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Now entering week three of my blog and my little running series of my Top Ten Anime Girls. I’m departing from the shoujo girls a little now.

Yes, Nagisa from Clannad is my eighth favorite anime girl. I don’t think too many people should be surprised. Most girls I’ve talked to about Clannad prefer Nagisa over the others. It’s not very hard to see why.

Furukawa Nagisa is the main heroine of the Clannad game, TV series, and movie. She was unable to graduate because she missed too much school due to an illness. Despite this, Nagisa loves her school and enjoys going. She can be shy, but when she has to be, she’ll also be incredibly stubborn.

Ah~! Nagisa-chan is so cute. She’s my favorite Key heroine (that I’ve seen in anime anyway). For some reason, I’m always arguing with guys about how much better she is than Tomoyo and Kyou (even though I like both those girls too). But I’ve never had to argue with a girl about it.

I mean…obviously Nagisa is the best choice. (Haha, I say that like it’s a fact, not an opinion) Just look at her!

Why do I like Nagisa so much? Hmm…well somehow I’ve always felt that liking moe characters is just to be expected, so I haven’t thought about it much. I expect this post will have a lot less substance because of that.

But! I have come up with a reason. You know…aside from all the absolute cuteness I’ll be getting to later on in the post.

Nagisa is one of the most realistic and easy-to-relate to girls I’ve come across in anime. Now before heads explode at me calling a girl designed to appeal to fanboy fantasies “realistic” I should clarify that I mean realistic and relatable to me specifically.

I remember very clearly when I first discovered that I found I could relate to Nagisa. I was in a forum, arguing with a Tomoyo fanboy about which girl was better for Tomoya. Then somehow it became an argument bout which girl was more realistic and he slaps me with, “She was out of school for months and had to stay back a year because of an illness that’s not life-threatening! That’s just pure moe! That doesn’t happen.”

I was stunned and must have stared at my computer for five minutes. Because as I was sitting there arguing with him I was on my fifth straight month out of school and I was very much not in danger of dying. I was just sick. A lot like Nagisa (though without any discernible cause), I just get sick. And it’s even less serious than Nagisa’s case.

In fact…I’m not graduating this year.

Ah, I remember the first thing that went through my mind after, “Ugh…I hope this doesn’t mean I’m now an object of adoration for fanboys with a ‘sick girl’ moe. Ew…”

*sigh* But I really didn’t want to write this stuff up because it looks like I’m going for sympathy and no one believes anyone on the internet anyway. But it was either drop Nagisa out of the spot where she so rightfully belongs, just post some cute images, or suck it up and be a little personal. I wanted to go with option 2, but since I think some people I’ve known on the internet before this blog already know or are suspicious about how I’m so often gone from even the internet, only offering the lame excuse, “I was sick.”

Since everyone seems to think that being out of school for months on end means you’re dying just let me clarify what’s wrong with me (without getting into specifics, because that’s just way too personal). What’s wrong with me would best be described as exhaustion. Basically, I sleep more than the average person and I run out of energy faster than usual. I’m always tired. A lot of the time, i just can’t focus on my work and stuff. I’m pretty much better now and I can deal with it except for occasionally when I have a “bad day.” But mostly now it’s just that I get sick really easily. If anything is going around, I’ll catch it.

And just to let people know, I’m not the only one like this and I’m not just being a whiner about being tired (like I kind of thought at first too actually). It’s a legitimate illness that I have, with a real name. Just the name sounds all medical and scary so I just use “tired” and “exhausted” as words to describe it.

So…all that aside, I’m sure you can now see how I can relate to Nagisa.

But I only relate to her with the fact that we’re in the same situation. Aside from that I guess I…admire her? Yeah. I admire her. As much as you can admire a fictional character anyway.

I get to go to college next year because of a “dual-enrollment” program my school has. I won’t be the senior without any friends. In fact, when I had a meeting to discuss what I would do next year since it became obvious I couldn’t graduate this year, the first words out of my mouth were, “I’m not taking classes here next year.” All my friends were moving on and graduating. I was never in the same classes as any of them, but I did not want to be the oldest kid in class. I hated the idea.

