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Sorry if this is a little later than it should be. I had things to do. Besides, I don’t think anyone was in a real rush.

This filler wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Which once again proves to me that keeping your expectations low is a good idea. I was expecting awful-ness, but the episode did connect to the plot. As much as an anime-original filler can anyway. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this episode more than I would have otherwise.

Oh and good news for everyone who comes to the blog for my summaries. Lately I’ve been thinking that my Japanese is pretty bad (I’d say I’m below the level of a 2-3 year old) so I’m getting some books to help myself along. You can learn from anime, but it takes a long time. Besides, I need to do something to keep my brain active during the summer.



The episode starts off as a normal day for Amu and her charas. While walking to school she actually thinks about her forgotten Dia egg. In class, Nikaidou announces a new student and the students look outside to see a lot of helicopters arriving to the campus. As everyone’s looking out in amazement it seems that Tadase (who knows freakin’ everything) heard that the new student was a prince. Saaya says, “Ouji-sama!” and just when Tadase is about to switch into King mode Rima shoves a bucket on his head and he goes back to normal.

Then the prince comes out with his…tiger and everyone is in awe. Rima, Amu, and the charas notice that the prince dude has his own Shugo Chara (surprise, surprise). They shows the first king doing his usual useless foreshadowing for a filler episode.

As the prince enters the campus, lots of random showboating ensues. Amu and Rima look rather unimpressed. Tadase welcomes the prince to the school his name is Shiraiya or something (it’s harder to know for sure since it’s not supposed to be a Japanese name). Girls continue to go crazy. Shiraiya says some random stuff, girls continue to go crazy.

Later during gym class, the whole class is tired (and Amu and Rima are cutely so). Amu notices that Shiraiya is just sitting there with Saaya’s little servants fanning him and Saaya sucking up to him. He continues to act like a stuck-up sort of prince. Amu shows up and goes all Cool and Spicy on him. She tells him that he can’t be treated special when he’s attending this school, even if he’s a prince. He tells her that he’s a prince and all that but Amu owns him with, “A prince is a prince, but you’re still a human like us, aren’t you?” (It was hard to translate that line directly so I had to change it a little).

Amu walks away and Shiraiya and his little chara and Amu all notice a X-egg…singing. So Amu runs off to go to the toiler (lol, she does that a lot). Rima can’t go because she’s still too quiet but Tadase says it will be all right with just Amu. She transforms into Amulet Heart and Shiraiya sees. Amu busts out a coller more complicated spiral heart move. She stops the egg with those random sparkles from episode 18 and the Open Hearts it.

Amu undoes her chara nari and Shiraiya approaches her while Saaya and her gang are watching from the bushes. And then I missed out on everything (lol, I tried the best I’m willing to try for a filler episode). It seems like it was possibly a chance to be a princess or something equally crazy.

Whatever Shiraiya’s offer was, Amu rejected it because she doesn’t need anything he can offer. She’s just normal. Amu is pretty rude about it. Shiraiya won’t take no for an answer and comments that it’s the first time he’s met such a stubborn girl (lol, yes many people feel that way about Amu). Her charas comment on the chance and Amu tells them to shut up. Tadase tries to calm things down. Shiraiya’s chara finally introduces itself (don’t care about the name) and Kiseki makes sure he’s floating higher than him (lol). Shiraiya’s servant comments on their true purpose for the trip. And OMFG! Shiraiya came to the academy looking for the embryo!

The guardians are all surprised to learn about the embryo and repeat everything back because it’s after a commercial break. He brings out a diary that it seems his father had as a boy (or something). Basically Shiraiya just explains about the embryo and what his dad heard and it lead him to Seiyo. Then Kairi reveals something about Shiraiya’s father (no idea what, not paying attention). The guardians remark about he’s a wonderful father but Shiraiya suddenly says that it has nothing to do with his father.

He orders them to all help him find the embryo but they all leave. When he asks why they reply that they’re looking for it themselves. Then randomly it seems like next month is Shiraiya’s twelfth birthday or something (wtf? if I really heard right, that’s random). And he’s set to inherit his country or something crazy (I really think I’m hearing this stuff right and I’m checking to be sure, but it sounds so ridiculous that I’m not sure).

