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We’re already at the halfway mark! Here’s girl number five (kinda)!

Uh…before I begin, the ranking’s been slightly thrown off. Due to some silly circumstances, a girl got deleted from my list and was never replaced. Thus I found out shortly after posting about Komaki that I was one girl short of ten. I quickly had to put my number ten girl in here. Rima is actually ranked at ten, not five. Sorry. This throws off the ranking, but to be honest it changes a lot on its own anyway. By the time this finishes Rima could be number 5 (or six really) anyway. It shifts around that much.

So…number ten is Mashiro Rima! She’s the new Queen’s Chair for the Guardians who has a stubborn and cold attitude because of certain problems in her home life. But she has an absolutely adorable love of comedians that makes up for any misbehaving she may do.

Rima-tan~! I love you but I don’t have much to say about you! Your wonderfulness can be described so easily and simply!

Well…to start…Rima is f#@$ing cute as hell. Her attitude, appearance, and (in the anime) her voice. Ah! I had a party all by myself when I found out Sayuri Yahagi (a seiyuu whose cute voice I think can only be surpassed by Yukari Tamura) was voicing Rima.

At first I felt kind of “eh” about Rima’s voice but that was just the first episode when Rima was just being a brat anyway. She doesn’t sound as cute when she’s being a brat. It’s kind of impossible unless you’re being voiced by Nana Mizuki (lol, Utau who has a cute bratty voice).

And I dare anyone to find a cuter voice for a girl in a panic like back in episode 32. Ah! I almost exploded from the absolute adorable-ness of RIma’s voice when she’s either embarrassed or crying! So freakin’ cute! Can’t deal with it!

You know when something is so cute that it makes you want to hit something and you act all angry because you’re absolutely trying to suppress the desire to yell out, “AH! SO F&%$ING CUTE!!!” as loudly as you can.

I’m told it helps when you have plushies to hug…I have none. Someone make a Rima-tan plushie. I will pay you 30-40 dollars for it (but please don’t take me seriously, the amount is likely to drop once I’m out of my apparently-angry-but-not-really mode).

Rima probably moves around through my rankings the most because of my absolute, “AGH! CUTE!!!” angry reaction that she brings out in me. Like right now, she’s probably my absolute NUMBER ONE ANIME FOREVER!!! *sparkle sparkle* But that’ll fade once I’m done with this post and…you know…calm the fuck down (oh no! Uncensored!!!).

I’m often up-in-arms over Rima and Utau hate, but I despise people who hate Rima more than those who hate Utau (because Utau haters can…occasionally have legitmate reasons). But Rima-tan is just complete…cuteness and just…ah!

I should have someone in my room to hit me every time I go out of control. It would probably be easier to write this up if I put all the images in after I finished typing. Because right now I have an absolutely adorable image of Rima looking at me and every time I see it I want to throw something…because my love for Rima is absolutely illogical.

If someone only read parts of this post I get the distinct feeling that they’d think I hate Rima. But I love her! She’s just so…ah! Someone give me a word to describe it! I know right here a fanboy would use moe, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough to explain how ridiculous I act for her.

Maybe Rima really is ranked at number six because seriously…she’s just too cute. Her family problems, her “would-be self,” her…tsundere-ness! And she’s so short! So huggable!

They better make a second set of those trading figures with Rima. They’re getting released in freakin’ September (or something crazy) and Nadehiko gets to be one and he’s not even around anymore. Give me Rima-tan (don’t get me wrong though, I like Trap-kun too)!

To be coherent for a moment here…I think my love for Rima has doubled twice. It doubled back in episode 32 (when it was already growing a bunch episode by episode) and it doubled again during the bucket scene. Because Rima giving a thumb’s up is just…great.

And her adorable voice added to that too! Ah~!!! I love you Rima!

And KusuKusu is cute too. I don’t include chibi characters in this ranking (because otherwise Eru would be on here) since they’re too one-dimensional, so I’ll just say right here. KusuKusu is also really cute. But it’s only natural since Rima-tan is so cute!

I’m becoming less coherent by the second. Considering that my reasons for liking Rima-tan are basically summed up in the sentence “She’s so cute!” I had a lot to say.

Anyway, enjoy this animation I made back after episode 30.

