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June 19, 2008 at 5:12 am | Posted in Site | 9 Comments

So, I decided to change the banner again. Because banner-worthy news has popped up this past week.

This time it’s featuring Kyoko from Skip Beat! and her two voodoo dolls of Ren and Sho (though they just look like mascot dolls, lol).

The reason why they’re in the banner? There’s some, apparently reliable, rumors floating around that a Skip Beat! anime is going to be airing this Fall. No, I’m not kidding.

I’m sure everyone had already heard about the possible drama, which I’m actually still looking forward to also (though I can only watch it with subtitles because it’s a Taiwanese drama). So here’s just another “possible” thing that might be happening (that lots of people have probably heard about anyway).

Though apparently even though they’re just rumors they’re posted on rather reliable sites, so I feel kind of okay starting my fangirling now. I’m sure in one of the next couple of issues of Hana to Yume there will be some sort of announcement printed.

I really hope they keep the same seiyuu from the drama cd. I’ve only heard parts of it, but they all seem to fit their roles well.

I’m going to my first convention next year and I know I want to cosplay. I was already planning on cosplaying as Amu (even though the anime will be over by then), but now I’m going to go as Kyoko in her fugly Love Me jumpsuit too. Definitely!!! At least assuming a certain other manga doesn’t get an adaptation announcement by then. Though that one would definitely be harder to cosplay (ah, I’m looking too far ahead anyway).

So anyway, enjoy the new banner (even though it looks pretty weird with the blue theme and it was kind of hastily made in twenty minutes) and let’s all wait patiently for the OFFICIAL announcement and once again, make fun of ANN for being late on the news.

EDIT: Ah! ANN late as ever. lol with me. You ANN guys and your “official”ness.

Oh yeah, btw, I can already promise I’ll be blogging this series.


  1. Nice banner! Love how the Ren and Sho vodoo dolls are giving each other the evil eye.

    Skip Beat anime! I was so excited when I heard about it. I can’t wait to see Yahiro acting like a match making aunt, Sho and Kyoko’s random visons, and all the RenxKyoko scenes.

    Cosplay as love me Kyoko? ^_^ cool.

  2. w00t! Skip Beat banzai~! ^^

  3. The banner is so cute. ^^ Reminds me of late spring or early summer (ha, we’re in summer). Really fitting. hehe
    What’s Skip Beat! about? *curious* :3

  4. warriorhope: Haha! They are! I didn’t notice that at first!

    lol, I’m really looking forward to Yahiro! And I wonder if they’ll get to Ren’s “emperor of the night” mode…god I hope so.


    usagijen: I second that!


    xiao_jie88: You haven’t read Skip Beat? Finding shoujo fans who don’t know about Skip Beat! has almost become as rare as finding a Shugo Chara! fan who doesn’t support Amuto!

    Basically, Skip Beat! is about a girl who gets dumped by the guy she’s liked since she was a child. She was basically just a servant to him. So when she finds out his true nature, she decides to get revenge by following him into show business. Then add in ten cups of awesome and some shoujo fluff and you have Skip Beat!

  5. Ah yes the emperior of night. They better or I’ll be visiting the studio with some of Kyoko’s grudge demons in tow.

    Yahiro’s my third favorite character ever since like volume 8. I love how he either goes all fangirly over renxkyoko, or he’s like WTF.

  6. Heh…those grudge demons will never let them see peace! But just in case I’ll follow along with a nice baseball bat (ooo, much more violent than my wiffle bat).

    Yahiro’s my fourth (I like Moko too much for being all tsundere with Kyoko). Yahiro always says exactly what I’m thinking though. He’s great.

  7. Good idea. (I hope its a metal one, even though wood would work too).

    Moko. ^_^ After rereading my Skip Beat volumes last week, I reliesed that KyokoxMoko(friendship only) are my second favorite after RenxKyoko.

    He does! That’s why I like him so much.

    I think Moko and Yahiro are really popular in Japan too since they’re fourth and fifth in the popularity poll. Sho is like third place, which I don’t get. (Before Tadase came along he was my least favorite manga guy character. I only put up with him becuase he’s entertaining.)

  8. It’s wood. I don’t have any metal bats darn it.

    Yes Kyoko and Moko are my second favorite relationship after RenxKyoko!

    I know. I actually wanted to go out, find all the people who voted for Sho and give them all a nice smack in the face when I heard about rankings. At least all the fans I’ve run into properly hate his guts. And he’s my least favorite after Tadase also. At least Sho doesn’t have that girliness and super lameness going against him…

  9. lol I wanted to do the same. I’ve seen a couple of people who like sho, and who even like shoxkyoko.

    Yeah, even though when he and Kyoko were kids I think he was suppose to be slightly girly. Sho can also be minorly entertaining at times too (unlike tadase who is never entertaining). When they animate the manga, I can’t wait for the scene where Ren and Sho meet for the first time and Ren totally pwns him.

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