Best First Day of Summer Ever

June 20, 2008 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Merchandise | 20 Comments

Well, for those who are unaware and pay no attention (like myself) today is the first day of Summer. And it’s another wonderful addition to my wonderful week! Because at noon today I found this on my front doorstep:

A package~! My magazines from Japan finally arrived~!

This includes: Animedia June 2008, Megami July 2008, an issue of Nakayoshi, and an issue of Ribon.

I took a lot of pictures so, there’s ton of images beyond this point! Keep it in mind.

I ordered all this stuff a couple of weeks ago from Sasuga. But they didn’t have Nakayoshi or Ribon in stock so I had to wait for them to get a shipment from Japan. It was brutal. But they sent me an e-mail saying they received the items a couple of days ago (Wednesday I think) and now I have them~!

I’ve really been the most excited about Nakayoshi. I’ve been holding off on trying to find the scans so I could actually look at them normally…you know, not on a computer screen. I miss a lot of stuff that way. I think a lot of people found the scans through all the random ever-changing sources, but I’m satisfied paying through my rear to be able to look at something without getting a headache.

So, I now have Shugo Chara! chapter 30 in my hands. And before anyone asks, no I won’t give you scans. I don’t have a scanner. If enough people ask I could take pictures I guess, but the quality would be crappy (besides, hasn’t almost everyone besides me seen them anyway?).

I’ll go on about this chapter of Shugo Chara! at the bottom of this post. For now…first page in color.

First, my posters from Megami (and animedia). The two Shugo Chara! posters in the two magazines are the reason why I really ordered all this stuff. I added in Ribon and Nakayoshi so I could get free shipping (though oddly enough they’re what I enjoyed most).

The two Shugo Chara! ones are obvious and all of you should have seen the images of them around somewhere by now. Amu as a bride was necessary because…now I can imagine her getting married to Ikuto every night. Yes~! And the Amu and Utau one was just hot. I never use the word “hot” for anything, but that’s the best way to describe it. It’s a perfect combo of cute and hot.

I’m going to hang the Vampire Knight one up even though I dislike the series. The art’s just so great in both the manga and anime. As soon as I run out of room it’ll probably come down.

The Special A poster was a nice surprise…and a lulz-worthy one too. I’d already seen the picture, but seeing it again just made me laugh. Engrish is always good for a laugh. And notice that Hikari’s the only one who can use proper English. That’s why she’s ranked second in the school, even though she’s as dense as a brick.

And the Lucky Star one is going up because I can take non-canon yuri if they’re very much showing that it’s non-canon (because Hiyori is imagining it). I have a dislike for non-canon yuri and yaoi. But this poster willl probably come down once I run out of room also.

Now…I just need to find my poster tape…


I didn’t really get the magazines for the articles, since I can’t read them after all. Just another reason for me to spend the summer learning Japanese. Though I had fun going through the magazines anyway. Here’s some random stuff I found in Megami: Little Busters! trading card ad, Nagisa fanart, Utau article. That wasn’t all, but it’s all I feel is relevant to share.

There was some fun stuff in animedia too. Like Vampire Knight cosplay (is this official or something…?). Then there were a couple of chibi stand-up things of Suzaku and Lelouch. I’m totally putting them up on my desk once it’s clean again. The next time either of them piss me off (it’ll more likely be Suzaku) I can just knock them down. Now…I just need a stand-up thing of Tadase…

Animedia also came with a neat little folder thing for Code Geass…that I would like a lot more if it wasn’t so obviously designed for yaoi fangirls. Not that I have anything against, I’m just you know…not a yaoi fangirl.


Ribon was a lot of fun to go through especially because it did the unthinkable.

See this is the issue of Ribon with the last chapter of ShinKuro. So…I went through the raws in a very relaxed mode in my room. Then, I hit that page with Haine smiling at the end and it finally happened! There were tears in my eyes! First time that’s ever happened when reading a manga. I guess because I was holding the last chapter of ShinKuro in my hands…? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being all womanly or something lame. But definitely, somehow it’s just different holding a manga in your hands.