This is probably when my love for Rima started. Before that I liked her, but the love was absent.

Now look at me…I love her so much that I sound angry. It’s amazing what a few episodes can do.


  1. Ahhh~ Cute little Rima-tan!!!! >.< I was wondering when you would write the ranking for her. ^^

    Btw, i know thatt his is completely off topic, but a bunch of people in crunchyroll, are starting rumours about a 5th chara for amu, and are posting various pics of watt he chara look like. There is one incredebily fake looking one which quite alot of people believed in it. =/

    I have no idea why, but i read a post in the forum which said that, shugo chara has aired finish in Japan, and thefake pic was the real shugo chara pic. =/ Gosh, i wanna smack the butt of that big fat liar.

  2. I’m still not convinced on Rimu, personally, but I think I’m just kind of shallow.

    (Oh, and hi, nice blog, I enjoy your enthusiastic fangirl raving like in this post, etc.)

    By that I mean my first impression of her was really ‘eh’ like you said, because of her cold, bratty personality. Now I still kind of think of that whenever I see her – and her legion of fanboys. I don’t know, masses of fanboys/girls in
    anime rub me the wrong way.

    I guess she’s kind of cute and her story is pretty good, but it kind of creeped me out a bit how a character managed to appear loli (to me) … in a cast full of elementary school kids. So, I’m shallow.

    Or the other fault is, I’m comparing her to the rest of the excellent Shugo Chara cast. She may be good but Amu and the rest are even better! I find myself enjoying the characters of the guys a lot, even as one myself.

  3. I love Rima too! She is just the cutest thing ever! My fav girl guardian, cause Yaya is just annoying sometimes! But yeah, Rima is too cute! I agree, the best way to sum up a love for Rima is “She’s so cute!” Yay for Rima-tan!

  4. You should post this on CR’s Rima hating thread, so the haters can learn the error of their ways. (Probably wouldn’t work though).

    She is one of the reasons that fillers are worth watching. When I saw the bucket scene, it was just like ‘Rima you’re awesome!’ Also, for making Tadase go into his emo cornor of darkness in episode 28.

    Besides without her around Amu would just have her haram. A girl needs cool female friends. And since trap boy is in Europe and Utau is still part of Easter, Rima’s the one who fits the bill.

  5. One sentence to describe Rima: She is just too cute. I love Rima. lol, I forgot how Rima made Tadase go into his emo corner. That makes Rima even more awesome. I will say it again: I love Rima. She is just too cute.

  6. Starry: Yes, it was only a matter of time for Rima-tan (it just slipped my mind for a while).

    I’ve kind of given up on CR to be honest. And this really makes it official, they’re a lost cause over there. The rumors of the fifth egg started because of the flow cards. And because there’s a fake chara on one of the flow cards with that egg on the back, people think that’s the chara. But there’s a bunch of made-up charas for the flow cards. The whole thing is really ridiculous.

    And someone said it finished airing in Japan too? Ugh. I’ll just let them all be stupid together now. I give up on them all.


    CCY: Well, enthusiastic fangirl raving is what I do best, so thank you.

    I know what you mean, fanboys and fangirls in anime bother me too. But since I liked Rima before knowing about the fanboys (because of spoilers and stuff) they haven’t ended up bothering me…too much.

    Rima’s character is pretty shallow compared to everyone else. My main reason for liking her so much is basically just how cute she is, but for all the other characters I can go on and on about their story and personality. And the guys in Shugo Chara! probably all have the best stories, because Shuo Chara! is now a reverse harem anime and the members of the harem always get the most attention!


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Yaya is annoying. And yes, Rima-tan is my favorite too. Nadehiko’s a boy so he’s no competition. Besides, even with Nadehiko being a fantastic trap, Rima wins on pure cuteness for me.


    warriorhope: Is that dumb thread still around? Stupid noobs. It probably wouldn’t work since they’d just be like, “Another reason to hate Rima is because her fans are so crazy!”

    Rima really is good at messing with Tadase. Before Rimahiko emerged I was kind of thinking that Rima might be a good match for Tadase since she could keep that little jerk in line. But no…she’s too good for Tadase. She’s much too cute.