Thus cute little Nagisa who is even shyer than I am who went to school with the intention of joining a club and then going so far as to restart that club…wow. Of course, without Tomoya it wouldn’t have happened, but still. Even if I had friends in the year below me, I still wouldn’t have gone back. I just hated the idea.

I’m a really stubborn and occasionally intolerant girl. I despise my school because as I see it, they failed me. It became clear early on that I would be out of school for a long time, but they didn’t offer me tutoring until five months after I’d been out of school. And by that point I was already so far behind…ugh. Schools are supposed to do right by their students and mine just failed. I hate it there now. I couldn’t stand to go back.

I do try to be nice and accepting, but eh…once I hate something, I hate it. That’s that. So I guess I just enjoy how perfect, cute, and pure Nagisa is.

We have a similar problem, or are in a similar situation, and she’s just so…moe. Look at her! Do not lie to me and say she’s not the cutest girl in Clannad. Tomoyo and Kyou are more beautiful than cute and Fuuko and Kotomi both have annoying parts of their personality, taking away from their cuteness.

Basically, I feel like Nagisa is the perfect girl. That’s really the best way I can sum her up.

She does everything I’d like to be able to do. She can make friends, she is able to love her school (despite her school failing her), she is able to overcome her fears. Nagisa is really…just great.

Obviously, I’m not aiming to be like her. Trying to become like a girl designed to fit a male fantasy…that’s just ridiculous. And being like Nagisa in real life…I get the feeling that Nagisa wouldn’t work as well in the real world. No Tomoya there to help her after all.

But anyway, I’m hoping people can see why Nagisa is on this list now.

So, sorry for all the random sappy blabbing. Here’s some small Nagisa pictures as a reward:

And as a final note…

Dangos rule. And I want that pillow.


  1. Interesting, so you’re like a real life incarnation of nagisa [just kidding]? I’m not bubbling over with moe reverse-fantasy. I guess, to spare this nice post, I won’t wave around my proselytizing Kyou-sama flag, neither. I haven’t really taken the time to analyze Clannad or its characters, but I don’t know if I could still agree on the believable-factor of Nagisa. True – perhaps her situation is relatively normal, but moe just isn’t there in reality. I’ve never seen a girl that acts like her, and probably never will, unless I go to Japan. That may be a different story.

  2. Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Daikazoku! Time to stop stalking and finally comment!

    I like Nagisa, but that’s about all I can say. In the anime, I can see why a lot of people prefer Nagisa since her arc was the main focus while everyone else’s (other than Kotomi and Fuuko) were hacked and slashed to bits by KyoAni. However, if anyone likes her just because she’s the main heroine, that’s really being shallow. Still, I’d prefer to see either Yukine or Tomoyo be the main heroine instead for a whole bunch of reasons I won’t get into.

    But honestly, I think Maeda-san really went in well with Nagisa at the start, then lost energy at the end. For a main heroine with a weak constitution, a shy yet dependently strong personality, who nearly died due to negligence, and a dozen other traits that are just made to be interesting and pure moe…it was really dull. I seriously wanted to skip all the talking, pick a random choice, and finish it as fast as possible. But I didn’t…to my disappointment.

    That’s why I think Kyou’s, Tomoyo’s, and Kotomi’s arc were really, really well written compared to Nagisa (The other characters too, but anime-peoples won’t know them as well). Fuuko was just…maybe she’s the long-lost cousin of the short red haired girl with a backpack with wings? Way back in Kanon? Still, it was fun deciding what to do as Tomoya.

    Now, people will argue with me on what I’ll say next, but Tomoyo (ignoring her popularity and her After Story) is a viable replacement for Nagisa – anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Just focus more on Takafumi, her delinquent childhood, her attempts to get closer to Tomoya’s family, the issue with their relationship in the public eye, and her family life, then there! A Nagisa replacement. No other character gets as close to the themes that Nagisa’s arc goes through, except maybe for Yukine…Maybe, if she wasn’t a side character.