Shiraiya then goes to hang out in the planetarium. He has a flashback of some fight with his father ending up saying about how he’ll make his own dream come true (or something, really not paying attention). The first king then reveals himself and says that it’s been a while. They take about Shiraiya’s father a little. Nothing important to the real plot.

Amu sees Shiraiya continuing to be all whiny about whatever his problem with his father is to his servant and crap. The servant sees Amu and Amu tries to make excuses but the two end up talking. The sevrant’s name seems to be…Paru (I assume it’s spelled differently, but that’s what I’m going with). Amu comments that her job must be tough, but paru says not really because Shiraiya is nice (lol, must have missed that). And it seems we have yet another stubborn person (it doesn’t work as good with boys). The tiger comes up and scares Amu away, then the tiger plays with Paru, Paru’s hair comes undone and Amu asks if Paru’s a girl (lol, were we supposed to think she was a boy?). And it seems she likes Shiraiya.

Then Shiraiya and all the charas seem to decide to look for information on the embryo again (random). The guardians all show up to basically be like, “not finding anything, huh?”. Randomness ensues (including Su finding Amu’s test with a score of 65 and Yaya’s with 55). Then it seems everyone wants to know what Shiraiya’s wish is. It seems he wants to slay dragons and have a large harem including Amu. Everyone decides to leave. Before they leave it seems Amu correctly guesses (if my translation is right) that Shiraiya just wants to do what his father couldn’t.

Then Easter and Utau come up. When Shiraiya asks who Utau is Eru tells him she’s an idol and her real owner and stuff. And if I’m getting it right Shiraiya tells them to bring her there now. But of course, they can’t do that.

Later that night it seems Kairi tells his sister what Shiraiya said and she’s laughing. Kairi tells her about how he’s also searching for the embryo and Sanjou seems to come up with an idea.

Now we get a peek at what Sanjou’s latest plan has been as she is with some scientist dude making something with X-eggs. Sanjou calls Utau.

That night Shiraiaya is thinking about Amu. Then randomly Utau shows up in his room. She holds out something and asks if he was looking for it, implying that it’s the embryo. Then she gives it to him.



Okay…I actually really enjoyed this filler. Rima, Amu, Eru, and that brief moment of Utau all made it win. As expectected, I can tolerate stupid filler characters when Amu shows how much better she is. *sigh* If only there was Ikuto and I’d call this filler a success. I mean…it even had Easter. If they just had Ikuto hanging out on the roof like usual then it would have been awesome. That’s all I really need.

Okay, outside Amuto and Amulet Angel attacks, this is the best anime-original moment…ever! When Rima just showed up and put the bucket on Tadase’s head I was like, “OMFG!YEAH!” Best moment ever!!! I love you Rima! Such a good idea. It even worked. Ah, putting a bucket on Tadase’s head is definitely approved. Wish I got to do it too.

Seriously, words cannot even describe how awesome this moment is. Once this happened I immediately forgave Shugo Chara! for the past few fillers and their sub-par humor. Because this was awesome.

Ah, I totally wanted to smack filler prince right here. But it’s okay, he wasn’t as much of an ass as I thought he would be. I still hate Tadase tons more than him. So all is right with the world. Besides, he gets owned by Amu later so everything is fine.

These random Eru moments were awesome. This and this had me squeeing like a fangirl for some reason. Why are you so incredibly cute and wonderful Eru, why? Before Eru I had no idea it was possible to love a chibi one-dimensional character so much. I want her keychain. If I get an Eru keychain I will use it forever!!!

Oh yes Amu. This is why you are my second favorite character in Shugo Chara!. Even though you aren’t too swift when it comes to love you freakin’ own almost everyone who deserves it. At least in the anime. There was even that moment in episode 30 when you were like, “only Amulet Heart?” and made Tadase freak out a little. Yes Amu. You show all boys their proper place.

Whoa…they like super upgraded Spiral Heart and made it so awesome. Therefore, I have no complaints about Amulet Heart showing up (she needs the spotlight too sometimes anyway). The attack just looked too cool for me to complain.

lol, Kiseki purposely floated higher. I may not like Tadase, but I think Kiseki is just so incredibly awesome.

Bara-Bara~nsu ftw! I probably wouldn’t have been so incredibly into this if it wasn’t for the fact that Eru was doing it too. I just love absolutely everything Eru does.