    Exactly! Rima-tan is Amu’s best friend right now. And for once, Amu gets to have a friend who she helps out instead of it always being the other way around. Yay! Though once Utau redeems herself, I wonder who gets to be Amu’s best friend then.


    Lo-Lo: Yes. Exactly. Rima is just too cute. She messes with Tadase and she’s just completely awesome.

  7. Amuto, Utakai, Rimahiko. Peach-Pit’s giving me too many couples to fangirl giggle over. (not that it’s a bad thing). Yeah, it’s kind of easy to pwn Tadase though.

    Yeah. The people who usually help her (aka Kukai, Nagihiko, and Ikuto) are techiniquely part of her haram (at least in the anime). Plus Amu helps Rima so it’s a nice give and take relationship.

    Um…I guess they could share her, but Utau and Rima don’t really come across as girls who like to share ^^; hopefully they like each other too, so the stubborness trio can offically be a friendship group.

    I just realiesed that like four of your favorite anime girls are female friends out of the five so far (Komaki can be counted as an honorery friend right?). Cool. ^_^

  8. Rima-tan~!! xD I was waitin’ for this post =P
    I remember I didn’t like her at all, but that only lasted… Idk, one chapter? one and a half?
    You just can’t hate her. Everytime I’m on CR (I’m a lot) and I see someone sayin’ she a b**** or somethin’ like that, I just wanna punch them. They’re still in chap17! [Or the ep she appears… Don’t remember number] “Oh, she said baka to Amu! I don’t like her!”… Aghh, stupid ppl ¬¬
    Or maybe they miss Nadeshiko as the Q chair[that happened to me, yeah…], but it’s not her fault Nadeshiko was born a guy and had to go!!
    Characters that are hated but then loved are usually more popular than the characters u just like since the beginin’ [At least you’re a super-great main character~! Haha xP]
    Anyway, the voleyball scene totally rocks!! I felt myself identified with it! [Except I don’t look as cute as Rima-tan when I fail xP]. The bala-balance scene too, and the criyin’ and… Oh, she just rocks!! Keep like this Rima-tan!! ;) But the bucket was just great… I mean, she was so calm and ¡puf! she shut the hell up Tadase =)
    Besides, I do like she has problems at home. No, I’m not mean, but, is good to see that an anime girl has problems that affects her acttitude[so, she is cold (bah, she tries to be!) for somethin’! Reason here, she is not like that bcuase of nothin’, has ‘story behind her’ and I like that.] and is not the main drama of the anime, but is not a stupid thing that u think “Why don’t you have my troubles for a day and then u tell me…?”. Just troubles that someone normal in the real word could have. And she’s still so cool and cute~! Rima, you are just amazing. Besides, love ur name! [Stupid comment, I know… But love it! ‘Rhyme’ in Spanish is ‘Rima’ xP]
    And the way that her relashion improved with Amu… At the begginin’ she was a brat that was made Amu feels bad[somethin’ that ppl hated], but then she shows her soft side, and we can see clearly how much they have in common and how Amu is such a good friend~! And as she’s short, we can even see her pullin’ Amu’s sleeve callin’ for atention, soo damn cute~! ♥ []

    Wow, I wrote a lot more that I though I’d write… Well, a Rima’s article deserve it~! x)

  9. warriorhope: Oh I know! I just hope the anime gets to more Utakai and some Rimahiko. I want to fangirl giggle some more.

    Ah, that’s true. Harem helpers (lol). Yeah, Rima and Amu have a very good relationship. It’s really equal.

    There’s actually an unofficial image somewhere of Rima and Utau specifically not sharing Amu (glaring at each other and everything). it’s pretty funny. Though, I bet they’d get along in the same stubborn way where Utau pretended to dislike Amu for so long.

    Ah…that’s true. I hadn’t noticed.


    Reinadelisfraz: I always liked her, but that’s just because I saw a picture of her before I even knew of her bitchy side (too…cute…).

    Some CR noobs still hate Rima? Ah! I wish they all had awful home lives and see if they could still be all mean about Rima. Stupid noobs…but yeah, I think some people still dislike Kairi and Rima because they miss Kukai and Nadehiko, but they should just shut up.

    Oh I could identify with the vollyeball incident a little too. It’s so embarassing when it happens in real life though!!! And I just love everything else Rima does.