    On a sidenote, if anyone says Kyou’s a tsundere, they don’t understand the definition of a tsundere. They need to be shot.

    Anyways, I’m a Kotomi fan, but I like Nagisa purely because of her connection with the Other World and Ushio. Her character is well written and her arc is as realistic as it can get without bursting with pure moe-ness (*cough*Kotomi*cough*). That Tomoyo fanboy is an idiot, so don’t even bother with what he said. But Nagisa’s arc just doesn’t hold the same impact as the other arcs for me, sadly.

    That is surprising, however. Finding an anime character you can relate to. That is kinda weird and interesting in a way. Wish I could say the same for me… -_-

  3. I started reading reading this post thinking I wouldn’t change my opinion on Nagisa no matter what. Honestly, I was never fond of characters like Nagisa (i.e. The really shy ones). I’ll admit that by the end of the anime series, KyoAni managed to create in me some empathy towards Nagisa but I still didn’t like her. It’s weird, but your post made me realized that the real reason I didn’t like her was because she reminded me of myself. The only difference is that I don’t get Tomoya. So I guess, I sort of pissed that Nagisa (who was like me) could manage to get a guy like Tomoya. I still say I prefer Tomoyo over Nagisa though for the same reasons as kagaminokujira. (Then again, that just might be my inner bitterness talking)

  4. lelangir: Kyou really is popular, isn’t she? She’s my third favorite (Tomoyo is second) anyway. As long as guys don’t try to steer me away from my Nagisa adoration I’m fine with their “Kyouism.”

    Haha, well yeah. Nagisa is only as realistic as a moe girl can be. No one says their favorite food to encourage themselves. And no one can be so adorably polite or be so incredibly selfless. That just doesn’t happen in reality.
    But still, I think Nagisa’s the closest visual novels will ever get to a mildly realistic girl. Or maybe I just think that way because all the other Clannad girls are so over-the-top moe.


    kagaminokujira: KyoAni really did drop the ball with Clannad. I know enough about the game to understand (somewhat) why Kyou’s story got cute, but for Tomoyo…they could have just changed it around. That one really ticked me off.

    Nagisa’s story arc is pretty weak (at least before the After Story, but the best parts of the After Story are really more about Tomoya), but I don’t normally like characters for their stories. Kotomi’s story is probably my favorite followed by Kyou’s. Then Nagisa and Tomoyo are pretty much on the same level (for me anyway).

    Oh I think Tomoyo could replace Nagisa as the main heroine actually too. That’s why she got an after story as well probably. Tomoyo’s my second favorite, but I just don’t like her after story compared to Nagisa’s. It seems too…basic and even cornier than usual. But I can only go off what I know of the game (not much) and the manga for that judgment. I’m just crazy for the After Story (seen almost all of if through clips on YouTube…I really really want to play the game but I’m waiting for the English patch to be finished). But yes, Tomoyo’s arc is definitely has the closest family theme to Nagisa’s.

    Yukine was originally supposed to be a main heroine, wasn’t she? Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I’d really like to play through her story. I really like her in the anime and I’ve heard a lot about her story.

    …hey you’re right. I never really thought about it, but Kyou really isn’t tsundere, is she? I’ve never called her that, but didn’t think it was weird when other people did…

    Nagisa’s arc is weak if you take out Ushio and all that. I guess that’s the baggage that comes with being the most realistic girl in Clannad. She’s still moe enough to be enjoyable, but her arc doesn’t make you feel the same emotions as the others.


    saimaisama: I’m not fond of some shy girls. Like Ryou…but the way Nagisa (and some other girls) does her bes…just too moe to ignore.

    Really? My post changed your mind? Even if it’s just a little bit that makes me so happy because I’ve never successfully managed to make anyone change their mind about a character…ever!

    But if Nagisa reminded you of yourself I can understand why. I had the similar problem with Ushio after all. I can relate to Nagisa, but she doesn’t really remind me of myself…just the situation. But she really is lucky, getting Tomoya (lol, but watching the anime I think she earned him fair and square with her adorable ways and of course, the cute way she keeps him in line).

