to suck either way though.

  5. […] episode~! Probably going to be my favorite episode in the series if they do it right. I still like episode 12 the best out of what we’ve seen so far. But this was my favorite chapter of the manga for a […]

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