Because of this being that special super Arina Tanemura issue of Ribon, there were two beautiful postcards of each series in the front. I know you can find a scan of the ShinKuro one on minitokyo right now, but I don’t know about Mistress Fortune. Either way, the images are just great. Arina-sensei you rule~!

Here’s a couple of other things from Arina-sensei too. You can find the scan of that ShinKuro picture on minitokyo as well.

The rest of the stuff wasn’t that important. I saw chapter 11 of Chocolate Cosmos, but since I’m on chapter 5 I didn’t look at it (avoiding spoilers). I saw some wtf stuff, but really…nothing important.

There was a cute little calendar thing for Mistress Fortune (and lol, according the words “Gentlemen’s Alliance” as well). I also got some markers or something, but not from a series I’m familiar with, so it doesn’t really matter.


Ah~! Nakayoshi~! Saving the best for last~! (Actually Ribon might have been the best for me, but I’m sure not for any readers of my blog)

Let’s work our way up to the most exciting stuff, shall we?

Ah! I was excited to see a cover of one of my new favorite manga Koko ni iru yo! but unfortunately, I’m on chapter 3 and the manga seems to be up to chapter 13. So I couldn’t really look at it. But the cover along is enough to tell me that, as expected, Koko ni iru yo! will have a stupid love triangle after all. Ugh.

Usually I’m all for drama, but Koko ni iru yo! is so cute and fulfilling without any lame love triangle.

Meh…either way I still recommend it. You can check it out at the scanlator’s site. This time I like the nice boy because a nice shy girl needs a nice boy, right? Of course. Stupid triangles messing up my pairings.

But anyway, I also got a cute eraser for Koko ni iru yo! At least I think it’s an eraser…either way I’m not using it.

The other big furoku that came with Nakayoshi was a little Shugo Chara! towel (or wash cloth or something). So I’m very pleased that the two series I really like from Nakayoshi both happened to be what the furoku were for. It’s great luck for me!!

Now…onto Shugo Chara!

There was a pretty cool image for the obligatory anime page next to the manga. I hope a better quality version becomes available sometime soon, because exluding the fact that Amu is transformed as Amulet Heart, this image has all my top three characters in it. Awesome. There’s only one image from the manga like that too.

Also there was a small ad for some items. The two to the right just seem to be the flow cards. The one that’s second to the left seems to be that wrist band Kairi gave Amu in episode 33 (has she worn that btw?) and on the left (you can’t see very well) looks like some little chara action figures that come with their own eggs. I…want Eru. If someone finds these for sale anywhere, let me know because I want Eru.

There were some more things (like more card things) but I can’t take pictures of everything.


Alright, this is what I’m sure some people are looking for. Small little spoilers if you haven’t seen the scans. Though first here are two non-spoiler manga images. Ikuto reading…what looks like Nakayoshi (lol, Ikuto’s reading shoujo). And the best picture from the whole chapter (beware of sudden nosebleeds). And to answer any questions…don’t let your minds get too carried away, but yes…Ikuto’s taking a shower (there were slightly better shots of him, but this one has Amu~!).

Now for some spoilers (which are unreliable and crap, I’m just repeating what I’ve been told and what I see and can guess at). I just wrote all this up so I could go on about some drama a bit. The spoilers are all in white so you have to highlight to read them.

The chapter starts with that color page from before with Amu waking up with Ikuto once again (and it seems she’s gotten used to sleeping with him). She pokes him in the face and then smiles as she watches him sleep (lol, Amu really is a pervert like Ikuto said in chapter 28). But then Amu notices a cut on Ikuto’s arm. She wonders about it briefly, but it seems she then just heads off to school.

She meets up with Tadase on the way to school and gayness ensues. If I may interject for a moment, I thought Tadase confessing back in chapter 28 might redeem him, but it just makes me hate him more. Because now he’s trying to be all gay and “forward” with Amu and telling her how much he likes her all the time. It pisses me off because he’s acting as if he never rejected her in the first place. I really do hate him.

