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Filler drama is crappy drama.

I’m pretty busy today (I have to convince my parents to lend me money and go out to find a new job!) so I’ll make all of this really quick today. I’ll just sum up the plot for the episode for this week. I’ll go back to crazy detailed summaries next week. Oh yes, because next week is going to be good. It is almost definitely containing that scene.


Things start where they left off last week with a quick recap. As expected, the fake embryo is trouble and Shiraiya’s chara recognizes that, but before he can give any warnings his egg gets taped shut by Iru and handed over to Utau while filler prince is still all gay for the fake embryo. Paru comes in and Utau is suddenly gone and Shiraiya behaves like the stuck-up asshole he is. Utau is out on the balcony and jumps away with Iru wings.

Back at Easter it seems what they want to do is control the prince (or something) which actually makes sense as an evil plan since he’s a prince and all. It seems Utau could care less, but we do get to see Dia again.

The next day it seems Shiraiya’s father has shown up in the country. Paru is all worried later on about Shiraiya and discovers the taped-up egg. Later on Amu talks to emo Shiraiya on the roof and childhood flashbacks ensue. He gets all pissed over something and leaves. Then Amu’s charas sense an x-egg that feels different somehow. They go to look for it, but Paru stops them and shows them the sick chara. They all take care of it and Paru says some stuff about Shiraiya.

Meanwhile Saya and her little gang of girls are trying to impress Shiraiya again and his fake embryo causes them all to have x-eggs. All the charas (including Shiraiya’s) go and find the x-charas. They come upon the scene and for some reason Shiraiya’s chara reminds him of his father so he gets all pissed and attacks. Saaya and her gang’s charas cause trouble too. Then Amu and the guardians (and Paru) all appear as the charas are all getting trapped.

Amu tries to tell Shiraiya the dumbass that what he has isn’t the embryo, but he continues to be a dumbass. Amu and Rima are about toe chara nari, but alas, their charas are trapped in a lamp. Amu and the gang get trapped in bubbles (except Paru). Amu tries to talk some sense into the dumbass, but he still continues to be a dumbass. So his chara turns into an x-chara. Paru protects the egg, has a flashback, tries to talk sense into dumbass boy, and gets attacked by charas.

Randomly, Amu’s Humpty Lock glows pink and the bubble around her pops. She goes to check on Paru and her lock glows brightly again, freeing everyone else and causing Paru’s egg to appear (wtf kind of new power is that for the Humpty Lock?). So Paru’s new chara releases the charas and Amulet Heart and Clown Drop appear to save the day. The others just chara change and the normal sort of fighting ensues until Amu open hearts all the eggs. Thene everything is suddenly all wonderful and chipper.

The first king appears during all the happiness for randomness and gives Shiraiya a letter from his father. Lessons are learned and people grow up. But it seems Shiraiya still wants to slay dragons or something crazy, then Amu says ouji, Tadase chara changes and the scene fades with evil laughing and ridiculousness.

Then Amu kind of gives an epilogue and the episode ends.



I have a confession to make…I did not watch the whole episode. I got five minutes in and then just thought, “I get the feeling that I don’t want to waste 20 minutes of my life on this crap.” So, I did a lot of skipping around and fast-forwarding. I didn’t miss anything plot-relevant anyway. The most amusing thing this week was that I got to watch Japanese commercials. I saw the issue of Nakayoshi I got yesterday~!

Seriously…that’s about it.

Ah okay, so there was more Utau hotness. You know, Easter could have had anyone go out and do this random crap, but thank God it was Utau. It feels like she’s just making a cameo in this episode (and in the last episode), but it entertained me, so I approve.

Satelight needs to give Nana-sama more work to do. I’m almost dying waiting for the Black Diamond single.

And OMG! NO WAI! It’s Dia! How long has it been Dia? We still don’t get to hear her talk, but in all fairness I don’t think she talked in the manga until like…chapter 25 or something.

Yes, this means they’re finally slowly moving away from the fillers. Excellent. Because unlike season 1, these fillers have been connected the plot in absolutely…no way. At least in season 1 Easter was still behind everything. Most of these fillers have just been, “WTF? An egg gets x-ed when Amu happens to be around to heal it?”

Still entertaining. I love Eru. I found someone selling her keychain online. If everything goes well I’m buying it today. Yes…soon I will have a cute little angel chara hanging from my keys at all times. YES!!!

lol, wtf? New powers? I guess because the Humpty Lock is so rarely important outside of Amuto scenes that when we get reminded, that it has other powers it feels so, “WTF?” But this felt wtf anyway? Seriously…a bubble?

