Shugo Chara! – Episode 35

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Okay…we got one 1/4 good thing. Otherwise…Fuyu-chan is not amused. You can tell because I’m referring to myself in the third person. I only do that when really happy or when very unamused.

Perhaps I’d be more into this episode if I didn’t have to wait until this morning to torrent it.

I guess I’m just in a grumpy mood. Feeling sick, tired, and certain other stuff there’s no need to discuss here. But another contributor would definitely be that I’m tired of “OMG!NEWCHAPTER!!!” Shugo Chara! drama. All the fans go crazy looking for the latest chapter and I’m usually one of them. It’s like you look for hours and stuff just to get a paragraph of info. You fangirl for a half-hour and then…you wait. For months. Because that’s how long it takes the chapter to get translated. I’m just going to take it easy from now on though. If other people can let me know what’s going on that would be great because I have no patience for anything these days.

Okay everyone’s bored with my personal stuff. Moving onto what everyone wants.


The episode starts with Amu coming out of the bath to get news that her cousin Shu is getting married. Apparently she used to spend a lot of time with him when she was little (or something).

So the Hinamori family goes on a trip to go to the wedding. They get to stay at a pretty nice hotel and Amu’s family is being incredibly embarrassing as usual. The charas are all excited about the wedding. Amu asks her mom if “Shu-niichan” is staying at the same hotel and when she finds out he is she goes to look for him. Miki of course notices that Amu’s kind of excited and Amu blushes a little and says that it’s been a long time since she’s seen him.

We get to see a flashback of loli (or really, loli-er) Amu watching her cousin make a cake. When he asks if it looks delicious we get to see a chibi Cool and Spicy girl. Amu tries some and smiles (apparently it’s really good) and Shu gets all…encouraged I guess. And explains his dream to Amu…or something *wasn’t paying attention*. He wants to be a pastry chef I think.

Su guess (seemingly correctly) that Shu was Amu’s first love. Amu denies it, but her charas see through her. All this teasing gets interrupted when Amu hears Shu getting yelled at by his boss. He’s making a wedding cake (whether its his or someone else’s…I have no idea). His boss then shows his nice guy side before leaving (or whatever). Amu decides to finally reveal herself and Shu gets all excited to see her and shakes her around a bit. He goes on about how he hasn’t seen her since she was a baby and all that. Amu points out that he’s completed his dream, he says he hasn’t, but Amu insists that he’s doing his best and all that. And I guess the cake he’s making is his own because I think he says something about it being the first one he’s making and some other stuff.

Amu’s charas say a few things and Shu can almost sense them but Amu distracts him. She asks him about the girl he’s marrying and he goes all crazily happy and says she’s an angel and other equally nauseating things you hear from people in love. Amu asks if he’s all right and brings up Saeki Nobuko (whose lines I won’t even bother translating). Then he suddenly freaks out because…her forgot Eriko (his fiance) was coming soon (or something, I’m really not paying attention here). Eriko is a rich ojou-sama as stated briefly before. And lots of people talk about her and you just get the impression that she’s a perfect girl.

So Amu and Shu run out and meet her, he apologizes to her and she shows that she has that usual ojou-sama attitude.

Yeah…I think this was even lazier than last week. Except for that 1/4 exciting moment, I have no interest in this episode or its filler characters. He explains that he was working on the cake and this and that happens and she eventually gets mad and hits him. Eriko tells him she hates him and leaves. Amu’s left thinking about how Shu called Eriko a kind angel.

Later, outside Shu is sending a text message with about a dozen “I’m sorry”s in it. Amu’s family comes rushing over to tell Amu all about the hotel and stuff. Apparently they’ve also been hearing that the wedding is off or something, freaking Shu out. Amu tries to deny all that stuff and eventually they see Shu sitting there with Amu and just happily say hello to him and ask where his fiance is. Really, I think I wasn’t paying attention in this scene either because none of that makes sense to me (but alas, I don’t care).

Elsewhere, Eriko is moping when her parents show up. Amu is sneaking around (trying to find Eriko I’m assuming) and overhears the conversation Eriko is having with her parents. Lots of troubling stuff is said. No need to translated it.

Later on Eriko and Shu are both thinking about each other and why it might be better they don’t get married or something equally stupid. Amu and her charas figure that they need to do something about it. Eru is especially adamant and funny about it. So Amulet Angel makes her appearance! Eriko is, like everyone else who meets Amulet Angel, wondering what the heck is going on. Amu wonders if the plan is going to work, but Eru insists that it will. So Amu breaks out yet another new attack, “Love Beam!” All it does is create a heart that pops and Amu gets all ticked and Eru’s just like, “Eh?” The crate Amu’s standing on breaks and she falls down and undoes her chara nari.