So…does Eru just carry around a picture of Utau wherever she goes? Seriously, where did that come from? I hope Eru just carries it around in some secret Angel pocket because it’s just way too cute how much she loves Utau. More love for Eru~!

ZOMG! EASTER AND PLOT!? NO WAI!!! Though I really have no idea what they hope to gain with this new plot involving filler prince. It’s going to easily be resolved in the next episode and likely just has his egg being X-ed so…why bother? It seems…kinda silly. Maybe I missed something though.

Oh…my…god…it really was Utau. Nice catch warriorhope!! I guess the rest of us were all thrown off by the fact that Utau’s hair was actually different and she looked all un-Utau like in the preview with the really random outfit, but really, nice catch.

And the outfit was really random and all that and I’m totally unsure what the point of it all was, but Utau looked awesome. I had to edit the screencaps in photoshop to give the full view. Seriously, why doesn’t Utau have a gigantic legion of fanboys? As far as I know most boys that like Shugo Chara! like Utau, but seriously…there must be more. Utau is just…awesome. She only appeared for about a minute, but she’s pretty much the most memorable thing about this episode (except Tadase the bucket head).

Sure…ominous glowing purple thing is the embryo. In all anime dark glowing purple things are evil. Why did filler prince fall for this? The embryo looks something like this. Not like that. Dumb filler prince.

Also, wasn’t it random for them to make Utau give the embryo thing to him? I’m not complaining because it gave me Utau, but it still seems random.



It basically just follows this week really. Shiraiya’s chara is all sick (OMG! NO WAI!). Paru looks like she’s going to randomly get a chara too. And who wants to bet Shiraiya and Paru blush with each other or something lame? Yeah…this week was funny, but next week is going to be manufactured drama, so the expectations are low again. All I’m hoping for is maybe more Utau.

And the best thing about next week? Episode 38 preview baby! Amuto is on the way!!!

Oh and as a final note, I hope everyone is remembering not to to take my summaries as the law, because I often have to make guesses and stuff. Now that my blog is becoming popular, I just felt I had to restate it again. I’m going to be working on my Japanese over the summer, but I’m really a beginner. Just everyone remember to keep that in mind.

And finally…episode 38 is coming soon! Lock and Key stuff! Come on!!!


  1. I was kinda suprised with this episode too. ROFL, the bucket scene. That was too funny. Where did the bucket come from? Nevermind, it was just awesome.
    Eru was so cute in this episode.Scratch that, Eru is cute in every episode. I have to say something about Eru.
    I didn’t like the filler prince. For some weird reason, even though I can’t understand what he is saying, he just annoyed me. Maybe it’s just me , I don’t know.Amu didn’t know that the servant was a girl? It was like really obvious.But Amu is sometimes kinda out there…
    Utau was in this episode! Yay!! Kinda weird how they kinda put Easter and Utau in there, but I don’t care.Now if they got Utau involved in this, they could’ve have put Ikuto in the ep. too. But whatever.
    I’m really looking forward to episode 38 and 39. I doubt this will happen, but I want to see ep. 38 and 39 in the house we are going to be moving in soon. But I really doubt it.Oh well. It seems so long before I will see Amuto and gay transformations.I guess I will be a good girl and be patient for the time being. At least the preview for 38 is next week. Can’t wait!

  2. i’m soooo excited.
    though i was hoping that ep 36 and 37 was that one that wikipedia talked about where tadase gets depressed, looses kiseki and then amu get kiseki back and blah blah blah and tadase confesses his true love hor amu.

    but this is cooler.
    i think…

  3. right. I’m AM going to put everything in one comment! i WILL! (continues encouraging until she’s sure)

    okay! once again, thank you for summarizing!

    yup. bucket scene rocked! i laughed past the next part, so had to go back, but seriously funny! You go Rima!

    ugh. snobby prince… i can’t stand that “I’m-so-cool” smile of his! dammit, Ikuto where are you when we need you?!

    Yeah, Amu telling him off was cool. I’m glad she’s started telling people off again. I missed “Cool-and-Spicy” Amu!

    YES! episode 38 preview! I’m going to sleep for a week after i’ve seen the preview, so I’ll wake up on the day and won’t have to wait! I wonder…

    Yeah, Amulet Heart does need to appear sometimes. At least we don’t see her EVERY time. Yup. Cool attack.

