Mistress Fortune – Chapter One

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As promised, I’m going to be blogging Mistress Fortune for the next 3 (or 2 really) months (even if I started out late).

Mistress Fortune is only going to be three chapters long. After that, Arina Tanemura is taking a break for a while (I’m guessing somewhere between 2-6 months). She’s worked on a manga for 47 straight months, and if you add in the next two chapters of Mistress Fortune, Arina-sensei will have been working for 49 months straight. Yikes.

This news explains why I thought the first chapter kind of felt like a one-shot. This also probably rules out any chances of an anime adaptation, so all our hopes still lie with ShinKuro.

Also, sorry that this post is so late. I totally spaced out on this until I got my issue of Ribon in the mail.


Kisaki is a fourteen-year-old novice ESPer who is part of a secret organization. She’s in a team with Giniro, a pervy boy that’s the same age as her but has been an ESPer since he was five. Their team is called Mistress Fortune and they are Fortune Tiara and Fortune Quartz respectively. Their organization is fighting agains a race of alien bunnies called Eba. Despite being partners, Kisaki and Giniro know almost nothing about each other because they’re not allowed to exchange information.

Oh yeah…and Kisaki is in love with Giniro.


Thoughts (Sort of)

Okay, because this is so late, and I believe everyone is familiar with my thoughts on the series already, I decided to kind of just point out all the best parts. The blushy moments and the pervy Gin-kun moments!

So here we go! I’m almost positive that I caught all of Gin-kun’s pervy moments, but let’s find out!

lol, Right on page 2, Kisa-chan’s skirt gets lifted up and Gin-kun takes the opportunity to take a picture. He’s a nice healthy boy, isn’t he?

And already, pervy moment number two where we learn about Gin-kun’s fascination with Kisa-chan’s e-cup boobs. He’s so ridiculous.

Though as a side note…why was Kisa-chan talking about arm fat in front of the guy she likes anyway? My arm fat is the last topic I feel like discussing with any boy.

Aww, Gin-kun is so honest…and random. There’s a silent moment so he start thinking about x-ray vision? Then he tells Kisa-chan exactly what he thinks? Oh Gin-kun…I think you’re too honest.

Alright Kisa-chan~! I absolutely love it when a cute girl gets her pervy guy all flustered somehow! Kisa-chan’s cuteness is certainly too cute even for boob-obsessed Gin-kun to ignore. Go for it Kisa-chan!!!

lol, Harem. Gin-kun really is a treat for Arina Tanemura fans, because no one’s really been a perv since Chiaki. It’s not fair. All the over boys got all forward and stuff, but Gin-kun’s the first guy we’ve really had that it’s into all girls since Chiaki. ANd Gin-kun’s even more of a perv! Yay!

(I’m wondering, is it weird that I’m so into pervy guys?)

Okay, how many people caught this on the first time through? Gin-kun looks up Kisa-chan’s skirt and gets bonked in the head. I did. It’s actually what caused me to go, “Ah! I think Gin-kun is a perv!” Aw…subtle pervy-ness and retribution. Awesome.

And okay…are you ready for this? Best moment in the entire chapter!

Yeah! Another point for Kisa-chan!!! And Gin-kun’s being all…tsundere (lol!). “Stupid Kisaki…” Ah! That was so cute! Who else wanted to just hug the both of them? I know I did! Ah! Cute!

But unfortunately the alien bunny ruined the cute moment with yet another pervy moment (though it still made me laugh so it’s okay).

In Gin-kun’s defense…Kisa-chan’s chest in the Fortune Tiara outfit is probably always on his mind.

I’m just glad we got to see this! What’s really on Gin-kun’s mind. Oh yes…I imagine that we’ll be getting more blushy moments in chapter two. And of course, there must be a kiss by chapter three. It is a requirement!!!! Ah~! Looking forward to it!

And finally…one last pervy moment. What does that make…7 total? For a shoujo manga that is very impressive. Though I expect with the plot needing to move in the next chapter the number will go down, but still. Go Gin-kun!

Oh yeah, and now to back-up my claim that Mistress Fortune’s art reminded me of Full Moon which no one seemed to agree with I give you two pictures!

I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for Kisaki resembling Full Moon a little in this picture, but this really reminded me of the early chapters of Full Moon. The way the eyes are shaded and the shape of Kisaki’s hair. Also the shapte of her face. It just really reminded me of Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Also, this image reminded me of Full Moon a little too. But that might just be because there were so many crying scenes in Full Moon. I’m not sure.

That aside…I think Kisaki is Arina Tanemura’s best bishoujo because even Mitsuki and Maron couldn’t look this good when they were crying. Yes, Kisaki wins the bishoujo rankings for me. Plus she’s just so cute too! It must the plus of being in such a short series, less drama to take away from the cuteness.

Well…that’s it. Sorry it took so long. I just totally spaced out. At first I was waiting for higher quality raws, but then I just decided to edit the preview raws on Endless Youth & Co. myself (so sorry for the kind of bad quality, I didn’t spend much time on it).

Now…just looking forward to the next chapter~! And this time I’ll do it ASAP.

(Oh yeah, and the first iamge is that postcard I was talking about the other day. You can find it on minitokyo after all).


