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Alright back to the shoujo (and specifically, Arina Tanemura) girls now for week number four and girl number seven.

Kamiya Komaki (Shinshi Doumei Cross)

Kamiya Komaki from Shinshi Doumei Cross, best known for being Haine’s adorable little sister with a sister complex. The non-incest kind mind you.

Komaki is the president of the Junior High section of the Imperial Academy. She adores her older sister, Haine and will do anything for her “Nee-sama”s happiness. She’s also been in love with Kusame, Haine’s step-brother since the two of them started working on the student council together and she oh so cleverly navigates her way into his heart despite the fact he’s “in love” with Haine. She has an “ojou-sama” attitude, but she’s actually incredibly naive.

I don’t normally like side characters like Komaki. I mean Komaki isn’t even a secondary character, she’s on the same level as Kasuga really. Her main story in the manga was explored in a 30 page special (the Komaki and Kusame special). Otherwise she basically serves as a character to support Haine’s own story and character development.

But I’m not alone in adoring this cute little ojou-sama. She’s the most popular character among Ribon readers, beating out Ushio with her legion of fangirls (3rd place) and even her big sister Haine (2nd place).

Really…I think it’s incredibly rare for a character to be so popular. She’s not as popular among other ShinKuro fans I regularly come into contact with though. At least on YouTube I became sort of the…Komaki and KomakixKusame expert. Heh.

When people find out how much I like Komaki they seem sort of surprised. I mean…everyone already read how crazy I am for Tomoyo, Ushio, and Nagisa. Now multiply that by at least two and you can come to understand how I feel about Komaki.

To be honest, Komaki’s ranking might actually be higher than where I decided to place her in this list. The only thing is I get the feeling that I don’t have the same reasons for liking Komaki as I have for liking the other girls higher (and even lower) on the list. There’s no really personal reason i like Komaki. I don’t know anyone like her, she doesn’t remind me of myself, she’s not a character I spend a lot of time defending…she’s just cute. Oh god she’s cute! I want her to be my little sister!!!

Part of the reason why I’m probably loving Kisaki from Mistress Fortune so much is because she reminds me of Komaki without the ojou-sama attitude.

But this post is going to be much shorter than usual. Mostly because, I am without real reasons to adore Komaki as much as I do. I just think she’s so cute. Look at her! Agh!

To start off, her absolute love for her sister is just…the cutest thing ever. She was willing to have her sister hate her so she can protect her? That’s so cute! Ah!

So selfless too! And we all already know I love my cute selfless girls.

To be perfectly honest, I think Komaki is the closest shoujo manga gets to lovable by both genders moe. I’m sure all of us girls secretly want a little sister like her (if you say no, you’re lying) and if Komaki showed up in a harem anime, I have no doubt she’d have a legion of fanboys.

She’s kind, stubborn, cute, naive, polite, and she looks pretty when she’s crying. She’s the ultimate bishoujo! Even with her feelings for Kusame she’s so cutely tsundere in the beginning. She’s got everything down!!! She’s the perfect anime girl!!!

Heh…the weird thing is I’m only half-joking. if you really take a good look at Komaki…she really is perfect. Now normally, someone who wants to be a writer (like me) would hate a girl who is oh-so-perfect, but Komaki is a special exception.

She probably has some flaws, though those flaws are so cute that you really don’t consider them flaws. But I really do see her as perfect, and somehow…I just love that! I can’t explain it! It’s impossible. Komaki is just perfect and I love her for it.

She makes some big mistake and she’s just so cute about it that you don’t think there’s anything wrong with her making the mistake. And she’s absolutely beautiful! She’s drawn with black hair sometimes, but her hair’s supposed to be purple (according to Arina-sensei) and she’s just so…beautiful! Girls with long hair really have a better chance at looking beautiful and then you give them nice wavy hair too…*sigh* I love Komaki.

I want her to be my little sister! Though I can’t help but think I’d get jealous of her absolute ojou-sama perfection. But it’s okay! Komaki is really too cute to be mad at!

She really is perfect. I think it’s almost impossible to love her, even if you hate perfect characters.

Of course, to quickly state what made me notice Komaki and caused me to think of her as a favorite character…that would be her relationship with Kusame. So cute! If someone out there still hasn’t read their special, go buy volume 5…now! Her absolute pure love for Kusame…it’s touching.


  1. KO. MA. KIIIIII~!!! <3
    Heh, I find it surprising that I’m not surprised about her legion of fans surpassing that of Ushio and Haine. Yea! You go, girl! lol
    But she is indeed cute. Or more accurately, kawaii, since that term could mean so many things (i.e. cute, charming, pretty, etc.). I’d say she give Eve a run for her money, ne? ^^
    My reasons for liking are pretty much the same as yours. I also think she’s kinda like the other mirror image of Tomoyo…hmm, wish I could word this better. Like she is Tomoyo only more ojou-sama like? Ack, that’s not it…*stumped*
    But her sis-con is adorable, oh yes. xD She loves her Nee-sama so much that she was willing to be hated by someone she holds so dear to protect her. Now that takes a lot of courage and emotional strain. How can you possibly not like Komaki after she tried to protect Haine at her own expense?
    And I like how she is both selfless and selfish at the same time. It’s kind of like a flaw and blessing mushed in together. She was taking advantage of Kusame’s kindness butbutbut! in the end, she’s been giving him the most a girl could ever give to her boyfriend. Quote:
    “I’m glad Kusame was born into this world.”
    Or something like that. It’s so touching. *tear*
    Ah, I’d like to say Komaki is a perfectly-flawed character. I think it has the same meaning as what you said. She seems perfect but her flaws are evident. Except that those flaws only make her seem more perfect (I hope I’m making sense, lol).
    Haha, I’d like to have a friend like Komaki actually. Maybe more like a sempai towards her kohai kind of relationship (hmm, that’s kinda like a older sister figure, too, huh?) and looking out for her while spying on her and her boyfriend and squealing “OMG, they’re so cute!” lol xD;
    Yep, Komaki is all that bishoujo love. Somebody please animate her~! x3 And since we’re on the topic, who’d you think would be a good VA for her? Oh yea! The Shinkuro anime campaign is fully underway! lol xD;;