    I thought shiraya person was proposing! I was like, “OMFG! IKUTO! YOU NEED TO SAVE AMU FROM THIS GUY WHO’S PROPOSING! GET HER AWAY FROM HIM! SHE’S YOURS!!!!” Yeah, then i saw the arguement and figured it was probably something else, cause no one was saying anything. (If he had proposed, Tadase would have been furious)

    yeah, Paru was a girl. I knew when I saw the preview. HOW DOES SHE LOOK LIKE A BOY?! when Amu got surprised, I though it must have been something to do with her being a girl. I didn’t think Amu had thought she was a BOY!

    Paru’s Chara looks cute!

    Is shiraya person’s chara a guy or a girl???

    38… Amuto… 38… Amuto…

    Utau looked cool. Yeah, I was wondering how you’d gotten all of her outfit in the picture! good editing!

    what was kairi doing??? (In the scene with him telling Sanjou something)

    ERU ROX!

    yup. I think thats all. One minute…

    cute tiger!

    why was amu in shiraya person’s weird dream-wish thingy? he just wants all the girls, doesn’t he?



    Ikuto HAS to turn up in 37. It won’t be too bad if he doesn’t, cause there’s 38 to look forward to, but still! I miss him…

    finally! Dia has been remembered! I was worried about you, Amu!

    Ikuto should come and tell utau off!

    glowing purple orb… it looks like a glowing pomegranate that’s been shrunk and dyed purple.

    Bara Bara-nsu! Cute! Where was Musashi???

    okay. I’m done for this ep. I put in everything and i will post only this comment! I tried hard! I stared at the screen for like a minute. Nothing, so I’m done! Once again, thank you for summarizing and FUYUMAIDEN ROX!!!

    Oh yeah! I love Rima’s expressions! Yaya, too! Amu’s okay…

    Bye bye!

  4. Hey hey hey~~~!!! Guess where I’m at? xD
    Woo! I’m so glad my hotel offers free internet. In fact, everybody should have free internet, AMIRITE?! xDD;;
    That aside…I was amused. I got what I wanted from this episode and I am happy. YEA!
    So let’s get the trivial ones outta the way first.
    Filler prince: I like him. But it’s more like I like him enough not to dislike him. At least he knows how to act like a proper prince when the situation calls for it. And he’s a spoiled brat, yes, but he’s only lasting for two episodes so I bear no ill-will here.
    And I smirked when he declared Amu to be his bride. Pfft. At least he didn’t fall for Amulet Heart like Tadadumb did. It’s more like “Hey, that was pretty cool even though you dared to bitch at ME…alright, its been decided. YOU SHALL BE MY FUTURE QUEEEEEEN!!!” And Amu just pwns and rawks faces afterwards. Oh yea! I love you again, Amu-chi! <3 I was really getting mad at her after reading chapter 30’s summary but I forgive her a little for being cool, spicy and awesome this week.
    Paru (hmm, for some reason “Pearl” came into my mind a while after I heard her name) seems nice. lol She’s older than him. They should totally get together. xDD;;
    Kiseki was amusing. Filler prince almost seems like him humanized…cept with different looks and stuff. Heh.
    Now for the biggest highlights:
    Rima – Rima-tan OWNS with a bucket, yo. She OWNS you all. Nice, Rima, nice. *thumbs up* Did I mention that her thumbs up expression is priceless? xD
    Eru – IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouuuuuuu~~~!!!! x3333 Satelight, if you can be smart about Eru screentime and inserts then you can definitely be smarter with Amuto . And this is praise and encouragement so listen to meh, you dopes so we can praise and love you more! You know you want it! ;D
    EASTER – Nice.
    Finally…drumroll please. *drumroll~* U.T.A.U. “Genie in the Bottle” version is the ultimate WIN!!! 8DDDDDD
    warriorhope, if you’re reading this, I praise you on your sharp eye! That was just pure awesome right there. *in awe* xD
    Her appearance was like “…lol HOLYSHITOMG, IT’S UTAUUU~!!! LMAO” More points to Satelight for this. I think they deserve it. Lol They figured Amu has been having way too much spotlight so decided to squeeze in Utau, accessorized and prettied up (again, win), into the few last minutes to create the best filler ending I know so far (hell, I think it’s the only best filler ending I know).
    And yea, where the hell are her fanboys? Blood should be waterfalling out of their noses and ears right now. Show your love for your tsuntsun idol, dammit! :P
    And I will never fail to mention just how amazing Nana-sama is. Seriously. She’s been able to pull of Utau being competitive, serious, clingy, whiny and all that great voice acting up to this point as what I think is near perfection. And after this episode, it only brings her closer to it. Sounding mysterious in a whimsical kind of way while Utau is being portrayed as some kind of pale dream goddess/ fairy and then giving us that wonderful evil, “you fool” chuckle right after was just…dammit, somebody create a word that’s greater than “awesome” already! lol xDD Let us bow down and worship our beloved Nana-sama! *hands down*
    She is great. And I love it how I can always find some similarities between the different characters she plays from series to series and it’s not just about the “yearning for love” part. In this case, she did a scene which is almost frighteningly like a carbon copy to this one (actually, it should be the other way around). It involved a corrupted necklace which also glowed purple (and the eyes were reflecting the purple, too! o.O;;; ) and the person who received it was also a prince. Kinda freaking, ain’t it? xD I wonder if it’s all coincidence or if the producers are really doing this on purpose…or if it’s just hitsuzen. xDD;; Ha, I sound stupid.
    Well, I think that’s it. Hopefully I’ll still have free internet so I can check up on this later.
    Anyways, thx for the awesome review as always! ^^

