InuYasha…558 Chapters Later

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WTF? Why are both the manga I’ve been following for the longest ending in the same month? First ShinKuro, now this! WTF man?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have much to say about InuYasha. I’m a Kagome x Inuyasha fangirl (though Kikyou was my third favorite character) and aside from the love triangle I pretty much…could care less about the rest of the series (actually I kinda liked Kanna and Kagura too, but whatever).

And up until chapter 556, I was pretty much just reading it because I had to finish it. I was such a noob-ish little fangirl ‘tard back when I was 12 for the series. I had to finish it. But then 556 reawakened my fangirling, so I’ve been excited the past two weeks and the manga…definitely deserves a post commemorating the end.

(Spoilers for the final chapter beyond this point)

Basically, chapter 558 was the best. THE BEST~! At least for a Kagome x InuYasha fangirl. And also an all-around Kagome fan (she’s almost in my top ten).

I don’t want to be sappy like I was for ShinKuro (even though I’ve been an InuYasha fan longer), so I’ll just randomly go on about the best chapter for this series…ever!!!

I decided to limit myself to showing off the best five moments in the entire series and they’re all in this chapter (Ha, okay that’s not true, but everything I wanted from the end happened in this chapter in four pictures, plus a bonus).

Yay! Kagome graduated! After all the trouble she went through with school, I kind of think it would have been unfair if she never got the chance to graduate. Heh…though considering the events that take place after this…I’m wondering if Kagome took a college admission exam. Because she sure as hell isn’t going (She got married instead~! Take that morons who thought InuYasha would have an open end!).

Okay…so this is it. My favorite moment in the entire series. Because it’s just…perfect. Ah! Ever since I was a little anime noob when I was 11 and 12 (basically, I got into InuYasha the summer before I entered Junior High) this is all I wanted. This is the first couple I ever went all silly for and from the very first time I saw Kagome tweak his ears, I wanted them to be a couple. The first pairing I ever supported…victory!!! Yeah!

That just goes to show fangirl power does work!!!

Ah! And a hug. A nice hug. They never kiss in the series but to be perfectly honest…I didn’t want them to *gets pelted by fellow fangirls*

I just always thought these scenes in the series were the best though. They’re so *sigh*. I still think that Kagome and InuYasha are one of my favorite pairings. Because seriously. They just suit each other so well, care about each other, and trust each other.

Ah! I feel so silly being all into a series that everyone used to consider a noob series (now all the noobs are into Bleach and Naruto), but the fangirling can’t be helped.

Yeah! Kagome-chan the miko! Hells yes! The anime added in more scenes for randomness, but isn’t this the first time we get to see Kagome in that outfit since the very beginning? Ah~! It’s great. She looks better than Kikyou (personal bias).

Ah, and let me take this opportunity to say that Kikyou is my third favorite character anyway. The whole reason I read this manga once I stopped being a noob (and even when I was being a noob) was because I liked Kagome, InuYasha, and Kikyou. That’s it. And the humor was pretty good sometimes, but that’s really it. Didn’t care about Sango’s and Miroku’s drama. Just liked my love triangle and all the people who were stuck in it.

ROFL. And this is why I love Kagome. Nothing else needs to be stated (just that this was the funniest moment in the series).

And so, that’s the end. Happily ever after. The fans of InuYasha who have been reading it until now have really been reading it hoping for this one moment. And yes…Kagome and InuYasha did get together. They got married. So to hell with all the people who doubted Takahashi-sensei and thought she would just give an open end. Though I’m still they’ll be complaining about how there’s no kiss (watch the second movie instead you tards).

Now that the manga is over, I hope they start the anime up again. We all know this series had (and still kind of has) almost Naruto-level popularity. So it’s not a problem about it selling well enough.

They better…I want to hear Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino doing this scene! Stupids! And I still want to see the emotional Kikyou scene animated! So…come on…please! All the best scenes from the manga weren’t animated because they take place after the anime stops. You guys completely left it open so you know you can! Ah!

Okay…I’m done. I’m going to go fangirl with other fans instead now. Excuse me.


  1. Maybe they’ll movie-fy (LOL) the fights against [?] the shikon jewel one day. I’d watch it if the “Onii-san!” is in the script.

  2. It made me smile when I read it yesterday. Inuyasha isn’t my favorite manga of hers’ (I like maison ikkou and ranma 1/2 better). But it’s still pretty good, and the ending was what I was hoping for so it’s all good.

    lol’d the oni-san moment.

    Yeah, it’s good they didn’t kiss. Takahashi’s couples don’t usually anyways. Except for Arata and Lum, but their relationship isn’t exactly what I would call ideal anyways. ^^;

    It kind of reminded me of the Shinkuro ending ’cause they flashforward a couple of years to the happy ending.

  3. *eye starts twitching* Oh, so I’m a noob for liking Bleach and Naruto, am I? I feel very insulting even though I love like most of the series you like. *feels like pelting Fuyu*. Eh, whatever I don’t care, it’s your opionion. Just don’t judge all fans of Naruto and Bleach!
    Anywayssss, I cried when I read this chapter. I mean, I was happy, but still, it was so…happy and I cried. Well, I cried at the end of Fruits Basket, ShinKuro, Full Moon, and KKJ too, but still. I’m happy with the ending though.

  4. saimaisama: Ah I’d love it if they made it as a movie. The movie animation was ten times better than it was in the series. “Onii-san!” better be in the script no matter what though!


    warriorhope: InuYasha is my favorite, but I haven’t read Maison Ikkoku yet (I keep forgetting) and I read Ranma 1/2 in the course of one week…I probably would have enjoyed that more if I’d spread it out a bit.

    It’s a shounen manga anyway. Kissing is almost against the rules (almost). For the main couple anyway.

    Ah, it kind of is like ShinKuro’s ending in that way. Fast-forwarded to being married too~!


    Erin: Ah no. That’s not what I meant. The noobs all like Bleach and Naruto, but not all the people who like Bleach and Naruto are noobs. I was just pointing out how when I was first really getting into anime all the noobs liked InuYasha, now they all like Naruto and stuff. But I know there are plenty of non-noob fans. Sorry for the confusion.

    I can’t cry when reading manga, so I really hope this gets animated. I will collapse into tears if certain scenes get animated with wonderful voice acting and music. Ah! People need to hurry up and animate this!!!

  5. Heh, this thing finally ended. It’s about damn time. xD;
    Hmm, I haven’t read the last chapter yet but I don’t think I’m going to. Lost too much interest. The manga was pretty good (not great, but good) but after Kagura died (Kagura~… ;_; ), I was like meh.
    And yay for Inuyasha and Kagome getting together. I don’t like either of them and by that, I do dislike them (I use to hate Kagome so much but it died down), but I’m glad they got together in the end.
    xDDD But I’m even more happy that Sesshy is still bouncing around. The fluff is forever. x3 lol

  6. It’s been going for over a decade…so long. But at least Detective Conan has been running even longer (that’s on like…chapter 650 or something).

    Yeah, it’s good, but not great. Too much repeating I think (and also there’s the fact that I don’t usually care for shounen anyway).

    Awww, how can you dislike them? So cute~! lol, Though I actually disliked both of them for a short period of time myself. So I actually do understand in this case.

  7. I LOVE the Inuyasha series I was really sad when I found that was the last chapter! NUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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