Eriko asks if she’s all right, Amu says she is, and then Eriko asks if she’s Amu. She explains that Shu talked about “cute stubborn Amu” and Amu is obviously not pleased (once again labeled as stubborn, lol). Amu quickly asks if the wedding is really being canceled. Elsewhere Shu is being emo remembering about how he doesn’t suit Eriko or something like that. And his heart’s egg gets all dark

Eriko tells Amu a story about how she met Shu in Paris. It reminds me a lot of the story about Amu’s parents. Basically Eriko saw Shu around a lot and seeing him cheered her up. Then one day it seems he showed up at her place, thinking it was his teacher’s. He wanted his teacher to try out some food he made, but Eriko volunteered to try it instead. She really liked it. (Or at least that’s how I think the story goes…still not paying attention)

At the end of the story it becomes very clear that wedding isn’t being canceled at all. But suddenly the charas sense an X-egg. Amu and her charas go after it suddenly with just a quick excuse me to Eriko. They find out that it’s Shu’s egg. She chara-naris with Su and after a brief fight, and her usual brief peptalk, cleanses the egg. The only thing notable about this scene is that Amu admits Shu was her first love.

Amu is about to fix the cake when she hears Eriko, un chaa-naris and hides just as Shu is waking up and Eriko walks into the room. Eriko and Shu make up and happy endings all around. They notice the messed-up cake, but say it’ll be all right with the three of them and Amu is forced out of hiding. And so they all work on the cake together.

Later at the wedding, Amu’s family is being like usual for Ami-cha (whose a flower girl it seems). Hahaha, then it’s time to toss the bouquet. They quickly explain that whoever catches it will be the next bride (I guess it’s not as common in Japan so they have to explain it?) and surprise! Amu catches it. This leads to a quick harem fantasy where Amu envisions herself marrying four different guys (Ikuto, Tadase, Kukai, and lol, even Kairi who she never pays any attention too). THe charas make fun of her a little and it ends with a picture of Amu, Shu, and Eriko.

Yes, this summary was even lazier than usual. But aside from that 3-second moment, the episode was boring. No one missed out on anything.



Ugh! So boring! And the fillers just continue! Satelight does a good job with regular chapter episodes, but I really think they lack the ability to make a good filler (guess we’ll find out the truth in episode 38).

But I am so ticked. Here’s my basic reaction using Haine from ShinKuro. Yeah…not pleased at all. Basically, I was already feeling irritated and stuff by stuff going on around me and this episode of the anime failed in almost every way. Watching it and summarizing it was a chore. It’s supposed to be fun. Going back to this blog’s motto, “if it doesn’t entertain me, it’s not good.” Well, this episode failed to entertain me, therefore…it fails in general. Ugh.

All that aside, in order to enjoy this episode I had to do so in Super Amuto Fangirl mode. Meaning I took my Amuto reminders wherever I could get them. Like seeing Amu with her milk just out of the shower made me giggle because it brings back memories of that scene. Haha, yes~! I want Ikuto to do that again in the manga. That was probably the scene that made me go, “Whoa! Not your average mahou shoujo here!” Heh…yeah. Good memories.

lol, I really enjoyed little Amu. So freakin’ cute with her Cool and Spicy attitude. I have such a weakness for children, especially little girls, so if you give a little girl a stubborn attitude. Ah~! Amu is the cutest little girl ever!

Why do all filler characters look bad? Well, I guess they don’t spend enough time designing them and crap since they only show up for one episode. I was incredibly underwhelmed by the idea of Shu being Amu’s first love. He’s too ordinary. And I always dislike it when an anime changes around romance. I thought it over and I’d prefer Amu’s first love to be Tadase since, “First loves never work out.” Hells yes!

But looking at this development with my Amuto fangirl glasses on…Amu’s always had a thing for older guys! Yeah! Amuto~!

I actually didn’t hate Eriko. She doesn’t have an annoying personality like other filler characters and she actually has a good character design. I think she’s the first filler character I’ve kinda liked since Shion. Of course, even if they make okay filler characters, I’d rather they just leave the filler characters out and focus on the main characters.

Alright, Satelight does get one thing right in their fillers now. I love these Amulet Angel scenes. They’re all one-joke scenes, but that one joke is so funny that I can imagine laughing over it even if they put it in every single episode. I love the new attacks they keep giving Amulet Angel. Angel WInk was a little better, but Love Beam was good too.

Of course my enjoyment in this scene is all owed to Eru for being the best Shugo Chara…ever!!! She embarrasses Amu then is just like, “Huh?” or “Eh?” in this case. So cute!

How old was Shu supposed to be anyway? And does anyone know how long a heart’s egg lasts? Is it just until it breaks or whatever? Hm…I wonder. Maybe that’s why Shu’s egg looks different…because he’s an adult. Either way…I’m hoping this means Ikuto will get to have cat ears for a long time. Haha, yes~!