  5. Bucket head Tadase! after the latter part of episode 18 and that five second moment in episode 25, this really is the best anime only moment in Shugo Chara. Rima thinks so quickly too. She’s the best person to have around in a crisis.

    I lol at the prince’s ‘wish’. It looked like some werid scene from a fantasy anime from the nineties.

    bara-bara~nsu. ^_^ I loved kiseki’s expression afterwards too.

    How can she even carry that thing around with her? It’s got to be twice her size.

    He’s got to be on crack if he thinks that diamond is embroyo. I guess they make fake embroyo that will make him all emo and depressed so they can use the x-egg for..some evil plan.

    sigh. I wish my birthday was a week later so I’d get an amuto episode airing on it instead of filler prince.

  6. u just rule xD

  7. BTW: I luv tha pic with Tadase having a bucket on his head, he looks SO stupid xD

  8. LMFAO! Purposly floated higher. I love Kiseki :D He’s just cooler then Tadase on SO many levels. Then again, a stick would probably be less lame than him too.

    Ah, Amulet Heart again. I do hope Tadase wasn’t around doing little fan art of him and his precious Amulet Heart-chan. Go f–k yourself, Tadase.

    yay! Bala Bala ~nsu! LMFAO! Miki was doing it too! If Yoru or Kiseki did it I would have died laughing.

    Honestly, i didn’t bother looking at this episode on Veoh, since it was a filler. I HATE THESE GOD DAMN FILLERS ALREADY! What is this? Like the 4th or 5th filler? Gawd!

    Yes, Utau’s outfit was AWESOME. But I hate that son of a bitch, probably more than Tadase. I don’t freakin care if she turns good, I HATE HER. She treated Eru like shit. She can’t be forgiven.

    And yes, it’s true that everything is ALOT funnier with Eru around ^^

  9. Also, don’t hate me for saying I dislike Utau. I’m like your BIGGEST blog fan :D BTW, on your Youtube accoutn, nice Amuto video/s ^^

  10. Lo-Lo: Yes, it was incredibly awesome. Though now that I think of it, I wonder where the bucket came from too.

    I didn’t like him either. He’s more annoying when you can kind of understand what he’s saying…so I can only imagine how annoying he is if you understand everything. And about Amu and Paru, lol, I think they just tried to make the servant all boyish and they failed.

    Easter and Utau felt like they were just shoved in there for the sake of fan appeasement and dorama, but because I am a fan and I am appeased, I don’t care. Though it would have been nice to randomly see Ikuto sitting on the roof or something. Then I would be incredibly appeased.

    OMG yes. Amuto and gay transformations are coming up. only one more week of stupid fillers left! Yeah!!!


    annaberry: I think it’s a little cooler too. Because it was funny. The only bad thing is that I don’t think next week’s episode will be very good though.


    amuto007_is_mitchan007: Yay! You did it! *applause*

    Me too! It was great. I had to pause for a second and then rewatch it…five times. I love Rima-tan more than ever now.