Back on track, at the school Nagihiko is introduced as the new Jack. Meaning Rima gets to meet him for the first time. Either Rima is suspicious of Nagihiko for some reason, or she’s jealous about how close he seems to be with Amu (or something entirely different, I can’t read). Either way…cute~! Because then Nagihiko seems to tease Rima a bit (yes, feel the Rimahiko love~!). (went back and it seems Rima might actually be jealous over Nadeshiko specifically, awww).

Then it seems they talk about whatever happened at the end of the last chapter. All that stuff we didn’t get to see. And I can say nothing about what’s going on here of course (haven’t even heard spoilers from anyone).

Then Amu seems to be feeling down and talks with Nagihiko to feel better (yay! It’s been so long!). She then talks with Tadase and begins to wonder why Tadase hates Ikuto so much (good question…I’m betting the answer is just that Tadase’s a brat).

Amu comes home to Ikuto reading manga and somehow ends up bringing him into the bathroom to take a shower. She has to be in the bathroom the whole time so her mom thinks she’s the one in there (ah…this scene ranks right after the bed stuff…seriously). Amu even gets dressed while Ikuto’s in the shower! >////<

Then as Ikuto and Amu are leaving the bathroom, Amu’s mom is waiting just outside with a very unhappy face (lol, I can imagine). It seems that things get explained and there are a ton of cute panels in all of this. I think the outcome is that Ikuto gets to saty, just not in Amu’s room anymore (aww….). There seems to be a semi-Amuto moment going, but it’s ruined when Amu and Ikuto leave the room and meet up with Tadase in the hallway.

I’m not sure exactly what Ikuto said (something about hearing Tadase’s confession) but Tadase gets all hurt and crap and runs off. I didn’t feel bad for Tadase and once again, I ended up hating him more. Because he’s always all mad at Ikuto, but all Ikuto does is tease him. It’s obvious that Ikuto could hurt Tadase’s feelings anytime he wanted to. But he doesn’t (and this time there’s a reason), therefore…hate Tadase more, love Ikuto more.

Seeing Tadase got Amu all upset and she gets angry at Ikuto and tells him to leave. Ikuto does leave and it seems he only said what he did to make Amu hate him on purpose (he doesn’t want her getting more involved I guess). Then Ikuto runs into some jerks from Easter…ugh.

Meanwhile, Amu is crying when Yoru shows up in the last page which we’ve all probably seen already and tells Amu that if she doesn’t help him, Ikuto will die.

Oh my, more drama.

I’m hoping all this drama leads to the Amuto OTP like it should, but Tadase’s been getting an unusual amount of time with Amu recently, so I’m not as, “99.9% positive” like I used to be. You have to remember what kind of magazine Nakayoshi is, where princely characters generally win. But Peach-Pit aren’t just shoujo manga-ka, so they probably don’t play by the shoujo rules. I’m hoping they don’t anyway.

Someone please correct me if I got anything wrong (or feel free to add to it, just give a warning of  any spoilers).

I want the new chapter now. Damn it. With this cliff-hanger I have almost no choice, but to go crazy looking like everyone else. Or I can just buy the next issue of Nakayoshi.

Yeah…let’s do that. It’ll probably piss my parents off, but who cares!? I need my Shugo Chara!!! I got a whole package full of stuff with Shugo Chara! in it and it’s still not enough!

Hmm…I wonder if maybe I should get a subscription. I’m going to send an e-mail asking Sasuga about the shipping right now and then I’ll decide! Either way, I think I have to at least order next month’s issue.

…Well, for now I’m just going to look at chapter 30 again (it’s all I can do).


  1. Lucky fan girl! Thanks for sharing though.

    Eru’s also in the Utau/Amu picture so you must be doubley happy.

    Mistress Fortune postcard. (sigh) I really hope Shojo Beat serializatise the English release so we can’t get bonuses like that.

    First page in colour of Shugo Chara! They look like a married couple! Ikuto reading Amu’s shojo magazines ^_^. (opens next picture link. dies from nosebleed). I’m definitly going to try to buy volume 7 on yesasia when its released next month. There’s just so much to fangirl over.