Hey! Still not Amulet Heart! It’s Amulet Clover with some random new frying pan for a shield (lol). I kind of expected Amulet Clover in this one because 1) it’s a family episode and 2) Shu is a chef. It’s the same reason why Amulet Spade appeared for the artist in the last one. But still…it would be nice to see Amulet Spade and Clover showing up in important episodes. Once they get to the plot again I guess that will happen.

As soon as I knew they were going to toss the bouquet I was like, “Amu’s going to catch it.” And sure enough, she did. This means that she’s the next girl to get married. Assuming the legal age to get married in Japan is still 16 (I think it is) then we have to assume to beat out others at the wedding she has to get married at that age. And it’s irresponsible to get married if you can’t live on your own with your husband. So…who’s going to be an adult that’s able to take care of Amu when she’s 16? Hells yes people! You can find the reasons to make Amuto the OTP anywhere!

Also, who noticed Eru trying to catch the bouquet. Awesome. I need to get my hands on an Eru keychain.

Ikuto always shows up second. Stupid Amu still thinking about Tadase. Use your heart Amu! Not your head! Because then instead of thinking, “Tadase’s the person I like since I’ve always liked him” you’d finally get that you like Ikuto the most. Come on! That aside, I find it amusing that Tadase’s outfit is gay as usual and Ikuto still looking awesome in black as usual. Even in Amu’s fantasies, reality shows up sometimes.

As for the whole harem package…it seems Satelight is still trying to appease to KukaixAmu fangirls even though it’s even been stated in the anime that Amu thinks of Kukai like a brother. And having Kairi show up…lol. Amu doesn’t even think of him that way at all. Still, the reverse harem is amusing, so I’ll let it be.

Too bad Nagihiko didn’t make an appearance though. I would have liked that better.



Okay, I guess that the rumors the next two episodes were the Tadase episodes came from the fact that “ouji” was in the title of this one. However, there’s some prince from a foreign country (probably made up) showing up at the school and guess who he seems to like? That’s right! Amu!

I don’t know what the title for episode 37 is, but I’m guessing that this next filler is going to be a two-parter. And Ikuto won’t appear at all. It’s episode 14-17 all over again! Ikuto appears once, but he doesn’t speak and! Agh! *headdesk* I’m really not happy with the anime right now. The stupid filler prince looks ugly and I bet he’s a jerk (because he’s a filler prince, they’re always jerks). I’m already imagining Tadase, just without the annoying naivety. Not sure if that makes him worse or better, but either way I’m sure to hate him. I mean, he’s at the school to look for a wife or something. The whole thing is lame. All the girls seem to be crazy for him…which I don’t understand. Filler characters in anime always look god awful because the character designers don’t spend much time on them (I’m guessing about a half hour).

I dunno, maybe we’ll get to see some jealous Kairi or maybe Tadase will get pwned again. Or maybe, if we’re really lucky Ikuto will show up in the second part and make this stupid prince go away. Because unless you’re dumb and full of yourself (AKA Tadase), a guy just has to know he can’t win against Ikuto. Yeah, I want to see Ikuto show up when this prince is being lame, smirk at him, and carry Amu off somewhere (haha~!).

But of course that won’t happen. Satelight has lost their ability to add in even twenty seconds of Ikuto like they often did in the first ten or so episodes. Lame.

At least there’s episode 38 to look forward to. But after that…only god knows what will show up. Maybe…the actual plot? Somehow I doubt it. But we can always hope.

Ugh…I’m going to rewatch that three second clip of Amuto and see if it makes me feel better. *watches* Nope. Too distracted by Tadase’s lameness. I’m going to go have some chocolate ice cream instead.


  1. Bleh. boring. I only watched it cause it’s my B-day next saturday and i wanted to see how they would treat me! (Joke!) Then I checked the title for ep 38 and I’m like, “I would feel so much more special if my B-day was two weeks later!”

    But! But but but! You know the weird prince for ep 36? Have you noticed that both Utau and Ikuto have the same ‘cross-over-the-nose’ fringe? This random guy might MIGHT be related to Ikuto! Doubt it though…

    anyway, thank you for summarizing! I think I will go and watch Amuto episodes now, to prevent further filler-ep brain damage!


  2. oh yeah! Is it just me, or does Ikuto (and his school) have this obsession with crosses? I mean, he and Utau wear chockers with crosses on them! And pinned to his tie (talkin about wedding scene after catching bouquet) is a little cross! I swear, all I have to do is think ‘cross’ and Ikuto pops into my mind! It’s not that I don’t enjoy thinking about him, but the crosses get on my nerves sometimes. Oh well. Guess you get used to it. Crosses are just part of Ikuto’s character now.