  2. gah… I wished I bought vol. 5 when it was in our bookstore! fuyu-chan’s review makes me wanna regret that I didn’t buy it.. xD since I really wanted to see the KomakixKusame special.. lol x3 I agree.. I love her hair so much, gah if only my hair could be like that too!

  3. xiao_jie88: Well at least among Ribon fans, I’m not sure if ShinKuro fans in general love Komaki as much.

    Kawaii would describe her better. She already beats Eve in my book. Similar hair and looks but Komaki’s just got a more “kawaii” personality if you ask me.

    I kind of know what you mean, but it’s hard to put into words. She’s like Tomoyo, except a little sillier and more naive and…tries to be more ojou-sama-ish and ladylike (or something lol).

    Ah! I know! If I remember correctly everyone went from, “Agh! Komaki is such a brat!” to “OMG! I love Komaki!” in less than five minutes. Loving her is a requirement.

    Oh she is! You’re right! Selfless and selfish! She tried to hold onto Kusame but because she loved him she did everything she could to make him happy. And that quote! Yes! Komaki is the just about the best girlfriend a boy could have. Good thing Kusame realized it!

    Yes. Her flaws are obvious, but because she kind of knows her flaws and because she’s so wonderful her flaws make her even more perfect and…some of her flaws are just kind of moe (like her naivety).

    A good VA? Nana-sama! *shot*

    Ah, but seriously, maybe Maaya Sakamoto? She did a pretty good Tomoyo ojou-sama in the TRC anime. I would say Yui Horie, but we want her for Ushio. But someone else popped into my head recently too…Oh Mai Nakahara might be good for Komaki! It’s hard to say really, lots of people could be a good voice for Komaki really.

    If an anime isn’t announced within 6 months, we must start doing everything possible to show the companies…we want one! Though I have no idea what to do that isn’t violent (it’s all I know, lol).


    kp-chan: You have to buy volume 5 the next time you see it. Because, the KomakixKusame special is just…the best. It’s really just so sweet.

    My hair used to be a little like Komaki’s (as much as it’s possible in reality) but I can’t make my hair like that anymore, my curls are too small. It’s not fair. I love Komaki’s hair!

  4. Oh, I remember the first time I saw Komaki…! Haha, she wanted to act mean with Haine, but she couldn’t do it much long xP (So cute x3)
    Haha, and when she told Haine she liked Kusame and he was there, and Haine told her that he probably felt the same! Haha, I loved that. But was better when she expressed her feelings in front of the whole school… She’s just adorable ♥ Actually, I’ve never wanted to have a lil sister(I’m the youngest! Hehe), til Komaki. Oh, I wish I have a sis like her! She’s always tryin’ to take care of her big sis and doin’ as much as she can for her happiness!!
    In fact, I was pretty surprised findin’ myself likin’ so much Komaki, since she’s a side character, and usually I don’t pay much atention to those(sometimes I can’t even remember names… My memory sucks -_-‘) But she was just different; but, yay! I’m not the only one! Haha

  5. Reinadeldisfraz: Yes, because she just loves her sister too much! Komaki is so adorable.

    Komaki is pretty much fearless too, I forgot to mention that. Confessing in front of the school and all that. And coming up with that plan to get Kusame to like her makes her a little devious in the cutest way possible.

    I’m the youngest in my family too and I want her as a little sister! So cute~!

    I know, she shows up in about…12 or so chapters but she’s more popular in the polling than Haine! Komaki definitely has something special about her. She’s just way too cute to ignore.

  6. sorry it took me so long to comment. (stupid exam studying).

    Komaki. ^_^ Arina Tanemura really does make the cutest girl characters. When she first came in chapter 12 I thought she was going to be this bitchy rich girl that all shojo mangas seem to have, but after I found out her real motive, I thought she was cool. I love her sister-complex meents with Haine (like at the end of the bonus chapter in volume 6) or her moments with Kusume (2nd favorite pairing in the series). The perfection thing doesn’t really bother me, because there are a lot of shojo manga girls and guys who seem to perfect to be true.

  7. It’s definitely okay. It takes me so long to reply anyway.

    Ah, so did I. I figured she was a little sister who was jealous of her older sister or something, but she’s the absolute opposite. She loves her sister (therefore I love her).

    Oh yes, that bonus in volume 6. I got that really recently so I didn’t add that in (I totally would have). Haine has a tough time with so many siblings who think they love her the most.

    They’re my second favorite pairing too! Not much of them is shown, but they’re just so cute together!

  8. […] I mean, Komaki is a side character who doesn’t have much (if any) impact on the main plot, but my love for her character cannot be denied! […]

  9. I guess, it’s a very nice book ( manga )…
    I love it, and I will draw something down.

    Komaki has really beauiful hairs, and it has a good color =)
    I love This mangaka xD

    Arina Tanemura *drool* You can draw so well… ;)

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