Who called it? That’s right. I did. That aside, I think I can add Paru as another filler character I don’t hate. Shiraiya proved himself to be very annoying this episode though. Filler drama…ugh.

Ah…random. Though it was good to see Tadase’s non-sucky side again. Though it would have been even better if somoene put a bucket on his head again. Too bad. Not enough Rima love in this episode. Though I still did have a couple of cuteness attacks when she said…anything.



Just by watching the preview, I declare next week’s episode to be the best filler episode…evaaaaaar~!

Because we have Eru and Amulet Angel.

Utau and possibly the chance to hear the part of her new single (YEAH!). It took a few times through with the crappy raw to see that it was Utau because her hair’s all up in her awesome hat (all of Amu’s clothing items get made for real, including that random wristband, so I want that hat). But I realized it was a recording studio and I recognized her outift. Yeah! Utau!

We also have Ikuto being smexy on a roof. Hell yes. How long has it been since Ikuto’s appeared in a preview? Ah, well okay he was in the episode 33 preview, but before that it wasn’t since the episode 18 preview. I need more Ikuto love. Especially with all the manga drama.

And oh my god. It’s that scene. It’s that scene, right? It’s probably all watered down, but it’s still that scene, isn’t it?

OH MY GOD! IT IS THAT SCENE! Complete with Amu talking about how dokidoki she is! It’s that scene! If Ikuto seriously says that I’m going to have a heart attack. Because right now I’m get all dokidoki just thinking about it!

At the very least I hope Amu’s own perverted thoughts are present. And no matter what we all get to go, “Heh, the Lock and Key” and giggle to ourselves.

BUT OMG YES!!!! Best filler ever coming up!!!

But as a side note, wtf is with this dude? Does he steal the Humpty lock and that’s how things lead to that scene? Satelight really likes to replay stuff because I’m having episode 18 flashback already.

Well whatever. If it’s that scene or anything close to it, I’m a happy fangirl. Now excuse me, I have to go get some tissues for my bloody nose. Because I’m already imagining Ikuto and Amu saying certain things.


  1. Yays!!! More Utauness~ ^^ But apart from the Utauness, there doesn’t seem to be anything intresting about the episode… haiz…fillers…

    I never read and couldn’t find the manga chapter for the next epi so, I ave no idea wat the lock and key thing is about.. :(


  3. Utau leaping off the buliding reminded me of Ikuto in episode four.

    The filler girls have become less annoying than the filler guys on this show.

    Eru’s two random moments were cute. Like when her halo fell off and she had to put it back on again.

    Saya and her gang’s charas are as annoying as thier owners.

    Preview…(wipes drool from face). ^_^ I’ve already informed my parents that I might act werid next Saturday and not to worry if they hear any random giggle fits. six more days.

  4. If I tell you the truth, I haven’t read the summary of this ep. Somethin’, but not all…[And btw, I wanna Eru keychain!! I’m a keychain collector, so my keys hav a lot, but the Eru’s would be the best ever!! xDD I’d also like a Yoru’s, but it would be hard to explain in home why I have a ‘cat’ keychain since I hate cats ¬¬] I just read the preview. Sorry, but so sick of fillers~! I have a huge need of Ikuto in the anime!! Besides, that scene… ♥… That, btw, was in which chapter, 10? 11? And this is ep38… Damn, I hated it when I saw that they skiped it out, but well, sooner or later, it’ll be animated~!
    I need more Amuto!!!!!!! Since I have to wait to read chap31 [I was close of a fangirl-heart-attack in chap30], I’m into the anime, and it doesn’t work without Ikuto!! But yeah, at least we have some Utau and Eru’s cute scenes~

  5. Utau and Dia and Ikuto next episode yay(although I don’t like the Amuto pairing that much for some odd reason_I like Kairi and amu more) :)__to bad filler can be so annoying sometimes.
    Thank you for putting a bit of summary’s for these episodes_I don’t understand japanese on little bit(expect for like thank you and hello and that kinda stuff)

  6. Bleh. Boooring! At least we get Utau, Dia and Eru. Haha! Random ‘Eru flying and singing’ scene! Loved it!

    Ah… He’s so dumb, prince guy I mean. And his Chara is officially ‘a-word-that-means-both-genders’ because I STILL can’t tell whether he/she/it is a girl or boy! Maybe a boy in touch with his feminine side? A tom boyish girl?

    Whatever. Paru looks pretty with her hair down…

    ROFL! Saaya’s Chara… “Gorgeous, gorgeous!” Haha!