  3. and as usual, Ikuto stands out, being the only one wearing black. It looks good on him! (As does anything! Almost) Hmm… I wanna see Ikuto wearing a suit in the series! Amu would probably be like, ‘I didn’t know you wore suits!’ or something weird like that…

  4. amuto007_is_mit-chan007: I’m honestly not trying to sound mean or anything but please don’t post more than two times in a row. It’d be better if you can say all your thoughts in just one comment. :/
    Well, I watched it because I wanted to see Ikuto in Amu’s wedding fantasy and I did so I’m kinda satisfied (heh, more less than it actually, but I can deal *sigh*).
    Chibi, chubby Amu-chi is ADORABLE~! I want to pinch her cheeks! xD Haha, I wonder exactly how long she’s been using her cool&spicy act. She’s so…special. For lack of better wording (or just meh laziness). lol
    In the case of Amu’s hatsukoi, I’d say it’s all just admiration if she liked him when she was five or w/e. So I don’t consider that “love” which is good (this goes for Tadadumb, too, sorta).
    I like Eriko, especially because she’s not some rich bitch like Saaya. And her hair’s so pretty. ^^ And her meeting with Shu makes it seem like something out of a chick flick. xD;
    Eru is win. Hell, Eru is ALWAYS win. ALWAYS. x3
    I think Shu’s egg design is that of a strawberry shortcake…upside-down or something. :/ But same here! Ikuto should have Yoru around for as long as w/e lets him. Hehe. <3
    Amu PWNS with a pan! Awesome. xDD
    Kaa~! As much I love the idea of Amu marrying Ikuto as soon as possible, 16 sounds so young. But she can live in his apartment when she’s in college and then they can get married latter. lol
    Finally, the wedding fantasy. Two thoughts:
    2) I am getting very tired of Satelight pushing Amu’s anime-only boy craziness. It was amusing the first time around cuz the manga did it once, too, and we all know Amu didn’t seriously consider Kukai but this is just stupid. It stains anime-only or newcomers’ impression of her. Amu is not that kind of girl. She may be confused about love but it’s only with two people, not five dozen more. Ugh. Dx
    Urgh, sometimes I just want to wack Amu on the back of the head for being so dumb. I was rewatching ep 24 (yes, it’s weird. Why would I watch a recap episode? Cuz I was bored and curious to know what Yoru and Iru were talking about) and facedesked when she blushed at Tadadumb. That stupid little king doesn’t even hold a candle to what Ikuto feels for Amu. Also, Ikuto is the only person whom she could laugh freely in front of and not have to worry about (or even think about worrying) doing so afterwards (add the fact that she told him most of the reasons for her putting up her cool&spicy/onee-chan chara act). You know a certain someone’s special to you if you can just simply be yourself in front of him/her. Has she done that in front of Tadadumb? Uh, no. I rest my case (for now). :P
    Next week’s filler prince doesn’t look that bad to me…but that’s only because he has a freakin’ sword (while Tadadumb only has a fake lil’ scepter :P). Heh, his appearance reminds me of that guy in Love Hina who whats-her-face was suppose to marry or something. Well, I just hope Tadase gets pwned. That will be my amusement (wait, I probably wouldn’t even be able to watch it cuz of vacation…eh, w/e). And don’t kill me for this but I hope Ikuto doesn’t show up. *gets killed anyway* xDD;; I’d be miserable unless I could find internet. ;_;

  5. Usual boring filler. meh

    Glad we got the wedding fantasy though if only for 3 seconds of Ikuto/ amuto. If you feel bad about tad*** cover half the screen with a book and pause for a second so you only see amuto. You could also think it was Amu and Ikuto’s wedding and the rest of the guys were her bridemaids, since they’re all dressed the same.
    (i laughed at kukai showing up randomly. He should be of in some wedding fantasy with Utau)
    At least tadase didn’t get a speaking role in this episode either so it’s more equal now.

    Frying pan! ^_^ Maybe she’ll hit tadase or next week’s filler guy over the head with it. I guess Amulet spade’s getting a new asscessery too.

    Utau’s in the next episode I think because I think I saw her in the preview. The girls at Amu’s school are always going crazy over some guy. (I want Ikuto to show up at Seiyo so we can see their reaction). Sigh. Can’t satelight do alice in wonderland filler or even school play filler (with ikuto havinf to replace some kind from amu’s school or something). Oh well, two weeks we do get some actual Amuto filler.

    filler characters are always really ugly (especially guys) . The guy today had no nose. Eriko’s outfit was cool though. I also liked Amu’s wedding clothes.

    Of course. ^_^ If all works out in the manga the way it seems to be going, maybe we’ll get to see a wedding at the end. Either that or we get a bonus chapter with them married with kids or both! I’m hoping for both.

