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June 12, 2008 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Site | 6 Comments

Ugh…I just took my college placement exam. I failed to get the score for the math class I want (I missed by 60 points…wow). But I owned the English test! 117/120 baby! Not bad at all for a girl who missed an entire year of school. That’s why I’m going to be a writer!

Indeed it is…

Now then, bragging and blurry Serious Business Utau aside…I actually do have a few things to talk about that qualify as “serious business” and are just about my blog. That being said, I’m assuming most of you have now lost interest and may pursue focusing on other things. Like maybe that post on Komaki, right? That might be fun to check out (or not, self-pimping has been known to fail before).

So, with my fourth installment of my Top Ten Anime girls yesterday (c’mon, check it out now), I realized…Ah! This blog is now one-month old! Really, it’s past a month old since I started it on a Monday, not a Wednesday, but whatever. I have 21 posts now (OMG no wai!) and since I suddenly broke my previous record of 433 views (from the epic Saturday that featured episode 33) this past Saturday by getting 539 (and then further breaking that record with 663 on Sunday, are people just reloading the page or what?). I was getting an average of about 300 views a day before then so I’m very happy about this.

But my bragging aside (aww…I’m just so proud), I feel like it’s time to stop being a lazy piece of crap and start being a part of the blogosphere (no wai…again!).

I’ve added my blog to some aggregators (Anime Nano and Anime Antenna). I also added my blogroll to the sidebar, giving proper respect to the blogs I visit regularly (and now intend to comment more on since I’m not as busy). It’s kind of small…yeah…sometimes I barely have enough time to hang out on my own blog so visiting others can become problematic. I’ve only joined the blogging community this month though. I think it’s understandable.

I also updated my About page, since things were looking kinda messy there.

I thought about changing my banner to go along with all my new changes and attitude but…I think the ShinKuro gang gets to stick around until I’m done fangirling over them (BTW, for the next two weeks you can expect the posts on…Tuesdays I think).

Oh yeah, and from now on I’m enabling icons for the commentors. People from will have an image they selected automatically (if they’ve uploaded one of course) but since I’m already very aware that most of my commentors don’t use icons (I get to see what comes up even if you don’t), let me tell you very simply how to get an icon.

WordPress uses Gravatar for comment icons. Very simply, you can crop a picture and assign it to your e-mail address on that website. And everywhere that you comment and use your e-mail address, your gravatar will follow. Neat, isn’t it?

And just to assure anyone who doesn’t use their e-mail address and doesn’t really want to, I completely understand why, but you don’t have to worry. No one sees the e-mail address but me (and I’ll probably never contact you through e-mail anyway, I just comment back). But if you still don’t want to, that’s fine too. You just don’t get an image.

Also, if you use an e-mail address, you only have to wait for your comment to get approved once. Otherwise comments have to be approved by me so no one can post something excessively stupid (but if I get flamed, everyone gets to see it because I think flames are funny). Mainly it’s just to stop anything I consider especially disgusting and ignorant (and I laugh at plenty of things considered disgusting and ignorant btw). I never want the sort of crap I’m thinking of to see the light of day. Luckily nothing’s happened yet, but everyone gets one eventually.


Ah, thanks to those who read through the whole thing. As usual, here’s a reward:

It’s in honor of my team (The Celtics) kicking ass in the NBA finals. So happy to find Nagisa with a basketball~! I was just looking for a cute anime girl with a basketball (found dozens of Kyou btw) and I found Nagisa. So happy~!

Okay…now to get to all those lovely comments I’ve been neglecting. It’s been a busy couple of days.


  1. Congratulations on reaching your one month anniversary! I’m glad to hear that you are going to be more active at blogging because I absolutely adore your Shugo Chara! episode reviews.
    Among those and your other editorials/periodicals, I find it no wonder that you scored so well on your English portion (Congrats for that too!). I hope to read more of your work in the future! ;D

  2. Congrats on your English exam score and your first month of success! Woot! We should have a party. lol xDDD
    And I wish you the best of luck in chasing your dream to be a writer! Do tell me the title of your first book so I can go get it. ^^
    I’ll, of course, continue to look forward to your future posts and banners and comment as always. Cuz fangirling and discussing things with you have been lots of fun for me and it just makes my day when I’m down. ^^ On the other hand, you’re stuck with meh so tough luck. You can’t get rid of me even if you want to! *evil laugh* lol J/k. J/k. xDDD;;;
    Yay! I can use an icon! *so happy* I’ll probably do that later but I’m glad I can cuz commenting iconless is just…weird.
    Wah~! Cute pic of Nagisa! <3 Wish Tomoya could be in the same pic, tho (and blushing, hehe).
    Again, congrats and best of luck to ya! x3

  3. Congrats on the English test!!!
    Wow, it has already been a month? Time flies.Well, as long as this blog is running, I will always read future posts and comment on them. I love what you have to say( mostly because its funny and true at the same time).
    Pretty cool how you want to be a writer. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I will figure it out someday.
    oh, I almost forgot. Congrats on the popularity of your blog too!Can’t wait for future posts!

  4. Yes! I finally got a stupid comment! 2 of them! (Just decided to say that since I promised in this post that I’d approve my flames). They’re in my episode 34 summary of SC if anyone is curious.


    HtoK: I’m happy to hear that you enjoy them. And I’ll blog tons in the future. I have a few topics planned for Shugo Chara! as well actually.

    Haha, thank you saying that. I always think my articles are the crappiest things ever (I’m just a little harsh on myself) so I like hearing what other thinks (especially if it’s good, lol).


    xioa_jie88: Thank you! But the party can wait for when I actually graduate high school. One more year to go orz.

    Oh I will, if I tell people on this blog to buy a book someday maybe I’ll actually get people buying the book (lol, I always expect the worst). But it’s a long way away.

    It is fun, isn’t it? It’s always helped cheer me up too and the discussions that follow are what keeps me doing my Shugo Chara! summaries during some of these awful, awful periods of fillers.

    That would be even better. Tomoya and Nagisa both blushing…Ah! Someone should draw a picture with a basketball and them blushing, now!


    Lo-Lo: Thank you!

    I strive for funniness and absolute correctness so I’m glad to hear I’m succeeding…at least with the regular commentors. lol, Today I got a comment from some person who seemed to think I was a guy and asked if I was gay because I kept saying giggle. My reaction: lolwut? The big shoujo banner wasn’t a hint that this is a girl’s blog?

    It takes everyone a while to figure out what they want to be. I’ve known about being a writer for a while, but it took me 15 years to finally settle on “librarian” of all things for my day job.

  5. Fuyumaiden:I saw your comment to that the rude person. It was awesome!!He is the one being gay for being rude like that. Man, if someone said that to me, that person would have wished he(or she) was never born. But I like how you handled it. The nerve of some people!And you are right. The banner wasn’t a hint that this was a gir’s blog. I swear, some people are just really stupid.By the way, I loved how you went”tehehe”. lol.

  6. Congradtulations on your English placement tests!

    21 posts in one month is really good concerting you were still in school. (impressed). Your commentary on anime and manga is humorous and enjoyable to read. I look forward to reading more. ^_^

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