Mistress Fortune (First Impressions)

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So before I actually start blogging about Mistress Fortune (I have yet to read the translations after all), I want to give a few of my first impressions.

By the way the full title for this manga is, “Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune” or “Absolute Awakening Angel Mistress Fortune” as I’m translating it. Don’t yell at me if that’s wrong though. I found like eight different definitions for “Kakusei” and I just stuck with the one I already knew. (Check out the plot synopsis on MAL)

Of course, we’ll be calling it Mistress Fortune since that’s way easier.

Now then, the first thing I realized when I saw the first promo image of Mistress Fortune on a random Chinese site was, “This manga is definitely different from ShinKuro” and upon seeing the raws (but not bothering to even try and read them), I’m pretty sure that I was both right and wrong.

Mistress Fortune actually seems similar to ShinKuro in the romance department. At least for the early stages of both stories. No crazy love triangle has developed yet, but the main heroine, Kisaki has a thing for a really talented boy named Giniro before the story even begins.

But aside from that this one’s probably closer to Time Stranger Kyoko than anything. Focusing on some light-hearted romance, comedy, and magical-girl adventures. KKJ always had tons of drama starting with volume 2 and Full Moon…well Full Moon dealt with death…a lot. Not much room for fluff.

But Mistress Fortune seems to be starting off like a typical Arina Tanemura manga. The only thing is…no cliffhanger. The first chapter has the layout of an arc-ending chapter or of a one-shot. Very unlike the typical Arina Tanemura starting chapter. Even ION’s first chapter had a cliffhanger. Time Stranger Kyoko kind of wrapped up nicely in the first chapter, but there was a “the adventure’s just beginning” sort of thing to it. It looks like Mistress Fortune’s first chapter ends with a joke (Which Tanemura-sensei often does when she finishes an arc).

All that aside, let’s talk about the art. It changed a lot in the last few chapter of Shinshi Doumei Cross, but it kind of went back to normal with the final chapter of that manga. But Arina Tanemura always seems to try out a new style when starting a new manga. She especially seems to like designing different-looking boys (lots of girls in Arina Tanemura manga look similar, but the boys rarely get confused). As for the current style, I’d say it reminds me of the early chapters of Full Moon.

Now aside from all that here’s some stuff I noticed while I was looking through the raws:

  • Kisaki is really cute. If my top ten list wasn’t already all decided, she probably would have showed up in there.
  • Giniro is cute and he’s definitely the type of guy I like paired with my cute girls.
  • Kisaki reminds me a little bit of Haine…she seems to fail a lot (in the cutest way possible)
  • Angel wings FTW!!!
  • Not many side characters…
  • Mascot bunny-looking character!!!
  • lol, Seems like Giniro might be a perv (YES!!!)
  • Their teacher (or whoever) reminds me of Taka-kun’s stepmom Kyouka (or maybe Kasuga)
  • I love Kisaki’s wavy hair. I want to cosplay as her already~!
  • Kisaki has the Bishoujo Crying Face down better than even Maron.
  • Strawberries are back in Arina Tanemura manga! (been missing them)
  • I don’t like the accessories (crown and earrings) for Fortune Tiara, but the outfit’s cute.
  • I saw a blushy-moment for both Kisaki and Giniro!!!
  • I saw TWO blushy moments!!!
  • Ah…I already love this manga. Classic Arina Tanemura

So that’s what I’ve gathered from the raws. Looking forward to seeing some translations~!