  6. warriorhope: Utau’s in the next episode?! O.O *looks at the preview again* Are you talking about that girl with the accesories holding out that purple-glowy necklace thing? Hmm…kinda but doesn’t really look like her (might be filler boy’s mom or his real fiancee or something).
    Unless Utau suddenly had the inspiration to make a jungle-themed music video or something. xDD;; Jungle princess, lol.

  7. amuto007_is_mit-chan007: First off thank you for correcting me on the Amulet Heart thing. I already fixed it. I deleted the comment though because you posted so many. In the future try to limit it to at least…two in a row I think. I understand coming up with new things to say though.

    That’s right, it’s important to see how an episode will be on your birthday. I wonder if Shugo Chara! will even still be airing around my birthday…either way it won’t air on my birthday at all.

    Ah, that’s interesting. I kinda doubt it too though. They probably just added that in as an attempt to make him good-looking, but it failed.

    Haha, well that’s just part of Ikuto’s look. I don’t even really pay attention to it to be honest.

    And yes, Ikuto does look good in a suit. He looks good in everything. I want to see him wearing more clothes. Even in the manga it’s just been two outfits besides his school uniform.


    xiao_jie88: I think Amu’s had her Cool and Spicy act since she became an older sister. That’s when she decided she had to act tough and everything. It’s so cute. Amu’s such a cute little girl and such a good older sister.

    Yeah, I don’t consider it “love” either, but if Amu does…meh. Amu’s always so easily duped by love. I can’t take her too seriously to be honest. Until she actually…acts serious about her love interest (which I’m hoping will be happening soon in the manga).

    I know, isn’t her hair pretty? I wish I could get my hair like that. Stupid fictional characters looking all perfect.

    Because as long as Ikuto can become a cat boy he can climb in through windows and stuff. Somehow, I never ever want that part of Ikuto’s personality to disappear.

    lol, I know, but I’m just taking what the anime gives me. I’d rather have Amu marry Ikuto too soon then to even briefly imagine Amu marrying anyone else. And that’s where my investigation led me (or something, lol).

    ROFL. It’s certainly a good week for female polygamy though, isn’t it…certain other manga brought that up. But I’m generally okay with Amu’s male harem fantasies…since it’s impossible to take them seriously. Just like I’m occasionally okay with Tadamu moments since they’re so shallow.

    I know!!! The only people I think Amu really acts like herself around have been Ikuto, Utau, Nadehiko, Rima, Kukai, even Kairi! Everyone but Tadase basically. And I guess she can be normal around Yaya too (except I distinctly remember Yaya calling Amu “cool and spicy” a few times). Basically, she’s not comfortable around Tadase at all so there’s no way she can end up with him.

    Aw, that’s true, you’re going to miss next week’s episode (and the one after that too, right?). Well, if Ikuto did show up…you could have a mini Ikuto marathon when you get back anyway. Combined with episode 38 (god…I want that episode so badly).


    warriorhop: Meh, I’m over Tadase’s lame appearance now because when Ikuto appeared things got so much better. He looked so much cooler and because Tadase’s so short the camera even went up and he got to hold Amu’s hand that was holding the bouquet (which for some reason I think is just better).

    Yes. Utakai wedding fantasy. I bet Utau would look good in a wedding dress. Ah! I’m getting all sorts of visions of it now. Stupid manga, moving too slowly.

    lol, Yes! I was disappointed that the Guardians (really just Kairi and Rima) weren’t in this episode until I realized, “YEAH! No Tadase!” So that made me feel a bit better about the lack of Ikuto.

    lol, in the Pilot video Amulet Spade has a pencil too anyway, so probably.

    I’d be happy if Utau was in the next one, but I kinda doubt it. They probably won’t have her appear until all the Black Diamond stuff. Or maybe they’ll give us a peek at her in episode 38, moping about Ikuto.

    Yes! We all want the Wonderland filler, why won’t they do it? There’s at least a dozen ways to set it up. Stupid Satelight. I want a Wonderland filler.

    You’re right…he didn’t have a nose. No wonder he was uglier than usual. Who’s designing this stuff?

    Ah! A wedding! I’d love that. I’m in a such a wedding mood, that I’d absolutely love that. Somehow I kind of doubt it though, since it doesn’t fit in with the manga’s image…but I would love to be wrong here. But bonus chapter is more likely I think. Peach-Pit seems to be into doing the bonus chapters. And I want both too. I want them to have a daughter with purple hair (the son can just have normal blue hair though, purple doesn’t look good on boys).