    I can actually understand why you’d prefer Tomoyo (she’s my second favorite) because I’m familiar with the whole “disliking a character that reminds you of yourself” thing. But watch out. Nagisa might just end up on your top ten list if you’re like me with Ushio.

  5. Nagisa~! <3
    She’s great. Not my top favorite Key herione but she’s definitely there in the top 10.
    Ha, I had a passing thought whether she was gonna be #8 on your list a few days ago and then forgot about it because of Shinkuro. ^^;
    Wow, didn’t expect you’d relate to her because of her illness. That’s pretty rare. *nod nod* I can only relate to her on shyness but she’s managed to overcome that which I can’t even do (cuz I’m a lazy bum). xD;
    And that’s horrible of your school to treat you like that (or rather, not do anything at all)! They should have at least contacted you shortly after you informed them you couldn’t go to school for a while and then sort it out then before waiting for you to come back. Aish. What is happening to our education system? (-.-);;
    Anyways, back to Nagisa, I fully agree on her moeness and all her other traits that make her just awesome. Even though she looks and is timid, she’s very brave and is able to accomplish things that a lot of real people would never even take a step towards doing. Moreover, what I really like is when she’s encouraged to keep on trying, she gives the people who support her their rightful credit. I overlooked this in the past but after watching CLANNAD, this kind of thing isn’t trivial at all.
    And yes, she is absolutely friendly and hardly holds any ill-will against others. Another trait I love about her. I’d also like to call her selfless but since we’re kinda including realism here, it’s pretty impossible for me to say that. Cuz nobody can be that selfless (add the whole Furukawa family past factor in there, too). But even when there are moments when she is even the tiniest bit selfish, she realizes it, (unnecessarily) beats herself about it, and later on tries to make amends. I think this is what separates her from the other girls, especially when it came to Tomoya. Not that there is any problem with that because all is fair in love and war, right? So it’s natural to be selfish, especially in love (though Nagisa’s too naive to know. Aww, she’s so cute! <3). It’s just that I think they seemed to care a little more for themselves and their own feelings so others getting hurt would weigh less on their minds. Again, nothing wrong witht that. Those are just my thoughts.
    Speaking of which, in regard to Tomoya (I’m not gonna start an argument with anyone. It’s just my humble opinion), I think she’s the best choice for him because:
    1) She’s the only girl who can make him blush (in a romantic sense). And Tomoya is kind of a strange guy as it is, if you think about it. If Tomoyo stretched over him while he’s still sleeping in bed doesn’t give him a nose bleed and Nagisa calling his name can make him stutter, then it’s either love or something I have no clue about.
    2) She understands him. (Now, let me finish) Kyou and Tomoyo are good choices for Tomoya since everybody knows they can definitely keep a guy like Tomoya in line like Nagisa can (albeit, very differently). What I think they fall short is that when it comes to his relationship with his father, they might not be the best choice. I guess because they’re pretty much the aggressive type that I think this way. They’d probably want to resolve the issue as soon as possible (good intentions, of course) but Tomoya wouldn’t want to be force/nagged at to do that. It’s arguable about Tomoyo since she had dealt with similar problems before but Tomoyo would shamelessly barge into a guy’s room as well so that’s what keeping me from thinking otherwise. She’s sometimes too forward. :/
    Nagisa, on the other hand, though she might not completely understand what Tomoya went through, knows that Tomoya needs his space and time away from his “home,” so she offered him a place to stay and occasionally would have them meet (slowly fixing the problem between them). That, and she doesn’t mention or ask about the topic much since she knows it hurts Tomoya to think about it (she’s already done it once and is kind to know not to do it again).
    Yea, that’s my reasoning.
    Sorry, Fuyu-san, for restating like… everything I said a few months ago on your livejournal blog. (-.-);;
    I am done with my spiel (damn, it’s long!). You may rejoice. Woo…*goes to sleep*

  6. Fuyumaiden: There’s a lot about KyoAni I have issues with, but there’s always this one thing I like to say about them: Unless they absolutely have to do work, they’re really lazy. Then again, that’s probably the reason why the anime opening, the anime, and the soundtrack match closely to the game. Unless you don’t count the doujins (music-wise)…those are interesting.