  1. Fwah! This is the perfect medicine for recovering from Shinkuro-ended depression! xD;
    Three words to sum up my first impression: I love it! <333
    Kaa~! Kisa-chan and Gin-kun (I will be calling them that until the fandom gives them other nicknames) look so cute! x3 I thought they would be siblings at first but I guess I got mislead by the extreme PINKNESS! of the promo image. And this is Arina Tanemura we’re talking about so I should’ve expected otherwise. xD;
    Ha, if we know Arinacchi, she’s bound to make a lot of triangles. :P And I’m thinking the guy who will be Gin-kun’s actual rival in love will have dark hair. She always liked putting the lighter shade against the darker one for some reason. ^^
    I was gonna say I thought it seemed more similar to FMwS than TSK but it only goes as far as the partnership. Ooo, but I really want light-hearted fluff and comedy and MF definitely seems to promise that. x3
    Hrm, the art reminds me more of KKJ rather than Full Moon but it still looks different from her previous styles in its own special way.
    But anyways…
    Kisa-chan is so kawaii~! xD She looks like a merge of Haine and Mitsuki (Full Moon version) to me. Her crown looks so fake, though. :/
    lol, Seems like Giniro might be a perv (YES!!!)
    Seconded. lol xDD;; Somewhat like a bit of Chiaki and Takanari. Gargh, why am I comparing characters?! I hate doing that. *stops it* But he’s definitely going to be entertaining. ~.^ Btw, does his name translate to something like “silver color” or something? I don’t have the kanji for it so it’s just romaji guesswork.
    …lol Fortune Quartz’s shirt is pink. xDDD;;
    Their teacher/boss-looking dude reminds me of the guy Oshige had an affair with. :P
    KisaxGin FTW! It has been declared. Now I want scanlations! *mopes*
    & chapter 2, too. Moo…

  2. So cute! Love already even though I can’t understand a word. (the world needs more fluffy maho shojo)

    Perv anime characters. ^_^ The last moment reminded me of when Amu slammed Ikuto head into the pavement.

    The first chapter was mainly to introduce the main characters, I think. So next time there will probably be more of a continuing story and more side characters.

    I agree with you xiao_jie88. The teacher looks like the guy Osigate had an affair with.

    I’m looking forward to scanlations.

    I hope shojo beat picks it up. They’ve picked up all her series except for KKJ, so they’ll probably get this one too.

  3. Haiz… hearing so much from you makes me wanna read it already… but I gotta wait for the translation though…

  4. xiao_jie88: I love it! It usually takes me a few chapters to start calling character by nicknames, but they are officially Kisa-chan and Gin-kun to me too. And once they get nicknames they never go away (Taka-kun has been Taka-kun to me since his name was first revealed).

    I expect some awesome, talented girl to show up in a couple of chapters for Kisa-chan (haha, already) to get cutely jealous over. Or some childhood friend of Kisa-chan’s for Gin-kun to get cutely jealous over. Anything’s fine really, I just need more cute, blushing, jealous scenes.

    It reminds me of TSK because the two main characters already know each other and are partners. Sort of like how the early chapters of TSK went. And also because I expect less drama and more fluff like TSK had. After FMWS and SDC, I really think Arina Tanemura wants to take it nice and easy with some fluff and comedy for a while.

    I wouldn’t know from the kanji, but yeah it basically translated to Silver (the color). Tanemura-sensei likes using unique names…

    lol, yes. Him too.

    I want scanlations too…I want to know what they’re saying in the blushy scenes T_T


    warriorhope: Yes! We’ve all been lacking in fluffy mahou shoujo. I’m so excited for this series. I can’t get fluff from either ShinKuro or the Shugo Chara! manga (my two main sources for fluff) anymore so…it’s all left to Mistress Fortune.

    lol, Yes. I love my pervy anime boys for scenes like that.

    Ah…KKJ…that was picked up by CMX and they did such an awful job. Stupid DC comics…stay away from my manga and stick to your American comics. That aside, I think Shojo Beat will pick it up too. Maybe to run in their magazine. They have a shoujo manga magazine, but not a single mahou shoujo manga has run in it yet. Awful.


    Starry: *sigh* We all do. Thankfully there’s already a group working on it so we don’t have to wait too long.

  5. GAH! I haven’t seen the RAWs … but I think it’d be useless to even try … so I’ll patiently wait for the scanlations instead. Gin-chan sounds awesome, I love him already. And Kisaki’s look so adorable! Well they both do, actually. They always both have names I would’ve never even thought of … then again, that’s the case for most Arina manga I read. XD

  6. Yep. They haven’t ran any of Arina Tanemura’s titles (except for preveiws and shojo eve) either so it would be good. Maho shojo is such an essential part of shojo it would be crimmal not to have at least one series in the magazine.

    maybe they could replace the awful hakura series with it

    Since shugo chara’s gotten serious latley (still the anime thouh) I need fluff too. Skip Beat can sometimes deliver, but I want a comepletely fluffy series, at least for now.
    Yeah, they do a terrible job don’t they?