  8. maa~ this filler is so stupid. i hate fillers T__T especially amuto-less fillers. the only good fillers in SC are amuto-full fillers. =))

    fufufufu. can’t wait for episode 38. :D

  9. well, that episode was so boring :) and this summary was the best part of it XD( I laughed XD).
    But I will be fedup with fillers soon…why can’t they do exciting fillers with Ikuto or Utau, I dunno. I think it would be a better anime :S My only hope is that they want to do it longer than 50~ episodes, because it’s can’t be ?!
    And I’m wondering about when will Amu realize that she likes Tadase and Kuukai… but… I think the only person will be/can be Ikuto for her to love.Ehm, well, it’s a tipical anime for girls so… hm, taht moment is so far :S XD

  10. right! I know you said 2 max, Im so sorry! I’m always remembering something AFTER i’ve posted a chapter! I’ll try to stop that.
    You can delete this later.
    Yup. Ikuto’s uniform is used WAY too much! I like it, but seriously! They could make use of their imagination a bit more! Like, use it to make Ikuto some new clothes! Loved his clothes in ep. 33. made a running commentary on them!
    Yah. Prince guy looks… strange. Utau? coming? good good! Maybe Ikuto WILL show up! Why is ep.36 in 2 parts???

    Again, sorry for posting so many comments! I’ll try to stop! 2 max! I WILL remember! HOORAY FOR FUYU-MAIDEN! ^^

  11. Ok, my comment isn’t working for some reason so I hope this works…
    Fuyu-san: Ah, that might be it. It’s so cute and sweet to know Ami was her reason for putting up a front. Aww, now that’s a great big sis right there. x3
    Amu is still a child so we don’t have to take her seriously until she is able to realize it herself. It’s a growing process…now just hurry up because you’re way behind, Amu! >:/
    Ikuto will be a cat forever~. x3 He’s not complete w/o his feline traits. Hehe.
    And Amu will never marry anyone else but Ikuto. Period. Do not question the sacred law! lol J/k. J/k. xD;
    Yea, I guess so. Heh, that’s the reason I’m hoping for some amusement (if any) in the next two episodes. Cuz filler characters will never get the girl. And Satelight better make it look good.
    Tadadumb probably doesn’t even know what it means to be a man worthy of a woman’s love. Therefore, he doesn’t have the right to say if it’s alright to like Amu without addressing “I want to become a better person for you.” But that’s just what I think (oh come on, as if you all don’t agree with meh, lol. :P )
    I will have an Ikuto marathon when I come back and eat ice cream while I enjoy it. Hehe. ^^

  12. mizuu: I pretty much agree with you there. Too bad there aren’t many Amuto fillers.


    Dindae: Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the summary. And here I was beginning to think that now that the fansubs are catching up my summaries would be mostly useless. Glad to know that’s not true. If they can give some enjoyment for crappy fillers that’s excellent!

    Yes! More than 50 episodes. We need the Ikuto arc and we won’t get the whole thing unless they extend the anime. Especially with all their fillers.

    Yes…it’s going to take a while for Amu to realize. It’s starting to frustrate me actually…I hope she realizes soon.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: It’s okay. From now on if you really have something to say, you can post an extra comment in a row and I’ll add it into one of your other comments so it doesn’t take up too much space. Only if you really have to say something.

    Well, usually when Ikuto is wearing his uniform, Amu’s wearing hers so it does make some sense.

    Episode 36 is going to be a two-parter because they’re going to try and make it dramatic and crap, but they’ll fail for sure. Ikuto better show up though…otherwise it will all be completely useless in my opinion.


    xiao_jie88: About your comment not working, it got caught in the spam filter. I already deleted it because you reposted your comment. It’s the first time that’s happened though…wonder why yours got caught…

    *sigh* I know, sometimes I forget Amu’s still kind of a child because she usually acts so mature. But even still…I only have so much patience since according to her own statements she won’t be a child much longer. Hurry up Amu…

    It is sacred law! She will marry Ikuto, they will have purple-haired babies, and the world will be at peace. That is all.

    Because if filler characters won…that would just be stupid. But I really hope they don’t show Amu blushing over filler boy, but somehow I think they will…stupid Satelight.

    Right! Stupid Tadase…so unworthy.

    Ah…I need to stock up on some ice cream before episode 38 shows up and for when I rewatch episode 33 with subs (man, both Formula and that new group COOL&SPICY are catching up fast now).

  13. Xiao_jie88:Yeah she might be filler dude’s mom. I really want it to be Utau making a music video for black diamonds though.

    Fuyu: Utakai wedding. >_< For some reason I can see Utau wearing a dress like Haine’s in shinkuro, you know not very frilly, or some kind of pop idoly dress. Kukai would hopefully not wear a white suit like in Amu’s random fantasy. Amu would be the maid of honor, Nagihiko the best man, and Ikuto would give Utau away (unless Ikuto and Utau’s dad turns up).

    I missed Kairi and Rima too since they’re the main amusement from watching filler (except for amulet angel).

    Heh. the anime’s making more objects so they can sell plastic toys to the kiddies. Still want to see an Amulet Spade pencil attack in the real anime.

    Yeah. Like Amu having a dream or something (like the way they did it in Ouran’s wonderland filler).