    WTF?! A LAMP? This isn’t Aladdin…

    LOL! Eru forgot her halo!

    I know it’s mean, but the Charas getting sucked inside the Aladdin lamp was funny! Their expressions…

    Bubbles. Bubbles? Bubbles…?

    Ah… Ending was weird… oh well.

    YAY! AMUTO EPISODE! I’m going to sleep until saturday! Argh! I. Can’t. Wait! Patience…

    Thank you for summarizing and HOORAY FOR FUYU-MAIDEN!!!

  7. Starry: No apart from Utau there wasn’t really anything but filler drama. Ugh.

    Next week’s episode doesn’t follow any chapter specifically, but it seems to contain a certain scene from chapter 10. It was cut out from its proper place because the anime moved stuff around since they originally planned for a 13 episode anime and wanted to give it some sort of conclusion.


    Kazushi Siejiro: I agree with everything you just said!!!! Ah, why must Saturday be so far away?


    warrriorhope: Oh I know. It must be a Tsukiyomi thing (or Satelight is running out of original material…again).

    I think the last filler girl that annoyed me was that annoying loli from episode 18. But pretty much every boy has really bothered me.

    Yes! That was so cute! She struggled to get her halo back, but once it was on her head she basically just gave up, so cute~!

    My parents are used to me being in fangirl mode 24/7 lately because they keep coming into my room while I’m looking at Nakayoshi or Ribon (I’ve looked at chapter 30 of Shugo Chara like…forty times now). But I’ll still be sure to give them a quick warning on Friday night.


    Reinadelisfraz: That’s fine, you’re not missing anything. I pretty much just enjoyed watching funny Japanese commercials and a couple quick moments of Utau and Eru…and that’s it. It was awful to watch.

    Yes, chapter 10~! I’ve reread it five times since yesterday. I’m so happy that it’s finally being animated.

    Chapter 31 better have some awesome fluffy Amuto (or it better be in the chapter after that) because drama is making me all emo.


    Anonymous: Not an Amuto fan!? I was told they existed, but I never thought I’d see one! OMG!

    But ridiculous reaction aside, Kamuri is a good pairing to support (Kairi’s my third favorite guy for Amu) so I’m completely fine with that. As long as it’s not Tadamu.

    Well, once you start learning any Japanese (like thank you and stuff), the rest will slowly come (at least it has been for me). The only difficult part is remembering the sentence structure (ugh). But I’m glad I can help in the meantime.


    amuto007: I know! That was so cute! And then there was Eru with her halo! Ah! Eru just rules!

    Haha, in touch with his feminine side. Oh I got it! Filler Prince’s would-be self is a trap, because he wants to be cool like Nadehiko. I can totally buy that.

    Yes, she does. About time Filelr Prince noticed that too.

    Actually, the charas getting sucked into the lamp was pretty funny. Especially since there was that little Eru scene.

    I have to at least stay awake on Monday, but after that I totally just want to go to sleep and wait for Saturday too. Stupid time…never moving at the speed I want it to!

  8. Haha x)
    Lol, yeah, I love that scene, is one of my favs, speacially when Ikuto plays the violin and tells to Amu to sing, which she does ♥ [That, btw, they put that in other ep and she didn’t sing!! Aghh… ¬¬] Finally animated, yay!
    Oh, I can’t wait chap31!! After all the Amuto in chap30 and the dramatic endin’…! But I hope so too, but the drama has to end sometime. I think that’ll be soon. The Utau’s drama with the X eggs and Easter lasted long, but it ended… Well, we still hav to see some good family moment for the Tsukiyomis, but she quited Easter Co…

  9. [Btw, I can’t beleive that there is a no Amuto supporter, I though that was only a myth… =O Haha]

  10. yeah i can see that especially since they have other traits in common as well.

    I was annoyed by the loli too (even though she basically did keep tadase busy so viewers could get an amuto moment.) The emo soccer guy from episode 5 wasn’t as annoying as some of the others are.

    I think that was the big thing she cared about anyways. ^_^

    lol so are mine in away, because for the last week I’ve been all fangirly over the idea of a skip beat anime.

  11. Utau,and Eru were the good things about the ep.Im just too excited for ep. 38!! I can’t wait!!!!!! I almost died seing the preview for 38. I am just too excited. But whats up with the random dude in the preview?I don’t care, im just too excited. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Reinadelisfraz: Maybe they’ll have her sing in this episode! I would love that because I really miss that super cute moment!

    Yes! There must be lots of Amuto in chapter 31. I still have to order my subscription so I can get it.