  7. Fuyu-san: Ooooo, I really hope she brings in a girl cuz I don’t think there were any serious rivals for her heroines since ION (even if Mikado was a little geeky, hehe). But then again, they appeared pretty much in the middle of the story and by that time, the guy already realized at least some of his feelings for the main girl (so maybe that’s why I never considered them real rivals). Hmm, but she should use the girls option more (oh yea, I want that jealousy~! xD; ) and then bring in a random guy later.
    Yea, that’s true. Haha, but they’re so different from Kyoko and Sakataki if I put them side by side. lol
    But yes! We’d like more cute fluffy comedy… and weird rabbit mascots, too (does anyone else but me think it’s a camera of some sort?! o.O; ).
    I’m glad she comes up with these unique names. It makes the characters more memorable. Other mangaka use ordinary Japanese names and that’s nice but just so…ordinary. :/
    warriorhope: Haha, except he must be like his other good twin or something. ^^;
    I think Shojo Beat will pick it up. Arina Tanemura is a big name in shojo manga, after all. x3
    And well-spoken on the mahou shojo part. Couldn’t have said it better myself. *clapclap*
    Chapter 30 of Shugo Chara is driving me crazy cuz it has funny scenes, drama and angst all over the place. @.@; Ikuto~… *cry* I’m in dire need of some cute Amuto fluff.

  8. saimaisama: From what I know scanlations for the first chapter will be done soon so you don’t have too long to wait.

    I love them both. So cute. Gin-kun taking pervy pictures of Kisa-chan and Kisa-chan screwing up in such cute ways. Ah~! I love them. And their names. Arina-sensei is awesome at coming up with names.


    warriorhope: Well, now that we know Mistress Fortune is only going to be 3 chapters, I think there’s a really good chance it will run in Shojo Beat. They like to run shorter series in the magazine when they can.

    God I hope they replace Haruka. I read the first chapter, haven’t gone back to it yet…it feels like it’s wasting my money.

    *sigh* Yeah, I need fluff too. It’s too bad Mistress Fortune will only run for 3 chapters. Why are all of my manga suddenly getting dramatic or ending at the same time?


    xiao_jie88: Well, if she brings in a girl it should happen in the next chapter. Then we’ll know. But whether it’s this series or the next one, I really hope there’s a female rival. It really hasn’t happened since ION.

    lol, I love geeky Mikado. He reminds me of the only guy I ever really had a crush on. So cute~! Ah, but I’m stopping there because this is way too embarassing.

    lol, They’re very different. Sakataki is so serious and Gin-kun…definitely isn’t. Kyoko’s a brat and Kisa-chan seems to be a cute little screw-up. Very diffferent.

    A camera? Maybe (didn’t pay much attention). But we now know the rabbit (Eba apparently, lol) is an ALIEN! An alien camera would be even better though. lol

    I think Kyoko is the most normal name she’s used (and maybe Miyako too).

  9. xiao-jie88: thank you. Yeah its driving me crazy too. Epecially the scan I found on guardain’s wish.

    Fuyu: Skip beat had some fluff this month I think. I can understand what you mean though.

    Yes! They could totally run it next winter or something. three chapters (sigh). I’m guessing next chapter we get some slight drama that will set up the final chapter and resolution of the story.

    hakura is just fushigi yugi without Yuu Watnase’s handsome men or humor or decent plot structure. Plus the heroine is super annoying! She makes Mikia look like a feminist. I feel like I’m wasting my money too.

  10. The new series has TSK overtones!?!? Omg, now I’m a gazillion more excited about this series than I already am…

    btw, where did you get the raws? I’ve been looking alllll over!

  11. I’ve skip-read the raw, I felt Arina-tan awesome-ness is all there. For now, I dont think there’s a serious plot line yet, but we all know Arina-tan likes her dramatic stuff. It would be nice if this serious could be a light hearted shoujo comedy. But whatever, I fell in love with this manga with only 1 chapter. This is perfect shoujo and reminded why I loved shoujo from the first place (currently in a shoujo burn out mode)

    This would feed me with my need of mahou shoujo, since Shugo Chara isn’t totally mahou shoujo.