    It would nice if they gave us a wedding scene even in the last panal. lol. Purple hair only looks good on girls or guys like Nagihiko. I have a feeling that the girl would look like Amu (excpet for the purple), but act like Ikuto and the boy would look like Ikuto, but act like Amu. One thing is for sure, though, both kids would be players. With genes like that it would have to happen.

  14. This episode was okay. The best part had to be Eru. I don’t understand Japanese(only know a couple of words), but when I saw Eru like scare Amu into character transformation, I started laughing. I laughed even more when the Eriko saw Amu as Amulet Angel and was like ” What the heck?!” Love Beam was also funny. Eru is so funny and cute
    I also liked the flashbacks of Amu as a little girl. She was so cute! And she had a “Cool and Spicy character even when she was little.That made little Amu even cuter.
    Yes, we got wedding fantasy. The only flaws of the fantasy were that Tadase, Kukai, Kairi, were in it.I should I have expected Kukai in the fanatsy(he should be with Utau!), but I didn;t for some reason though. But for Kairi i was like “What the Heck?!?!” Kairi likes Amu, not the other way around. But I like Kairi, so he is okay.Ikuto looked awesome as usual and Tadase looked gay.I didn;t realixe Tadase’s oufit till I read the your summary and saw the pics. I was too bust looking at Ikuto.
    I am not looking forward to the next 2 episodes. When I saw the preview I was not happy. I don’t care about some stupid prince or king or whatever he is. Stupid fillers. At least after the 2 episodes there is episode 38.But that episode seems so far away.
    Thanks for the summary Fuyumaiden. Since I cannot understand Japanese this summary helps me so much. You always do so well.

  15. 3 Things I liked about this episode (which everyone mentioned)

    1) Little Amu-tan, now how can you not like the Tsundere Amu-chan when she’s little. Cuteness <3

    2) Angel Beam, enough said.

    3) Amu-chan’s imagination of her reversed Harem. (I like Kukai’s character himself, but I like Amuxikuto more)

    With the next 2 episodes, I have a strong feeling the anime is trying to make their own ‘bishie’ (although from the preview I will not call him bishie) and add him to Amu-chan’s growing Harem. If they are constantly adding more fillers, it really need to be extended to conclude the story. I think Shugo Chara is quite popular in Japan, it even had higher TV ratings then Bleach. So maybe an extention is possible. More episodes = more openings and ending song required = more Buono, so I guess its all good.

  16. how do you all find out the episode titles so fast? episode 38 is not even out yet.

  17. @ Kawaii Amu: well you can see the titles on the wikipedia episode list. that may be where they get them cuz I just saw it there.

    but anyways! call me crazy but fillers don’t bug me all that much. maybe a few of them could have been done better, but in an anime it just adds stuff to the already wonderfully written manga stories. just as long as they don’t go too off track into randomville.

    speaking of random what is with all the eru chara-nari? I love eru to death but she’s so hyper! like a cute little cuddly puppy running around in circles biting your toes ^^

    little girl amu!! aww!!!

    and the reverse harem is a win. well, almost a win. they should have replaced tadase with nagehiko. then I’d be set lol

    thanks for the great blog by the way! i love this place. you’re the only person i’ve seen that gives such a great summary. cuz I’m too lazy to watch it in japanese so I have to wait for subs. tee hee

  18. hmm, well, I just went to wikipedia, because I dunno… there’s no reason. but I’ve found something interesting.( maybe I can say… *spoiler*)
    jeah, the filler will have 2 parts( 36-37…)
    but well, I think there will be Amuto inthe 38. episode:

    38 “Key, Lock, He and I!”
    “Kī to Rokku to Aitsu to Atashi!”

    I wondered if it’s from the manga or… ?

  19. well, I see that I was the last who realized it XD So, I think I didn’t say anything :)

  20. warriorhope: Wow you really were right. I just finished looking at screencaps for the episode. It is Utau in that short clip. Nice catch.

    Yes, a dress like Haine’s would fit Utau very well. Kukai would probably wear something else like you said (maybe still white, but if so, it would look…different). And I agree with absolutely everything else. I just hope their dad gets back to give Utau away. But Ikuto still gets to participate somehow because he just does. He’s taken care of Utau all this time (lol, thus her brother complex).

    Rima, Kairi, and Eru are the sole source of entertainment (mostly because Amu is too involved in plot to be purely entertaining) so I’m glad all of them will be around to entertain us while we wait for episode 38.

    I wonder what the pencil attack would be? I’d like to see it…

    Yeah, there we go. A dream, nice and simple. We already know that Ikuto is very capable of teasing Amu in her dreams so…come on Amu! Have a perverted wonderland dream!

    Yes the last panel. or an omake or…something! Ah, I would love that, a girl who acts like Ikuto…so cute. But yes, both kids will automatically have their own harems and will be the cutests and best looking children…ever. It’s all genetics.