    Yeah, but another rule of Maho shojo is that the guy in peril usually win and beat a princely guy.

  2. Well, aren’t you a lucky girl? Way better than my day today. >_<

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to save the photos so I can zoom in and read them. My Japanese has been a little rusty lately, so I’ll see how bad I am.

    Anyways, the cover of Megami 2008 looks really interesting, but I can barely see the characters. Time to check up on a few websites.

    And I really wish I had the posters. u_u

  3. That’s so awesome! About the Shugo Chara manga, it will be very hard to get an ending with Amu and Ikuto because all bets are on Tadase. I’m glad you like Utau. From reading your resume on this chapter, I’m almost sure Tadase will win.

  4. Those pens are from CRASH, a series about a high-school music producer. It has its moments, but it’s nothing special. I’m only following it because I like the author, Yuka Fujiwara.

    I never realized Koko ni Iru Yo was still running! I’m reading the scanlations as well, but just assumed it was a completed series in Japan. Love it. That eraser thing looks a little weird, though…

  5. fuyu-chan nows how to read jap right..? or what…? mah.. I wish I could get Ribon and Nakayoshi too.. *sigh* it’s alright for me if I can’t read them.. just having them is enough for moi..

    yes, yes, fuyu-chan.. I can feel the Rimahiko lurve >.<

  6. Eeeee ;AA;
    I’m so envious of you! All your Shugo Chara! Stuff is so cuteeee >w<
    That Amuto comic was pure win, too. <3
    Congratulations on getting all of them~

  7. warriorhope: Yes, I’m a lucky, lucky fangirl, but I’m also greedy ebcause I’m buying a subscription for Nakayoshi now. I am never satisfied.

    God, I really do hope they serialize Mistress Fortune. Any extras would be great, even if they happen to be extras I already have. But really, I just want to see Mistress Fortune on another cover!

    Ah! I know! I’m going to get volume 7 as well, special edition. Because I’m in a Shugo Chara! buying frenzy right now. Also, OMGYES to amuto as a married couple. So cute! Especially in the pages following. Ah! This week is going to kill me of an Amuto overdoese.

    That’s true…there is that rule. I really hope Peach-Pit follows that rule. At the very least I hope they don’t follow the prince rule. I’m actually okay with an open-ended soprt of ending…just not a Tadamu ending. No.


    kagamikujira: Yes, very lucky. And now broke as well.

    Oh sure you can save the photos. Feel free. I put them up for a reason. but if you manage to translate anything can you let me know. My Japanese reading skills are…pretty much non-existent.

    I can’t quite figure out what anime is on the cover actually. I thought I heard it from somewhere, and I think it’s a Summer anime. If it is, I’m tempted to watch it just so it makes paying so much money for Megami more worth it.


    Andra: Ah! Don’t say that! I can’t hear you! It’s going to be Amuto for sure and they’re going to get married~!

    Ah but yeah…this chapter was kind of depressing, it put a big dent in my optimisitic, “AMUTO FOR SURE~!” attitude. Now I’m just hoping it’s not a Tadamu ending, because that just might ruin Shugo Chara! for me entirely.


    Esme: Ah thanks for the info. High-school music producer, huh? It sounds interesting. And the art’s really pretty so maybe I will check it out.

    I didn’t realize it either until I checked around to see what other manga was running in Nakayoshi. I was really happy to get it. Though yes, the eraser does look weird. it’s supposed to be a sandal, but the strap part keeps falling off. But furoku aren’t necessarily known for high quality, are they?


    kp-chan: Ur…not really. I can understand spoken Japanese pretty well, but my reading fails almost entirely (I can only guess some things about series I follow because I become more familiar with certain words). I’m going to spend the summer trying to resolve that though.

    Yes, having them is enough. Beause there’s so many pretty images to look at. People pay a ton of money for artbooks anyway and those are basically just images.