    Utau’s drama laster for three volumes…and so far Ikuto’s drama has only lasted one. It might carry on for a while yet. Especially if they’re going to wrap up the series during Ikuto’s arc.


    warriorhope: Yes, that lame loli was useful in that way. I hope she annoyed Tadase while they were alone! That’s true…emo soccer boy wasn’t too annoying. But he didn’t really show up that much either.

    Me too! The last week so many exciting fangirly things happened and now with episode 38 coming up, my fangirl streak is just continuing on and on.


    Lo-Lo: I have no idea what’s up with that dude…but he better not take up too much time that could belong to Amuto~!

  13. Paru looks nice with her hair down…yea.
    And Eru was win as always. :O
    I almost mistaken Utau for a man when I watched the preview. Then again, she is kinda…manly. lol xD; But I want her awesome stuff-everything-in-it hat.
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Amuto next episode! And it’s that part in the manga. It’s finally getting animated! *screams* xDD Awesomeawesomeawesome! And I’ll be back just in time to watch it! Actually, maybe I’ll watch it before I get on the plane if I can…hell, I’m gonna download it before I go to sleep! xD;;;
    Wai~! Doki doki moment! I love it when she says that cuz the only time she ever does say it is when she thinks of Ikuto and only Ikuto. Not Tadadumb.
    And is it just me or is Amu’s black hair clip showing us hints about something? Like how it was in the opening, she had it on during the few Amuto seconds (oh, that so screamed “We’re gonna be canon!” to me, lol xD; ). Hmm…
    Who is that jerk that took the lock? I hope Ikuto beats him up to get it back for Amu. Yea! Build-up for the doki doki moment! xD
    I want this eppy nao.

  14. Sorry for the double post. This part got cut off (after Eru):

    Ok, skipping useless stuff…to Utau. Ha, so awesome. But doesn’t it hurt the roots of her hair since it’s so weighed down by all those…thingamajiggers? Come to think of it, she should put her hair down for once. I like her twin tails and her hair down might not look as good but I still want to see it. :/
    Satelight is being lazy. : P The Tsukiyomi jump. Cept Utau was a few stories higher than Ikuto. I’m amused. xD
    We finally get to see Dia again…but she still doesn’t say anything! Ah well, its enough that she’s just floating there being “…” lol But I miss Dark Jewel. We need more Dark Jewel.
    And Black Diamond is coming~! *excited* Nana-sama’s new single! I want it! NAO!!! >:O

  15. lol, I actually almost mistook Utau for a guy in the preview too. I chalk it up to bad animation because Utau’s hotness tells us she’s pure 100% female!

    And yes! The hat! God I hope they sell it (but I know they won’t).

    Watch it as soon as you possibly can because I intend to stay up all night watching my Amuto if necessary. I won’t wait a full day for any raw this time! I’m going straight for anything streaming!!!

    Tadase wouldn’t make any girl dokidoki. He just turns them into fangirls (lame).

    It screamed canon to me too! Especially with them smiling like they’d rather be nowhere else in the world (so great). And I hope so! More Ikuto carrying Amu is great.

    I also hope Ikuto teases Amu for losing the lock in the first place (I always enjoy that stuff).

    Episode 38 is going to be awesome (I’m hoping they add in a bunch of anime-original filler Amuto as well)!

    I want to see Utau with her hair down too! I mean, she’s a twin-tailed tsundere girl, but I still want to see her with her hair down for once. She looks pretty no matter what so I’m sure it would look good (dammit, if I could draw I’d draw Utau with her hair down).

    lol. We now have a Tsukiomi trademark smirk and jump. Though Utau needs her wings to help her jump, Ikuto did it with no chara change at all.

    I can’t wait until we finally get to hear Dia talk. I hope they add in filler of Dia talking or something, because wanting to hear her voice is driving me crazy!

    But at leas to satisfy my craziness for a little while we have Black Diamond! Oh I hope we get to hear a good portion of it on Saturday.

  16. I just found out I’m missing this episode. ;_;

  17. OMG Like NO WAI! Dia!!! and OMFG was that the planetarium manager?!?! We haven’t seen him for a while o.o

  18. warriorhope: No! That’s awful!! You have to watch it as soon as you can then!


    lol2728: I know, he’s been missing. He doesn’t really come up much unless there’s something plot-related I guess.

  19. UGH i just now watched shugo chara chapter 31 and tadasa goes with amu to save ikuto BUT WHY WHY TADASA I HATE HIM WHY COULDNT AMU GO BY HERSELF BITCH YOU BETTER SAVE IKUTO WITHOUT HURTING HIM

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