    Yukine, if I wasn’t Kotomi oriented, would have been my favorite. Her arc is just…incredibly short, but it’s one of those arcs you’d be glad to play through and wish they added more to it. Same with Misae. And Kappei’s arc…Wow, Sunohara, you’ve just dug your own grave there. I’ve heard about the heroine thing too with Yukine, but all I heard was that she was supposed to be one of the main girls Tomoya goes after. They changed it, obviously.

    Well, her arc is weak in the game, but the anime – the anime feels like a jumbled/hacked/slashed mess to me – made her story appear a lot more emotional and memorable than the game, so this can account for why a LOT of people LOVE Nagisa. Especially during the play. That was just…wow. Points for Nagisa!! Woot!

    But then, the whole reason why I kept playing Nagisa’s arc was to read/watch both Akio and Tomoya. Comic relief. I guess I should install it and play it again. But then when the English Patch comes…Do I even want to install it? Oh well…


    Xiao_Jie88: Well, first off, Tomoya is a pervert. A really BIG pervert. It didn’t show well in the anime IMO, but in the game, he’s just…You get what I mean.

    Ah yes, the blushing factor! It’s largely an anime thing, since they made damn sure that Nagisa was the heroine. But then again, we could say that Mei did the same thing, except in a rather Loli-ish manner. Does any guy like being called, “Onii-chan!” in public, when you’re clearly not related and there’s a large age gap between you and her? Oh and a lot of other scenes too…>_>

    On the thing on being absolutely selfless…I hate to say it, but Kyou fans have a lot to say about this. If you’re willing to give up that much for your sister, just wow. Another reason why Kyou’s arc is just…really, really great.

    Nagisa really doesn’t understand his situation at first since Tomoya really gets upset about it, and even reprimands her for her naivety. And it’s only near the halfway point (I think) of the game, does she actually realize what’s going on with his father, but not to the extent that Tomoyo knows, since he leaves his home and lives with the Furukawa’s. At that point, the arc shifts on Nagisa, her familial problems, and their relationship together; Tomoya’s problems are largely ignored. Afterwards, the After Story.

    Nagisa did try to make him reconcile with his father and maybe spoke with him, I can’t remember, but the anime must have changed several things too just to make sure it swings towards Nagisa. But as far as I remember, only Tomoyo made a big impression on me regarding Tomoya’s relationship with Naoyuki. She even went as far to even cook and eat breakfast with his father, nearly everyday when they were going out. Thereby, she met his father, nearly everyday and thus knows a lot about his situation, and is wise not to nag about it with Tomoya. Nagisa…not so much.

    I still think that Yukine is a better choice for Tomoya though, even if she can’t be the main heroine. Of course, you don’t see that in the anime, and it doesn’t show up well on Wikipedia. But I can definitely see Tomoya being that kind of guy for Yukine. Yup. Definitely.