    Ah~! Rimahiko~! I hope the manga lasts long enough to give some development for them and Utakai. I want my Shugo Chara! couples to all get happy endings! No matter how late in the game they’re even meeting.


    sabaa: Yes, I know. Absolutely cute~! Especially the amuto. Ah! And the amount of cute faces Ikuto made in this chapter! *dead*

  8. OMG, congrats for geting all that cute and awesome stuff!!!!! XDXDXD.

    Too bad there is no shugo chara stuff selling in singapore, D: even though there is this keychain of Rosario to vampire. Unfair!!!! Why does that stupid show get to have their keychain sold in singapore, while, Shugo chara’s does not? Shugo chara is OBVIOUSLY much better than RTV. :(((

    If you buy the next issue of Nakayoshi, rmb to giv us all the spoilers!!!!! I can’t wait to hear wat happens next!!!! XDXDXD

  9. OMG! Wow your so lucky!
    You got so many shugo chara stuff… Even though now most people are not that confident that its an amuto ending… I know that Amu’s gonna end up with Ikuto! I mean come on! But if they are going to have a tadamu ending, Im gonna have a bone to pick with the manga-ka(aka Peach-Pit)
    Oh and same Koko ni iru yo! is one of my favourite mangas or at least hte ones I really look forward to. Yet the scanlator is only translated ’till chapter 3 it was since Feburary they updated. But cant blame them they have a ton of other projects to work on.
    Lolz as usual Tamura is dreaming some yuri scene.

  10. That girl from VK.. is so flat o__o. Flatter than Amu ~_~

    Lulz. I remember last month when everyone was frantically looking for Chapter 30 8D. I looked for like 2 minutes and quit, then got the chapter scans a couple days later with minimal effort xD. Maybe I shouldn’t give spoilers that encourage all the Amuto fans at GW to go on a mad scramble all over the internet o__o;;; All well. I’ll just go to Kinokuniya for Nakayoshi and Newtype sometime next month :P.

    So I assume you purchase the manga online at sasuga? How are the shipping raters? ~_~

    BTw, found your blog on animenano :D

  11. Starry: Ugh, a keychain of Rosario to Vampire? I assume it’s from the anime too which is incredibly awful (I think I watched episoe). But I didn’t think it was popular enough to get keychains anywhere outside of Japan. I guess it just goes to show that fanboys exist everywhere and will buy everything they can get their hands on.

    Oh I will. Or more likely, if I get it as soon as I think I will, I’ll probably post a link for download and just give my thoughts. Unless by some miracle my ability to read Japanese becomes much better in about two weeks (but since I just got some books today, I doubt it).


    kiki-chan: Oh it’s awful! I feel so conflicted because I loved this chapter because of all the wonderful Amuto-ness, but then they shoves Tadamu in there and…agh! Well, at least you’re still confident. To be honest, if it’s a Tadamu ending, I think even violence and rage will fail me, I’ll just crawl into my closet for a week (it’s actually quite comfortable in there).

    It’s been since February? I didn’t know because I started following it so recently, but…ah now I’ve gone and gotten myself addicted to another slow manga. At least I like pretty much everything else Nagareboshi is working on anyway.


    Shiny: I know. If Yuki was just a little shorted I’d pretty much think she was a loli. She’s so…underdeveloped.

    That’s pretty much how it was for me as well. I remembered that Shugo Chara! came out so I started searching using some Japanese search engine, then after two pages I was like, “What the heck am I doing…again?” So I’m taking the easy way out now and just forking out some money.

    The shipping rates at Sasuga are really good actually. I think it’s 5.00, which is pretty normal, but if your order is more than 40 dollars you can get free shipping and it still arives really quickly (or at least it did for me since I live in the area). But with the subscriptions it’s all free shipping since the shipping price is added into the regular price anyway.

    Ah! I’m on AnimeNano now? Last time I checked it was still being reviewed. Glad to hear that then. Now I can edit my info.