    Yeah! Ikuto would show the snobby prince his proper place! The Tsukiyomi smirk would get rid of him in less than five seconds. But at least Amu was there to tell him off anyway.

    Ah…it would really be nice if I could do that. Just sleep until episode 38.

    I have no idea what Shiraiya was doing to be honest (maybe he was proposing). I really can’t imagine Tadase get ticked because of him proposing to Amu at this point in the story anyway. Unless it was Ikuto, because Ikuto himself just ticks Tadase off.

    I know! They actually tried to make her look like a boy and failed! Especially with her voice. Silly character designer.

    I think…Shiraiya’s chara is a boy because charas go along with gender. Otherwise I’d be certain it was a girl.

    Yes, Utau did look cool. Hahahaha, I am the photoshop master (not really though, lol, anyone with photoshop could have done it).

    I think Kairi was giving her a massage of some sort (Sanjou really treats her brother like a servant, doesn’t she?).

    Yup, Shiraiya just wants a gigantic harem, but he can’t have one because the only one allowed with a harem of any sort is Amu!!!

    I would have been awesome if Musashi had participated in Bara Bara~nsu because he’s so serious!!! Ah, I wish he’d been added in.

    Yes, I do rock, don’t I? (Ah no one take me seriously, I’m kidding.


    xiao_jie88: Hawaii! No wait…Afirca! I’m guessing I’m wrong both times so I give up already.

    Yes! Free internets for everyone!

    I know what you mean. He’s spoiled, a little annoying, but he’s definitely a tolerable for a filler character. Though I can imagine him being more annoying in the next episode, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    You’re a master of hidden shots at Tadase. I’m proud. Yes, as far as liking Amu filler prince is better than Tadase. Actually, to me he’s just better in general.

    Ah, Pearl…that might be it. lol, Satelight seems to like making filler pairings between an older girl and younger boy (Like with what’s-her-name and Kukai). So that being said…where is my Utakai? What do you have to say Satelight? Why not make a WTF too-soon-for-development filler moment I like? Hmmm? I deserve payback for that Tadamu moment in episode 18.

    Ah I know! Rima-tan is the best~! And Eru~! And Utau wins the whole episode (ah actually is a tie between all three for me). Utau was just so random and because she didn’t look like Utau in the preview last week it was unintentional, “OMG! UTAU~!” fangirling for me!

    The fanboys must be somewhere…we just don’t see them because they’re all scared away by our mighty fangirling…I guess. But we act like fanboys for the girls sometimes too. Come join us for Utau love fanboys! We need to know that Utau is getting the proper love.

    I know~! Nana-sama is great! She does so many roles, but I think Utau is her best just because of how quickly Utau changes her personality. One minute she’s fighting Amu, the next she’s getting all embarrassed going, “What’s with that?” then it’s fighting, but show her soft-side, then it’s crazy bro-con girl and then…ah there’s just so much.

    When awesome isn’t enough you add -ism to a person’s name (it’s an anime rule taught by Haruhiism).

    lol, Hitsuzen. Maybe it is. CLAMP is officially behind all of this now. And Yuuko is Nana-sama’s manager.


    warriorhope: The five second moment from episode 25. Oh…memories. *goes to watch* Ah! I still have to scream when I watch that moment. It’s just too much! But yes, Rima’s bucket action is the best anime-original moment after those two (it’s almost too bad it’s already going to get surpassed in episode 38…almost).

    lol, 90’s fantasy anime. You’re right. It kind of reminds me of that now.

    Eru is an angel…she can work miracles. So she has some secret miracle pocket that fits pictures twice her size. That can be the only explanation.

    I know. Anything that’s all ominous and purple-looking handed to you in the middle of the night by a blode-haired girl dressed in genie clothes in Japan…is not an embryo. For some reason, this just stirkes me as common sense.

    Well…maybe Ikuto will randomly show up in next week’s episode anyway. Or you can just pretend your birthday is next week…or…something.


    alisha: I know. I’m awesome.

    lol, Tadase does look stupid(er than usual).


    fuyu_maiden_fan: I know! Tadase should die his hair purple and shrink himself down so he can just go ahead and copy Kiseki and be half as cool as his own chara.

    lol, I can totally imagine Tadase doing that. And that image of Amulet Heart is likely to have dog ears as well since back in episode 11 we learned he’s into that as well.