  7. kagaminokujira: Ah, thanks very much for pointing all those things out. I mostly based my opinion on the anime since I’ve never played the game nor had the patience of watching it on youtube so my knowledge of the actual CLANNAD is very superficial and limited. I should’ve mentioned that in my previous post but forgot. Urk, sorry.
    I know~. That’s what I didn’t like about the blushing thing. For me, it didn’t feel…”natural” enough. I think that’s what I’m trying to say. :/
    Mei called Tomoya “Onii-chan”? o.O That’s news to me. I’m gonna assume it’s from the game, too?
    Very good point on Kyou (agh, I’m so negligent), especially since she’s not the type to hold back on anything unless Ryou is involved. I kinda disagree on her arc, though (but then again I didn’t play it so it’s just my speculation). I thought out of everybody’s, hers was the weakest since it leaned more towards romance rather than family. I mean, yea, the sister factor is in there, but the main issue between them was Tomoya. Hrm…I dunno.
    Ah, I see. Thanx for telling me about Nagisa and Tomoyo. Otherwise, I’d still be horribly ignorant(again, I only watched the anime).
    When you put it like that, I’d say Tomoyo can be an even better choice than Nagisa. Heh, but then again, I like the whole idea of Tomoya being protective and slightly jealous over naive Nagisa. If he’s with Tomoyo, I’d be like “eh, that’s nice.” ^^;
    Yukine! She’s so cute…and always looks so sleepy to me. lol xD But seriously, this girl needs more love. Why did Key not make her a main heroine, I have no idea, because I thought her arc (from the snippets I read here and there) was pretty amazing. Hmm, but I see her relationship with Tomoya as more of a brother-sister one. I guess it’s because when I first heard of CLANNAD and went to wikipedia to look for more information (which was written in horrible English before it got taken off), under her profile it said something like “Yukine and her other delinquent friends remark that Tomoya resembled a lot like her older brother.” Not the same exact wording and all but usually when I hear things like that before I even watch a series, it tends to stick in my mind unless something drastic that I don’t know about happened later on. Ah, but Yukine didn’t even get an arc in the anime which sux. Boo. ;_;

  8. Wow, you people hav wrote such long comments. I dun really have much to say, and I haven watched clannad yet, so i have no idea what it is about. @.@

    I am just posting for the sake of posting and to let you know that I am still reading your posts. ^^

    P.S You sure have a lot of Nagisa pics. ^^

  9. xiao_jie88: ShinKuro makes everyone forget everything. But yes, she is number eight. I thought that if someone would guess it, it would be you because of that long discussion we already had.

    Exactly why I hate that stupid school. But it’s better there now. Halfway through the school year, one of my favorite teachers, administrators (whatever his title is) became the principal. And I also got a really good counselor. But my entire town’s school system stinks…I just like some people in it. Otherwise…ugh.

    Yes, I forgot to include that. Nagisa always gives proper credit. She’s really modest too. Hehe~!

    Yes, Nagisa is just way too cute and naive. Every so often I remember, “Holy crap! She’s the oldest of them all!” and I just sort of laugh for a few minutes. Because with the exceptions of Kotomi and Fuuko she’s the most naive. Which is why I like her best. Fuuko and Kotomi are too naive the other girls are too…well whatever word could describe them and Nagisa’s perfectly in the middle.

    Yup, in the anime that’s certainly true. Which is why I have no patience for the Kyou and Tomoyo fanboys who only have seen the anime and insist they’;re the best ones for him. At least until episode 24 comes out anyway…AU Tomoyo arc. Kind of looking forward to it and not (I wanted more Nagisa x Tomoya fluff, but I’m happy that Tomoyo gets more attention).

    I also think Nagisa went the best way about it. She pushed Tomoya a little, but came up with the idea that they should spend time apart. At least in the anime it seemed to have some effect. And also it gave Tomoya a happier everyday life in the meantime. So, I think Nagisa was the best in that department too. It’s only in her route that Tomoya’s relationship with his father makes any progress anyway.

    It’s fine if you repeated a lot of things. I enjoyed agreeing with someone (lol).


    kagaminokujira: Well, that’s actually probably the reason why KyoAni is so popular. They don’t change much from the original work so new fans and old fans of the series are both happy. Though they drifted from that a little on Clannad (and are now making up for it with Tomoyo’s route anyway) and rumors say they’re doing weird stuff to the new season of Haruhi. Don’t know what to think about that news…

    I think the side character’s stories, without have ever really having played the game, is what makes Clannad such a great VN. I’ve always loved manga and anime that have nice background stories for side characters to that might be why. But at least all the side characters show up in Clannad…except Kappei. I wanted to see him. I don’t think he even gets a cameo. Maybe he’ll show up randomly with Ryou in the After Story…? KyoAni likes doing cameos…so maybe. Probably not though.

    I hope people don’t just love Nagisa for her story. I enjoyed Nagisa the most during Fuuko’s story I think. Even in the anime I felt like her story was kind of weak.

    lol, Actually the reason why I like any of the stories that I do like is for the comedy relief. Sunohara, Tomoya, Akio, any of them. I really like the comedy more than the drama parts. At least in the anime.