  12. [Long comment…again xD;]
    *gasp* You went and showed off all your nice, pretty merchandise without me present to glare at you in utmost jealousy?! You bad, bad girl! *shakes finger at you* xDDDD;;;
    Haha, I’d ask you how much you had spent but I won’t.
    I think I’ll start buying the Japanese volumes…cuz I’m tired of waiting for raws and if I can, I’ll probably scan them. Hwoo…the posters I probably won’t get so hopefully, any new ones will be scanned (folds and lines gone) and uploaded to animepaper. Anyways, Lunatic Charm and Amulet Angel posing together is indeed, hot. xD When Amu starts her singing career (and she will~! xD; ), they should do a music video together with Utau trying to get as much spotlight as she can. Lol
    Eh, Amu’s wedding dress is so…plain. I dun like it. It’s not cool & spicy enough. Somebody redraw it with Ikuto in the picture, yes?! xD;
    Ooo, a Special A poster! They look so cute~! x3 Haha, Akira sounds like some desperate middle-aged guy. LOL xD;
    I want the Little Busters! trading cards and the Utau article. *stares at it*
    Ribon~! Oh god, Haine looks so pretty in that dress (I so want that!) with the lovely frills and…gah, it’s awesome. And it matches her book! xD The Mistress Fortune postcard looks cool. Nice sparkly background (full moon~). And are Gin-kun and Kisa-chan holding hands? Are they, huh? Are they?! xD
    And it is so not lame to shed tears of love while reading the last chapter of Shinkuro in your hands! >:/ In fact, not enough tears have been shed so read it again! Lol xD;
    Ooo, nice poster of Ikuto, Amu and Utau (and their charas…plus Temari). I don’t see why Amulet Heart has to be there. Just Amu would have sufficed. :/ But I guess since it’s her first transformation, people recognize it more, but still… *shrug*
    Soo…chapter 30. The cover page was amazing. Ha, they already got use to sleeping in the same bed! Just wait 3 or 4 years and they can marry with minor problems! xDDD;;; I can imagine one of them waking up before the other on certain days and just sit there, watching the other sleep. Haha, Amu would poke him the face to wake him…and Ikuto would grope her. lmao Oh, that’s so awesome! I’m gonna write a ficcy now! xDDD;;;
    OMG, you hate him now?! 8D Yay! Let’s make plans to capture him, cut him into pieces, bake them in pies and feed him to the superior assholes of Easter! And I’m serious. *serious* xD; But srsly, his gayness and fakeness makes me want to stab him (aish, so violent). From the way the plot is going, I think Amu would continue to hang around him…to really make sure how she feels for him now and if she wants to date him, then whatever. Date him, then dump him. As long as she’s not stupid for the second time then I don’t really care. : P
    Tadadumb aside for a second, yay for Nagihiko~! <3 I missed him so. Loved Rima’s jealousy over Nadeshiko. It just means Amu means a lot to her (aww~). Ooo, but I’m into Rimahiko now. It surpassed AmuxNagihiko. Hehe Speaking of which, Amu’s too popular for her own good (and she doesn’t realize it, silly girl). Nobody wants to share her. xD
    The shower scene ranks at the top of my Amuto list. Mostly cuz of what Ikuto said to Amu: “I won’t do something you’d seriously hate.” And he does it anyway but because he loves her. Ikuto, you noble idiot, you! ;A;
    Also more points to it because Amu confirmed it to herself that she knows Ikuto isn’t a bad person. But she’s so dumb. Don’t go back on that just because Tadadumb got his puny feelings stepped on, that wimp! Ugh.
    Which brings me to my UBER huge fangirl rant right now. I’m f***ing pumped to rage my heart out! Dx Apologies in advance if this offends anyone. I probably don’t mean most of it (and I haven’t even read the chapter, just the summary so it’s speculation and blind fury as always). But I need to rage:
    Tadadumb – The reason why the Dumpty Key is not in your possession is because you’re a selfish little turd with only a “black or white” scenario in mind. As cliché as it is, magical contraptions tend to choose their owners (who usually have the stronger, selfless, purer, whatever, heart). Tadadumb, IMO, does not fit into any of these. “My Dumpty Key!” Who declared that?! Since when?! Shut up and put your fugly crying face somewhere I can’t see it. It disgusts me.
    And has he once considered other reasons why Ikuto has been on the bad side for so long? Like how his family is all messed up because of the Hoshina family? That Ikuto was maybe forced into doing this? No, he only thinks for himself and how he’s been “betrayed.” Boo hoo, my key got taken and I can’t have it back. Phah.
    Amu – I want to slap her sometimes. I really do. I can understand why she’s angry at Ikuto and why’d she tell him to leave and then run away. But then stop yourself for a moment and think things through, will ya? You just said that he’s not a bad guy. You knew he’s not a bad guy. So there must be a good reason why he said those horrible things.
    And furthermore, if Amu refuses to help Ikuto in the beginning of the next chapter, I want Utau to show up, get angry and bitch slap her to wake her up while telling her how much Amu means to Ikuto and why he did say those mean things to Tadadumb (and Utau can rant on about how it was unfair that Ikuto will never feel the same way towards her cuz she deserves a good angry cry, too, yea).
    Ikuto (omg, no wai) – He’s a good kid. A great kid. But who the hell decided that he was destined to be unhappy? Himself? Seems like it. But whatever the case, he’s WRONG. Ikuto, stop being so hard on yourself all the time. Nobody’s labeled as “bad” when they’re born and the same goes for their lives as well. He really needs to tell somebody (Amu) about his feelings instead of bottling them all up, which just makes it worst. And also, how hard it is to quit Easter? I mean, before we knew that Easter had that big ass metronome thingy to control him, he could’ve left the company earlier if he wanted to. Course that stupid director must have somehow forced him into signing the contract (and it would be boring if Ikuto wasn’t part of Easter in the first place, hmm. :/ ) Well, I’m not so mad at him. I’m just a little frustrated…but I forgive him since he did for Amu, hurting himself in the process. So selfless. He needs a comforting hug after this is all over that silly maso.
    *heavy sigh* Ok, I’m done. Please don’t take that all seriously, whoever reads it. Just fangirling rage as the usual.
    But anyways, you lucky lucky girl! I say you should order more stuff to show and brag to us about! Lol xD;
    K, k. That’s all. ^^