    Lo-Lo: The best part was definitely Eru. Without a doubt. Love Beam was classic. I hope Eru continues to do this awesome stuff.

    Amu has always been a cute and stubborn girl, so she must stay that way forever!!!

    So many boys…Amu needs to hurry up and look at only Ikuto! Someday she’ll have another fantasy and Ikuto will be the only one in it…and everything will be perfect. But Kairi being in there really made no sense. They should have at least made it Nagihiko instead since he’s actually made her blush and everything.

    I saw a screencap before seeing the episode so I couldn’t help but notice Tadase’s gay outfit, lol.

    The next two episodes do look lame. I predict my summary will be even more full of “whatever”s than usual. So my summary will be less useful than usual I’m sure. SOrry for that in advance.


    LilaChan: Yes, little Amu, Amulet Angel’s Beam, and the reverse harem were all win. Best thing about the anime.

    lol, I think they’re trying too but at least right now they’re failing miserably. Foreign princes almost always fail, so i don’t know why they’re bothering to try.

    It did? Higher than Bleach? I need to start looking at the TV ratings again regularly. If that is true, they have no excuse not to add on another 13 or so episodes. Start planning Satelight!!!


    KawaiiAmu: I think people learn them from websites and magazines. Then someone translates the episode title and everyone tells everyone else and somewhere along the line it gets put up in wikipedia. Basically.


    Luna-chan: The fillers in the first season didn’t bother me, but now…all the fillers seem to be repeating themselves or they remind me of other anime so it’s just…not that fun to watch. I really just get really critical as the weeks go by and Ikuto doesn’t appear. Once eh appears, I’ll be fine with fillers again. But I agree with the random stuff. That’s why they better extend the anime, don’t want some crappy anime-original ending.

    ROFL! Oh that’s exactly how to describe Eru! I have a dog like that and if I think about it, lol, that’s exactly what Eru is like (except she can talk of course).

    Oh…if they had replaced Tadase with Nagihiko…absolute perfection. I would have loved that.

    Ah, everyone tells me my summaries are great, but it was so awful this time around. Well thank you anyway. I’ll try to do better. But at least the fansubs are starting to catch up now.


    Dindae: Ah, well you’re the first person who gave me the original title that everyone translated. Now I knoew for sure that it was translated right and that we really will be looking forward to Amuto~! Ah…I really hope it’s going to be that scene.

  21. I know episode 39’s title. Character Transformation!?:Platinum Royale. Yep, you read right. That means… girly tranformation!!!!!!!! My sister hasn’t seen Tadase’s transformation, so her face will be hilarious. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ok so im crazy about the outfits in this anime, so aside from all the stuff that did happen in this… or do i mean DIDNT happen =.=, i liked the fact that they showed different colored hair pins this time!! lol im a freak i know. But i got all giddy when amu had her black X pin and then later on at the wedding they even showed a blue one!! Oh and why the fuck was amu wearing a tux?? XDDD!!! All i can say is this was a random ep. Thats my take on it. Thanks for writing up on it too, because i never know what they hell happens!! Language barrier much >.<.

  23. AHHHH this is crazy i need amuto or else i am going to throw my computer who cares about the next prince dude!?!!?! and im not saying that amu’s family isnt important or anything but why couldnt it be and utau ( sry if i spelt that wrong :( ) ikuto ep explaning how there brother and sisters and how ikuto picks amu or something I WANT SOME JEALOUSY OR ROMANCE SOMETHING!!!

  24. eru is the best chara! i dont like amulate-heart much and I love it when eru says “Shuddup!” or “be quiet!”

  25. Lo-Lo: Yes! The gay transformation! I am so looking forward to it! I hope there’s going to be gay music and if the transformation itself isn’t gay enough I’m photoshopping the background!


    Ivy: Ah I know what you mean. I want all of Amu’s clothes. Even her school uniform looks good. Amu has so many clothes.

    lol, Her wedding outfit did kind of look like a tux, but it looked good on her.

    And I’m glad that my summary helped. The episode was very random.


    Ellie: Oh I know what you mean. At least episode 38 will be coming fairly soon and it seems that episode is going to be pretty much just Amuto. Key, Lock, Him, and I. Ah~! It has Amuto written all over it!!!


    Amsome: Yes, Eru is the best with her english and silliness!

  26. Darn this episode fails!But im glad they didnt Use Amulet FART today (Heart rhymes with Fart!)Only good thing about this episode was that AND that I got to see Ikuto in a black tux!Anyways other than that Absolute FAIL!Arigato For shareing your thoughts Senpai!There not different from mine!~Nyan…..Ikuto is hottie in a Black and blue Tux…..

  27. how about if she fell ill

  28. hei i like amu and tadase wedding

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