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Here we go. Sorry it’s kind of late again this week. Life gets in the way. I didn’t even watch this episode until just an hour ago.

I’m…all right with this episode. It’s kind of like last week’s where it’s sort of in the middle. I enjoyed it more than last week’s anyways which I guess puts it a little closer to the good side of average.

Ah, and also…I’m skipping the summary again. When I’m short on time and the post is late anyway I feel it’s best.



Before I go any further…why!? They cut out my favorite scene from this episode! Now anime-only fans don’t get to see that Hikari is slowly becoming less dense! It’s not fair! Where’s my, “Oh I was just thinking that I don’t feel anything when you do it” line! Did they cut it out because they’re trying to appease the five TadashixHikari fans that might possibly be out there!? Seriously! Akira and Tadashi, Hikari and Kei. And give me as much development as possible! Stupids!

Okay, the rant is done (but damn…I thought for sure the hair scene would be in this one since the first part was in the last one). Stupid Gonzo and AIC. Making crummy adaptations.

Okay, to make up for my rage and the lack of an important development scene for Hikari’s feelings toward Kei…this screencap gets shown. They replayed it, so I show it again. That is how I do things with my crazy fangirl shipping ways.

Agh! The hair scene though! Why is that gone? Such a small thing that would have taken five seconds! I hate you Gonzo (and AIC)!

For the anime can we just go ahead and call him Kei’s annoying shota dad? Because seriously! It’s moments like these that make me realize how patient Kei is. If I was in his place I would have smacked my dad to the ground. Then again, I’m told by many that I have a strange relationship with my dad where “bitch” and “asshole” are common ways I refer to him. Perhaps in Japan they properly respect their fathers (even when they’re annoying shota dads).

Okay, here’s an anime change that I actually found more funny than the manga version. The manga version was funnier for the manga, but for anime the bungee was just absolutely hilarious because of the animation and Kei’s reaction. One point for the anime (but I took about a hundred points away for taking away that small scene).

At least this scene was the same. Though I’m kinda disappointed at the way they connected these two episodes. I wish they’d had the cliffhanger at the end of the last one so they could have had Tadashi trying to find an opportunity to ask Hikari out, but Kei always being there to freak him out and stop him.

But oh well. Gonzo seems to thrive on cutting out humor because they think they can do it better. *sigh* The best part of SA at this point in the manga is how it’s always connecting now, but now they’re taking that away. Stupid Gonzo.

Hmm…I probably should have found this funnier than I did. But this is what happens in anime. The jokes that are really funny in the manga…stop being funny because the anime adds them in excessively as filler. Also, is it just me or does Akira really seem like a psycho in the anime sometimes? Sure she gets angry in the manga, but I don’t think she’s ever portrayed as, “lol, psycho girl.” I could be wrong though. It’s been a while since my last reread of the SA chapters.

I like Hikari’s mom when she’s smacking her daughter right across the face and shouting at her. Not when she’s taking Yahiro’s place. But I will not blame Hanazono-mama. It is Gonzo and AIC’s fault. Because now they have a gaping plot hole that they neglect to deal with. And my funny moment is gone! Yahiro was supposed to randomly be in Hikari’s living room and give Hikari more “WTF?” advice about boys.

Ugh…gross. In the anime these two were ten times more sickening than they were in the manga. In a good way…because it made me laugh. So…that’s another one point for the anime…but they’re still in total debt for cutting out two awesome scenes.

Ah, okay this was funny. “Hika-pon” was absolutely hilarious. And the fact that Akira pwned Tadashi in the head as usual was awesome. But this brings up a good question…how the heck did Hikari and Tadashi not realize they were being followed by the super conspicuous trio anyway?

Hmmm…another point for the anime for making me realize some thing because of filler stuff. Tadashi and Hikari are kind of similar, aren’t they? Obviously Hikari acts like “one of the guys” with all the SA guys (except at that certain point with Kei), but the fact that I got to see them hanging out together made me also realize…Tadashi’s almost as dense as Hikari. I mean, no one is as dense as Hikari, but really…Tadashi’s not too swift either. He and Hikari had the same idea of how to act on a date and everything.

It’s a good thing that they’re both paired up with the two people most aware of their emotions and how to deal with love. According to the severity of each case too if you know what I mean. Hikari is incredibly dense, but luckily Kei is very aware of his situation and all that.

Weekly crayon report. It’s still weird half-crayon-y for non-Hikari and Kei moments, but now it’s not just Hikari. I kind of half-expected them to make Hikari all crayon-y back at the lake. Seriously…why can’t they just drop this already? What’s the point?

Ah! This was another scene that was just awesome in the anime. No credit can really be given to gonzo since it’s just the sheer fact of motion that made this scene awesome. The helicopter came from freakin’ nowhere. Yeah, I found this scene really entertaining. Rich people…

Ye~ah! Kei just keeps going for it, doesn’t he? So much in the last episode and now this move! Alright Kei! Break through her absolute lack of common sense!

Though Hikari kind of ticked me off. She gets carried like a princess and gets all pissy. I’m pretty find with it though because I know from the manga that she secretly likes being carried like a princess (Ah! That chapter was so cute). It’s too bad we’ll probably never see that in the anime.

*sigh* Since this anime is only running for 24 episodes all the best parts are going to be left out. Not…fair. The anime isn’t good enough for it to get a second season or anything either. Stupid gonzo messing up what could have been an awesome anime.

Oh well, I’ll enjoy it while I can.



It’s that episode. You don’t see any hints of it from the preview (because that would be an awful spoiler) but you just know that is coming. And if for some unforeseeable reason they randomly cut it out…there would be absolutely no excuse. But let’s stay positive!

Looks like they’re actually going to show that movie scene Kei talks about with that corny line. Then they’re going to show Kei and Hikari acting out the same scene (probably in Kei’s mind when he’s all sick or something). I look forward to the corniness.

Ah! Blushing Kei! I know it’s just because he’s sick but still…cute~! My fangirl instincts are kicking in! I expect to enjoy next week’s episode a lot. Assuming they focus on KeixHikari and not Hikari’s bad cooking (I can see that taking up a lot more time than it did in the manga).

Anyway…next week is going to be my favorite episode. If it’s not and something goes wrong…revenge will be needed. But I fully expect to see…that.

Ah! With that scene and even just the preview of the Shugo Chara! amuto filler coming up I’m going to be in full fangirl mode next weekend…all weekend.

Now hurry up and make it Monday!


    (Good or not, I just want to hear Shimo-chan’s voice)

  2. Well, I thought it was amusing when Ryuu saved Akira from the monkey and snake. ^_^ Hikari’s mom is awesome for a minor character – she’s so good-natured and easy-going, but freaks out whenever Hikari is about to do something destructive because she has little common sense. But Tadashi’s mom was a little surprising; she was always much more draconian in the manga. In the anime, she comes across as a softie who cares about her son under a tough exterior. I miss the part when she’s all “Oh, that must be Takishima Jr.” and Tadashi freaks out because he knows Kei is coming and that’s not good…

    I hate those crayon moments too. The only thing they do is remind me about how I used to like colouring with crayons. I miss those days. XP

    Shall I assume the wiffle bat will appear should the next episode fail to meet not very high expectations? And is the chapter where Hikari “secretly likes being carried like a princess” the one after the sports festival?

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