  13. Fuyumaiden: Seriously? I’m surprised you don’t know about it. Most people who keep up with anime news would know about 空の境界 (Kara no Kyoukai) ~Garden Of Sinners~ and its theatrical releases in Japan. There’s actually quite a big following around it, but then again, only Type-Moon fans, Anime Otaku’s, and VN players would know about it. Everyone else would be completely left in the dark.

    Anyways, just to say it in case people have no clue what it’s about, it’s not a summer anime considering the first movie has been released quite a while ago. It follows the novel written by 奈須きのこ with each movie representing each chapter, with seven chapters in all. The first set of movies have just been released on DVD (or will be), and like F/SN, it’ll probably be released in the U.S sometime in the future.

    The two people on the cover of Megami 2008 are 黒桐鮮花 and 両儀式 with her trademark knife. Just as a warning, the first movie isn’t what I’d call, kid-friendly. Also, not for people who don’t grasp basic philosophy.

    I’d like to, but most of it is way too small for me and my crappy translation skills to work with. But before I translate the リボンへの愛のポエム, why don’t you try it yourself first? The furigana is already there above the kanji, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

    (AKA, it’s the “other” when you mentioned Arina Tanemura in the article).

  14. Fuyu: Seriously? Awesome!

    (saw the preveiw pages for chapter 31 this afternoon and has not been unable to form a coheranut sentence since).

    I know! I’d at least like them to include extras with the volume, like they did for Shinkuro volume 1.

    hmm. I don’t know. Manga tends to have a finate ending doesn’t it? I’m all for an open ended anime ending though (most likely what’s going to happen anyway).

  15. xiao_jie88: Yes…I did. I’m sorry, but fangirl excitement waits for no one!!!!

    Thank you for not asking, just looking at my empty wallet makes me weep (actually it wasn’t that much but still).

    Heh…once I get a good job, I have an order on YesAsia that I’m going to buy with all the special edition volumes of Shugo Chara!.

    Ah! I want Amu to be a singer! Dia must be her truest self, right? And a video with her and Utau would just be…hot once again.