    Ah! Yoru and Kiseki! And imagine if they did it together too! Oh, the missed opportunities.

    It is the…third anime-original filler, but if we include the Amuto episode we’ll end up with 5 (but I’m fine with Amuto).

    No, I’m completely fine if you hate Utau for her hating Eru. People are entitled to their own opinions. I just hate it when people hate Utau for liking Ikuto. I always hate it when people taking funny things too seriously. But if you hate Utau for her being mean to Eru I’m fine. My love for Utau went down after those episodes anyway.

    And thank you! I do my bet to spread the Amuto love on YouTube. And I believer you when you say you’re my biggest blog fan considering your name (lol).

  11. OMG! Finally Utau is back!!! Maybe I will watch this epi for once. ^^ It seems rather interesting and more exciting then the pst two epis.

  12. okay, I know I said only one comment, but this is just about the chara thing.

    I thought they went with gender, too. But then there is the case with Temari…

    That was the only thing that made me unsure. If Nagihiko can have a female Chara, this prince guy could too…

    also, about the proposal thing, Tadase might get jelous that prince guy was taking away amulet heart (he saw her transformed as amulet heart, remember?)just a thought.

    Anyway, yes you do rock! your japanese is amazing compared to mine and thank you!!!

  13. Yeah I can see episode 38 blowing it out of the water. I hope they gave us like fifteen minutes of amuto instead of like five or ten minutes in the 2nd half like they usually do.

    She is! (btw chapter 19 in scanlations is out and it has a cute eru moment or two).

    He’s a filler character. There usally are kind of stupid. That’s why the ‘bad guys’ can con them so easily.

    sigh. I’ll probably have just have an amuto marthon and rewatch episodes 1, 3,4, 12, 18, 26 and 33. It would be cool if he did show up and pwn tadase again or talk to the first king.

  14. Starry: Well, if you’re watching it for Utau, you only have to watch the last…three minutes basically.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: You can do more than one post if you’re replying to my reply. I just don’t want them all in a row.

    Temari is probably a special case. Since Nadehiko wanted to be like a girl because that’s what he was trying to be. Or maybe Temari’s just a trap too. But either way, I don’t think filler prince wants to be a trap or is a trap, so his chara is probably a boy.

    Ah that’s true. Stupid Tadase.


    warriorhope: Yes, we already know that the anime can make awesome filler Amuto (the drama CD) so it should be good. And it better be more than five or ten minutes! That freakin’ pisses me off every time! Ikuto shows up in the second half for a while and then disappears. Agh! I want him to show up at the beginning of an episode for once (probably won’t happen unless they animate chapter 28 and stuff).

    Ah, I just read chapter 19. So cute~! Glad to see the anime really did follow the manga.

    That’s true. Being stupid has to be a requirement for a filler character since the bad guy has less than a half hour to make them all emo.

    I’m saving my Amuto marathon for the day before episode 38. I’m going to psych myself up! And eat plenty of chocolate ice cream.

  15. I know that i am repeating myself here, i still wanna ask. Does Amu have a 5th chara? Cause rumours are sprouting over crunchyroll that Amu have a 5th chara, and there are even pics of that chara. (One looks very fake too =/) I just wanna clrify and wanna know if other ave heard such rumours.

  16. I think that she does have a fifth Chara, cause if you look at some of the cards, there is a purple (AmuxIkuto – PinkxBlue) cross egg, and on a separate card, a pic of Amu looking like some sort of witch and a witch Chara flying next to her. I don’t know, just a guess. But it’s likely she has a fifth Chara.
    On the subject of ep. 36, I read on wikipedia (so I don’t know if it’s true, they owe me headache painkillers if it’s not true I think I made a dent in the table) that he DID propose! I was like, O.M.G!!!! Ikuto! You have to save her! NOW!
    Hooray for Fuyu-maiden!

  17. sigh. At least we are usually only subjected to about five to two minutes of Tadamu whenever it shows up.

    I know. Can’t wait until someone uploads chapter 21 especially since volume five isn’t coming out until the end of Decemeber.

    ^_^ Nice.

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