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Heh…finally we’re getting to the good stuff, even if a bunch of original crap is added in along the way.

So, I think this was a good episode. Not their best, not their worst, but…pretty good. But I’m not going to bother with a summary. I’m too tired and I’m pretty busy today. So it’s just the thoughts and preview for today.

Also, sorry this took a while. I couldn’t upload my pictures on WordPress so I had to go to photobucket.


Really, the only thing plot-important that someone needs to know about this episode is that Kei takes the offensive and that Hikari is having some great reactions. Yes…things are finally coming together nicely. I love the Hawaii trip. So much awesomeness follows it.

I already said this episode wasn’t bad…but to be perfectly honest, I don’t have a lot to say…except about KeixHikari developments…I have a lot to say about that! Oh my yes…

I found this scene to be both cute and a little “WTF?” at the same time. I mean…why was he zooming in on this picture? Wouldn’t we just get the message if he was just looking at pictures of Hikarin anyway? Silly anime…

Though it was nice to see Kei having a reaction to the kiss from the previous episode. In both the anime and manga, Hikari ruined the mood too quickly by telling Kei that Yahiro told her to do it. So…having him think about it in this episode made me happy. Though Hikari startled him and this all got cut short too.

Haha! But this was in there after all! It just got moved because of the change in the overall story. YEAH! I was looking forward to seeing this. Because…heh…Hikari.

Muahaha…yes…things are moving along nicely. I think we’ve seen Hikari blush because of Kei once so for this episode…it was like an early birthday present. She blushed at least 5 times. Five!!! Ah! I’m such a happy fangirl!

To be perfectly honest, I thought the way they changed the plot of this episode was stupid, but I understand why they did it. It’s their only opportunity to really give Ryuu the spotlight, so they took the chance. The changes aren’t awful or anything, I just think they’re stupid. This anime always fails with the sentimental and serious crap.

Like with Ryuu trying to hit that guy. WTF? I mean…it’s not totally OOC. He’d likely do that for the twins and all that…it just felt really lame.

LMAO. I really did start laughing so much that I had to pause when the loser president showed up. Not because his entrance was particularly funny, just because it was so out of left field and up until now I was positive we’d never see him again.

Okay…who else went “Aww” during this scene? Way too cute. Oh and about the song in the background, does anyone know what that is? I think it might be Ryuu’s character song but since I haven’t heard that yet I can’t be sure.

Just because there was no sentimental KeixHikari moment doesn’t mean they’d miss out on using their crayon crap, does it? But this moment only gets half-crayoned. I think they’re way too into the crayon stuff to be honest…purposely making it less noticeable because it’s not a KeixHikari moment. So weird.

Meh…they changed this scene, but at least it’s still in there in some form. I like it better when Hikari was sitting alone in the garden, Kei shows up randomly and starts hitting on her and she’s just like, “You’re like a rabbit, aren’t you?” lol…Poor Kei.

The scene at the beginning of the chapter where Kei intimidates one of Hikari’s fans was cut out too. But I guess I can deal with that stuff because I still got plenty of Hikari blushing.

Awesome…this was added in for the anime. And because they do this every once in a while, it makes it easier to forgive their stupidity. Oh yes…things are going nicely. Slowly break through her stupidity Kei! It seems to be working already. And we’ll get to have Hikari thinking about this sort of stuff specifically in the next episode. Yes…the fog is slowly clearing…awesome.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this (and have no screencap for it), but wtf was up with them making Yahiro into the bad guy…again? So annoying. Yahiro’s not that bad…the anime need to stop making him out to be some big a**hole.



So next week we have some Tadashi development. Because it’s the date episode. It should be funny, especially since they seem to be adding Akira following along and the other SA members too I think. It’s just too bad Kei won’t show up much since he’ll probably be kidnapped at the very beginning by his father (ugh, not looking forward to hearing that voice again).

But I assume we’ll be seeing Kei at the end of next week’s episode and then…after that…is that episode. Ah! I can’t wait!