    The art really reminds me of KKJ, but more updated, more screen tones. Maybe it is because Kisa-chan has some coloured eyes.

    Just…need to wait for scanlation to understand what they’re saying.

  12. Wahh > < well all of arina’s manga are good ^^

    why does this keep cutting part of my comments off ><

  13. Hello. :D Arina Tanemura is second to God. XD I’m in love with this series too…so much that I’ve taken the liberty of scanlating it. XD


    a link for people who don’t visit LJ or forums. lol.

    I hope it’s to everyone’s liking! I had a lot of fun with it. Um…one note, two versions of page 47 are in the file because I’m a lazy idiot and didn’t double-check it before uploading. >_<

  14. Fuyu-san: Ah, maybe it won’t happen…or maybe Kisaki’s friend is her rival (just finished reading the scans). Since it’s gonna last only 3 chapters from what Arina seems to have said.
    After reading it again, I think I know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. Quick question: Can we discuss possible spoilers or er, fan guesses? Heh, that’s so weird of me to say. Look at my Shugo Chara comments. xD;
    Airi-san: It must be the HTML code thing. When you put those…I’ll just call them “arrow” signs cuz it’s easier, with the less than arrow followed by a greater than arrow, the words in between them will get cut off (I sound so amateur, heh). At least, I think. Sry, if I’m wrong. ^^;
    Chiibi-san: You win da internetz. xDDDD
    Thx so much for scanlating the chapter! Awesome!
    But it’s sad to hear Mistress Fortune will probably last for only 3 chapters. Hmm. :/ Well, I’m sure Arina will make them awesome, too. And she deserves a break…so she can brainstorm about more awesome series she’ll draw when she returns, yea! xD

  15. warriorhope: It did? Was it RenxKyoko fluff (there’s been more of that lately)? I need to catch up! I’m falling so far behind on my manga right now.

    That’s what I’m thinking too. I’m sort of imagining how the last two chapters of ION went. Super drama at the end and a nice fluffy, “awwww!” conclusion.

    So I’ve been told. And the art isn’t half as good as Watase’s either (everyone can pick on Watase’s plot lines and characters, but her art is so good).


    wingstodust: I know! I loved TSK! So much fluff and romance! That’s the good thing about a short series, romance is basically all you have time for. But anyway, I got the raws at Endless Youth & Co.


    LilaChan: It will be light-hearted shoujo comedy I’m sure…until over dramatic shoujo drama shows up in the next chapter. Kisa-chan looks so pretty crying so she needs to get another chance, right? (lol)

    Haha, no Shugo Chara! isn’t totally mahou shoujo. At least it never feels like mahou shoujo when I’m reading it.

    Everyone seems to be thinking KKJ but me. The color images remind me of KKJ, but everything else reminds me of the start of Full Moon. Like the screentone used for Kisa’s eyes I guess…not really sure.


    Airi: Ah, I’m sorry about your comment. It got caught in the spam and accidentally deleted, but I think I recovered it and added it to your comment. If not and this keeps happening you can send me an e-mail or something with what your comment is supposed to say and I’ll try to figure out the problem.


    Chiibi: I think I already said thank you on livejournal but…thank you again! Now that I’ve read the chapter…ah! It was so amazing! So glad I got to read it! Thank you!!!

    Ah, that chapter was so good *collapse*


    xiao_jie88: I know…but I still kind of want a girl to appear. Ah! Girls appear randomly through one-shots anyway so it could still happen. Kisa-chan will find out where Gin-kun lives (or goest to school) and find him with a girl from his school! Yeah!!! I choose to believe I can still get my girl vs. girl stuff.

    Either that…or I’ll just wait until the next series (though that will be months away *agony*).

    Ah, sure, fan theories are okay. I’ve never heard someone complain about fan theories…ever. So I’m sure no one will mind (personally, I’m glad to hear any possible scenarios).