  1. Intoresting…
    It looks like she’s reverted to eh same art style she used back in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne O_O;
    I can tell she’s at some kind of a burnout I mean for crying out loud the ending to shinshi doumei cross…ugh…

  2. Aaah Gin-chan … He is just awesome on so many levels. We’re obviously not getting an anime for this but it’d be nice if we got a Drama CD [not that I’ll complain if it doesn’t happen] … but that’s just me wanting to hear Gin-chan saying all those pervy things. HAHA! And no it’s not weird that you’re into pervy guys … I’m the same. I guess it’s because I like how straightforward those types are.
    They aren’t creepy like closet perverts at least. But I’ll admit that pervy types in RL don’t really affect me as much [since my pervy-type male friends lack in the cuteness factor] … I want to know an RL Gin-chan and saying pervy things out loud without shame together T_T [yeah, I do that]

    Oh yeah, I took out my Full Moon volume just to compare the Kisaki and Mitsuki and yeah … they do really look alike … Aah, cuteness.

  3. Hinano: Yeah for some reason her style changed really suddenly. Back to her simpler style. I guess it’s probably overwork. At least she’s taking a break in two months. Then hopefully she’ll be back to normal…hopefully.


    saimaisama: Yes, a drama cd would be perfect! I want to hear Gin-kun being a perv as well!

    Ah. Being straightforward is a good trait. There’s nothing wrong with me after all. But it’s just the fun pervy boys anyway, creepy pervy boys need to hit the road. Too bad fun pervy boys are so rare…

    I knew it! They are! I think Kisa-chan is just a little bit cuter though. I think it’s just because of the ribbons she always has in her hair (cute~!).

  4. lol I thought he was a perv when I first saw him taking a picture with the camera. ^_^

    yeah my arm fat is probably not something I’d have a converstation about with any boy, much less the guy I like.

    hee-hee! He’s like a five year old. He can show he likes her by calling her an idoit or being perverted.

  5. I kinda wish she had said 3 volumes instead of 3 chapters but Arinacchi does need a break after Shinkuro. Well, I’m sure her new series will be awesome cuz she has such a long time to brainstorm for it. Can’t wait. ^^
    Maybe maybe Mistress Fortune will get an OVA (it’s short and has enough material to have one)? *hopeful* x3 I would be satisfied as long as it isn’t anything crappy like the Time Stranger Kyoko one.
    But back to Mistress Fortune!
    Gin-kun~~~!!! <333
    It’s hard not to like him. If not for his pervyness, then for the humor of his antics.
    And I think Kisa-chan was complaining to herself. Gin-kun just happened to be there to remark about it. And Kisa-chan was too busy being dokidoki! to be embarrassed. Well, she could have if Gin-kun didn’t say “It’s proof that you have boobs! I’m so moved!” afterwards. Lol xD; Ah, Gin-kun, how many times have you been beaten up by Kisa-chan because of that?
    More importantly: Why is Gin-kun in the girl’s locker room (unless it’s co-ed?)?
    I love ze blushy moments! X333 So cute. She has a little pained look cuz Gin-kun doesn’t understand and he’s just “Ergh!” *blushblush* So cute. haha
    Gin-kun pwns Chiaki in his own game.
    (And it’s not weird. It’s better to like pervy, interesting guys than good, boring ones. :P )
    I want jealousy and/or a chu chu or more in the next chapter.
    Huh, that shot of Kisa-chan does seem Full Moon-ish. I didn’t notice. Heh.
    And I agree. Kisa beats both Mitsuki and Maron in bishoujo rankings.
    Can’t wait till next chapter~! ^^

  6. warriorhope: The picture moment just confirmed it for me because I had to go back and check to be sure before I could go, “OMG! Gin-kun is a perv!”

    Ah~! I know! Gin-kun is such a silly boy. He’s being all childish about liking Kisa-chan! Next thing you know, he’ll put gum in her hair! Ah…but that’s no laughing matter. If he messed with Kisa-chan’s beautiful hair, I’d feel a Kisa-chan attack would be completely justified.


    xiao_jie88: *sigh* Yeah me too. But I’m looking forward to whatever awesome manga she comes up with anyway.

    Yes! An OAV! Two episodes would cover it I think (about 45 minutes anyway) and it would have better animation anyway. Unless they decide to half-ass it like the TSK one. Why did they animate Chocola’s story anyway? If they were going to make a crappy oav, it could have at least been a crappy OAV of Kyoko, Sakataki, and Hizuki when they were little.

    Ah, that might be what happened. I’ve talked to myself about embarassing things out loud so I can imagine another girl doing the same (when she thinks she’s alone).

    But the reason why Gin-kun is in the girl’s locker room is obvious. The better question is, how did he get in there? Because there’s only one reason for a guy to go into a girl’s locker room and I have no doubt that Gin-kun would go for that reason. Though it might be co-ed anyway.

    The blushy moments were awesome!!!! I expect twice as many (or at least more) in the next chapter!!!

    YEAH!!!! I noticed something that other Arina fans didn’t!

    THe next chapter better have kissing, jealousy, or at least more blushing. Though I will take any combination of the three. I kind of don’t expect any kissing until chapter three.

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