  2. I’m really looking forward for the next episode of S.A especially since I now know that at least, Akira will show up. I was like, ‘thank god, there’s gonna be action-packed comedy in this episode since Akira will probably do something for Hikari(or is it for Tadashi..? >.<)

    But you know, you’re right this episode is more like a spotlight to Ryuu and then again it showed his cool and wild side.. :3

  3. WAH! I’m so late and behind on this! D8 I’ll have to watch it tomorrow…or later tonight, whenever. Heh. ^^;
    Looks like a pretty good episode. Hikari blushing frenzy! YAY~! xD
    I loved the shot of Kei touching his cheek. He probably still feels the imprint or something. lol Oh, Kei… And Hikari is like “Whatcha doin’?” lol xDD They are great.
    And finally! It’s about time Kei started charming her. Slowpoke. :P But he is forgiven since making Hikari blush is so cyute~! x33 Loved the anime add-in. I wonder what Hikari said about that when he only kissed her hair a short while ago (“You idiot! Are you a man-eater or something?! *runs away* xD; ). Ok, I made up my mind. I’m watching it now. Moo.
    Ryuu being violent looks scary. o.O; But aww~, Ryuu-nii is so sweet to the twins. I want him for a big bro. x3 Btw, if we take the twins factor out, wouldn’t you agree that Ryuu might be a great rival for Hikari (hell, maybe even Kei as well) for rank no. 2 in their school? I mean, he finished his test in like…less than 10 minutes, I heard?
    Hmm, other than that, not much else to say (wait, what? They’re making Yahiro an jerk again?! Dx). I’m so looking forward to next week’s episode…if I can get it. ;_; But yes! Tadashi! And the fake date. Akira and co. following them wasn’t what I was expecting but I’m surprised she didn’t fling another ricecooker at his face when she found out…eh, must be because Hikari wants to keep it a secret or she already knows the whole situation. And Kei getting kidnapped! And what happens after that! All that goodness! *squeal* Can’t wait. x3

  4. It’s nice that Ryuu got the spotlight and was ultra awesome and everything, but I thought the manga always depicted him as the nice level-headed one in their group of seven. He even lets the guys who were trying to sabotage him in chapter this episode is based on off easy. Ryuu getting angry and threatening Takahashi twice (even if it was for the sake of the twins) is a distinct change from how I saw him in the manga.

    But Hikari at Ryuu’s apartment with Megumi, Jun, and all of Ryuu’s animals was hilarious – one of my favourite parts. I agree that the apparent attempt to make Yahiro the bad guy of the story isn’t very attractive – I always thought that all Yahiro wants to do is mess around with Kei so he will react instead of being all cool and calm.

    The adaption for this episode wasn’t so bad, even if it is quite a departure from the source material. Moving around when those HikarixKei moments was actually okay, since they were just a side-story this episode, and it comes off better than the episodes where they were the focus.


  6. saimaisama: Oh we all want more of him. We finally get it in the next episode~!


    kp-chan: Yes, Akira should make it entertaining. Especially with her double and contradicting jealousies for Hikari and Tadashi. Oh yes~!

    Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied with this episode. It’s likely all the spotlight Ryuu will get, so it’s good.


    xiao_jie88: Well I assume you’ve watched it now (I’m so late on my comment replies).

    Hikari blushed so much. it was wonderful. The HikarixKei stuff took up so little time, but it was all just so wonderful that…*sigh* And lol…maneater. I kinda wish she did say that. Hikari was missing a little bit of her spunk in this episode, but if it came down to spunk vs. blushing, I choose blushing anyway.

    I know, he’d be such a great big brother. And if you did take out the twins he would be a really good rival for Hikari (but since Kei is so far in first place…not sure about him being able to beat Kei). Ryuu’s always getting held back by the twins so I wonder how smart and possibly strong (in sports and stuff) he is.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode, but really I’m looking forward to the one after it more. Hahaha…yes. But Akira’s reaction will be interesting since she didn’t find out in the manga.


    kaekyo: Ryuu being angry really did feel weird. I wasn’t paying particular attention (why there’s no summary) so i’m not entirely sure what made him so mad, but I think it was something about the twins (he had a flashback of them being upset) so in that case it makes sense. It still feels weird because I like Ryuu just calmly winning better. I wish they’d just added more to that somehow.

    Oh that was hilarious! Totally forgot about that part. How is he able to keep all those animals in his apartment!? Ah classic.

    That’s how I percieve Yahiro also, so I’m really not liking them changing him to a villain instead of just being, “lol, Yahiro” as I usually refer to him.

    Yeah, I’m kind of okay with it too. It’s not the best episode, but it’s not the worst either. The changes they made were all aceptable anyway. I’d be happy if they made more episodes like this. If they make them this good or better, I’d probably stop being so harsh on the anime (maybe).


    steshin: Yes indeed! The date episode!!! (And then what follows it! lol)

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