  16. Ooo, that’s a good scenario there! I hope that really does happen even if it’s a misunderstanding, haha. I’d love to see Kisa-chan jealous. x3
    Ah, now I kinda regret doubting Arina-sensei cuz even if it’s still 3 chapters long, her main couple always gets together in the end some way or another (and most of the time its thanks to a love rival). My sincerest apologies, Arinacchi~! ^^;
    The wait will be worth it. We still have a couple of manga that’s nowhere near finish so by the time those are done, she’ll probably be back. *hopefulhopeful* She wants to do something with fantasy, I heard? That’ll be interesting.
    Ok, that’s good to know. I’m sure I won’t be completely right (god, I hope I’m not because my theory seems too predictable) but by some rare chance it is, I don’t want to spoil anyone about the next chapter. Well, here goes:
    I think Kagami, Kisa-chan’s friend, is an Ebe, is in some kind of alliance with them (heck, maybe she can even be their queen or something *KKJ anime all over again*), or is being mind-controlled by one of them. Note that she is the only person whom Kisa-chan tells about PSI and Gin-kun when Kisa was given very strict orders that all information about the organization was to be kept secret. Kagami promised to keep her lips sealed and all that but here are a few reasons she looks so suspcious:
    1) “Anyway, where do you think Giniro-kun’s middle school is? If I find out, you can be sure I’ll attack!” The key phrase here is the last sentence. She wants to know so she can attack or maybe even capture PSI’s possible trump card. And who else to get the information than Gin-kun’s partner herself who just so happened to be her “friend”?
    2)She gives the rabbit-looking Ebe with this very false-y sounding reasoning “If you hold on to it, your love will come true!” Um, yea, and bring about a tornado as another result. Right… Besides, I don’t know if Kisa has realized if it can move or not when she first got it, but what kind of campaign gives away rabbits when you get a cellphone?
    3) She doesn’t give Kisa her mailing address even though Kisa called after her for it.
    4) After Kisa put down the tornado, she’s the first to wake up and also says “Huh…Kisaki?” even though Kisa is in disguise (but Kisa probably told her about her transformation so maybe that’s why). But look at her face. To me, it looks like “…Damn, plan A didn’t work but oh well” is playing through her head while she’s faking being dazed.
    Again, this is all just speculation and I highly hope that I’m wrong. This reminds me too much of Finn in the first place and I like Kagami. :/

  17. Aw crap…Fuyu-san, I didn’t realize it was you. XD Now I feel all pushy. Gomen…>_<
    Oh well….at least the people reading your blog got the link too now. XD

  18. xiao_jie88: Yes, Kisa-chan would be incredibly cute when jealous. So I really hope it happens. And it would cause some incredibly wonderful scene where Gin-kun would be forced to confess his own feelings (ah~! Cute~!).

    Yeah, that’s true and I just found a whole site chock full of shoujo goodness that will hopefully keep me occupied while I wait for Arina-sensei’s next manga.

    Ooo…nice theory. That didn’t occur to me at all. I can really see that happening. If Kagami turns out to be on the wrong side we’ll find out in the next chapter. Now that your pointed out all that stuff I’m actually kind of expecting it.

    You caught a whole bunch of stuff I missed entirely!!!


    Chiibi: Oh it’s definitely okay. You can push as many Arina Tanemura scanlations as you want on me. Now all the people who refuse to be a part of any communities like livejournal and stuff (they’re weird but they exist) can get the link to download it as well.

  19. Okay, I think I just read from Arina Tanemura’s blog that Mistress Fortune is only 3 chapters long. I sure can’t read japanese, but I can read kanji (as I can read chinese, I reconised the 3 words ‘3 chapters’ and used a quick google translation). So this isn’t 100% accurate. Its on her 9th June entery.

    Nyuuuu, I liked Mistress Fortune alot ;_; I was really hoping this would be a long series, it would have been good material for an anime too. -sigh- but Arina-sensei said its the best way to portray this series.

  20. Giniro is even more of a pervert than preivously thought…(likes the chapter after translation even more.) ^_^

    Fuyu: yes it was RenxKyoko! (shoxkyoko doesn’t really lend itself to fluff anyways).

    an ION like ending would make me happy.

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  22. […] “amazing power” (I knew there’d be something like this when I first looked at the raws for chapter one) she has to go to America. Her and Giniro refuse this entirely and run off together. But later on […]

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