    I know, I’m the same way. Rima’s already the third girl on this list with some sort of family problems. I especially love them as side characters, because their troubles are so often hidden and it seems a lot more realistic.

    Rhyme, huh? I heard her name means something in Russian too (though I forget what).

    Amu and Rima have a wonderful friendship and I wish people would realize that already! Especially the people who were still upset that Rima called Amu stupid in episode 31, because Rima calling Amu stupid helped her in that case. Stupid…jerks. And her pulling on Amu’s sleeve was so cute!!!

  10. Haha =P
    Yeah, can u beleive it…? Totally, I wanna shut them up myself ¬¬

    Btw, I think this is the pic u were talkin’ about:

  11. Rimaaaaaaaa~~~~~~!!! <3333
    Haha, whoa, such furious love there but it’s ok since Rima is just so damn cute. *squeals at the pictures*
    I only didn’t like her for a short while until I saw her worried face for the first time. Sparked a quick “?” in me and I went “Omoshiroi~…” After that, it all goes downhill (or uphill? down? up? Henh. xD).
    Her tsuntsun side is what really won me over. Cuz tsuntsun girls are the best. x3 && the really stubborn ones even more so (though when I think about it, Rima’s stubborness is more short-term as opposed to Amu and Utau’s but that’s ok). Add the Rima’s cute factor (kya~ She’s so small and cuddly! Cute~!) in there and you can’t help but want to glomp and squeeze the life out of her. lol I wanna Rima plushie now. -3-
    I also like how she’s such a good kid towards her horrible parents even though treat her more like a burden than a child. She’s always worried about leaving early because she’s worried about being an inconvenience to them (which she is totally not. A parent should be willing to do anything for their child especially if there was an attempted kidnapping on them. Stupid losers.). Not because she’s lazy or anything so take that you stupid noobs! : P
    And yea, she destroyed some other kid’s dreams when she shattered that X-egg but that’s why the thing known as “redemption” exists, people! Nikaidou had it, Utau had it, Ikuto will eventually have it and I think even Kazuomi-jiji will have it (w/e, after his role is finished, don’t bring him up again) so if “villians” can get a chance to redeem themselves, than Rima as sure as hell can, too. >:/ Plus, you have to admit, the Guardians have made a significant increase in curing X-eggs since Rima arrived. Of course, proper credit goes to Kairi, too, but the progress wouldn’t have been much effective without Clown Drop’s Juggling Party attack. And not to say that Nadehiko and Kukai were not helpful or anything but they couldn’t Chara-nari yet, which could have made a big difference.
    Ah, I wish I had more to go on about Rima but I don’t. *sad* But one day, when I actually learn to draw (good), I’ll make a fanart of her. Cuz she’s so CUTE! x3

  12. Reinadelisfraz: Yes! That’s exactly the picture I’m talking about. Jealous glaring girls are wonderful~!


    xiao_jie88: lol, yes. My love for Rima is so great that it’s scary!

    Ah! That’s pretty much how it was for me, except I went into crazy fangirl mode for Rima after seeing a picture of her crying. So cute~!

    tsuntsun and stubborn just make the greatest combination in the world for absolute cuteness. Even though Rima’s is more short-lived it gets replaced by her absolutely cute jealousy and possessiveness though~! Just as cute!

    The toy companies that have deals with Satelight aren’t making enough plushies! Just of Amu’s charas! I want a Rima plushie too!

    Rima’s parents don’t deserve her. She’s such a good daughter and they’re just…ugh. But it really does just add to Rima’s cuteness.

    No! No redemption for the dumbass director! He isn’t allowed a single moment of happiness until someone whacks him on the head with a heavy blunt object. But yeah…everyone will get redemption (I think Ikuto’s already gotten his though). Amu and Rima are an awesome tag team so I think a lot of the credit for them healing more eggs goes to Rima (though Kairi does get his credit too). Tadase gets no credit.

    If you do draw some fanart be sure to show it to me!!! I need to see more cute Rima pictures!

  13. i love her style u know i used to be like once you sound just like the wind well a ma hallow at u later ur secret amirer felix

  14. i kinda hated her before….cuz she was such a brat.

    and then i was watching that episode where everyoen made fun of her for being funny adn i started to cry!! cuz it was too cute. :)

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