    OOMGYES! Someone who can draw needs to get right on that. If assholes can photoshop that image and add another image to make it look like it’s on a hug pillow (ugh…gross) then someone can add Ikuto in his awesome suit!

    They aren’t holding hands, but they’re almost holding hands. Which is good enough!

    Oh I will. I will read it dozens of times. I’m even going to translate some lines myself so I can imagine them being said in Japanese by Nana-sama (lol, I’m messed up).

    All this wonderful Amuto-ness has my newlywed fantasies in full drive. Amu poking Ikuto to wake him up in the morning because he has to go to work or she just cooked breakfast or…ah! I’m going to stop now before my fantasies get too carried away.

    Whoa…violent. I can always count on you to describe the violence I am too…conscious to speak of. I fully approve of the Tadase pies. But before the pies get made, Amu needs to dump that dumbass prince so we can all revel in his angst!!!

    Hahahaha, I hope we get to see more of the RimaxAmuxNagihiko love and friendship triangle before Shugo Chara ends. it is so entertaining.

    When did Ikuto say that? Dammit, I need to work harder at translating! But even with my inability to understand the shower scene was…just great. Even if the anime got extended I was thinking it might not show up (but then again, that scene is finally showing up, if they leave in the dialogue my doubts of shower scene being animated might be washed away).

    *applauds* All the Tadase rage is fully justified and I will whack someone with my wiffle bat if they disagree (at least about the Tadase stuff). I like people less who like Tadase. It’s just such an awful lapse in judgment that I can’t imagine having anything in common with them. I’ve been proven wrong a couple of times (but at least those girls still preferred Amuto and Ikuto).

    I agree about Amu too. But she’s just…13 now, right? So she’s going to be immature and not think things trough. But crisis better lead her to the truth!

    And Ikuto needs to be happy! Once Amu finds out that loves Ikuto the most the very next thing that needs to happen is for Ikuto to accept Amu’s feelings and for my happily ever after to ensue (and hugging and kissing needs to happen also).

    Oh I will order more. I have a couple of preorders that should be on the way in July anyway. Muahaha, and I’m keeping one a complete secret until it arrives.


    kagaminokujira: Now I feel like a super noob for not knowing about it because I do follow visual novel news quite a bit (for someone who can’t play them). But I’m not specifically a Type-Moon fan, so perhaps there’s my justification.

    Hmm…it does sound interesting anyway and the art looks really nice so maybe I will check it out. Though even basic philosophy is making me stay away until I can really sit down and enjoy it properly (lately I’ve been watching anime while doing a bunch of other things on the computer).

    I am trying to translate stuff now actually. It’s going…pretty well, but this stupid dictionary keeps halting me because everything’s drawn by hand…I need to get a newer one that’s easier to use…


    warriorhope: OHMYGOD! The splash page for chapter 31 is amazing. It’s too bad the text is all crappy and small and sort of pixelated or I’d at least try to translate it!!!

    Ah, ShinKuro volume 1…I went out and made my dad pick it up the day it came out (in pouring rain too).

    That’s true, manga does tend to have a clear ending…except for harems sometimes! Aha! And Amu has a reverse harem. So I can still have my open end over a Tadamu end. Yes (though I really just want my Amuto end anyway). But for the anime…I really hope they extend it and end it the same as the manga (It’s not fair! The seiyuu are all so good I want to hear them delivering every line!).

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  17. […] I were a guy, I’d have posters of Utau plastered all over my wall. But I’m a girl…and I still have one (though Amu is in it […]

  18. […] I go any further, I want to brag. I got an extra issue of the July issue. That means an extra towel and everything too. There was a misunderstanding, so they started my […]

  19. i swear, in the shower manga scene, Amu is GLANCING AT IKUTO. I SWEAR. XD

  20. aw please!!

    I’ve already read the ribon .. and I’m so confused, please could you help me?? and say who’s that girl around hagiwara-sensei (chocolate cosmos) I don’t understand japanese.. xD, so please give me an answer :'(

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