    Oh and just quickly jumping onto the comment about Kyou. It’s really not that selfless. I know plenty of girls who have done that. I know two girls who both liked the same guy and tried to keep it a secret and help their friend because they didn’t think the other one knew (it was quite funny to watch from the outside actually). And I know I’ve supported my best friend’s romantic pursuits when I liked him too (and knew him longer). I think it happens a lot. It just happens secretly so everyone is more familiar with crazy girl fights over a guy. At least from my experience anyway.


    Starry: lol, I know there’s a lot of discussion going on, right? Everyone likes to discuss Clannad.

    Well, I’m glad to hear that~!

    Heh…this is only about half of them I think. I save any cute Nagisa picture I can find.

  10. xiao_jie88: Don’t worry about it. A lot of people do it too (even I do it a few times for a few animes), but KyoAni’s adaptation is accurate with regards to Nagisa/Kotomi/Fuuko (maybe). So you would know just about as much as a casual VN player with only a few inconsistencies. Then, they hacked and slashed Tomoyo’s and Kyou’s arc to pieces…yeah…

    Yup. Mei calls Tomoya “Onii-chan” in a joking sort of way in the Sunohara Arc. It’s pretty funny to read through it when they go all over town doing things together. Not to mention she uses it for blackmail and to get what she wants too. ( -_- )

    Kyou’s Arc IMO is one of the better arcs in the entire game and just…really, really long. There’s just a lot of build-up that by the end, everything just blows up in Tomoya’s face. Ryou’s arc follows somewhat the same route, but it’s just much shorter and much less drama. Technically, it’s more romance, but the family theme is so well integrated that you don’t notice it, unless you think about it.

    Well, I think it’s because I can pretty much make Tomoyo’s arc seem like the best choice for Tomoya. Every girl does fit Tomoya in one way or another, so it really depends on the fan in general. I could also give a lot of facts and events for Nagisa’s arc, but the anime pretty much went through most of it, except for a few key points I can’t remember now.

    She just looks like that; it’s part of her moe-moe factor (also the bro-con factor IMO). Well, Wikipedia pretty much told the whole story away, except for the ending, the conversations, the important plot events, and a whole slew of other things. That said, their relationship isn’t really brother-sister, but it does start out that way since it’s the result of Yukine’s former brother-sister relationship (you’ll get what I mean when you play the game). But I really liked her arc because IMO, it’s one of the most realistic scenarios in the game. Again, why didn’t Key make her the main heroine or at least one of the main characters, is anyone’s guess. (Dango Daikazoku anyone?)


    Fuyumaiden: Ah, Haruhi…the first episode I saw…confused me. Then the second episode made sense and so on. Until I realized they were all disjointed chronologically ( -_- ). But it works. I’m not really a KyoAni fan though, considering that it’s only because of their recent successes with Haruhi and Key game adaptations, that they’re so well-known now. Still, if KyoAni were to adapt リトルバスターズ! (Little Busters!) it would be much harder to do so. I’ve only started playing through it, but I think they’d have to factor in the repeating days theme since it seems to be a major factor. If they actually adapt it though, they’ll probably adapt リトルバスターズ!エクスタシー (Little Busters Ecstasy) without the ero-ness.

    If anything, they should have put Kyou ramming through Kappei on her motorbike in the anime at least. But to do that, Tomoya would have to dodge it, and he didn’t in the anime. And they didn’t bother showing the same scene again either. Anyways, Clannad’s scenarios are just really memorable, long (sometimes unbearably long), emotional, and enjoyable. Seriously, you have to play the game, and if you’re an anime fan of Clannad, you NEED to play the game. It’s just that good.

    Buy it in your local online store near you!

    Well, I think it’s because Maeda-san either worked on everyone else’s arc before Nagisa, or just didn’t have as much motivation. Don’t know why really. Also, I just use the story aspect to say which character is best for so-and-so, and to dispel really, really stupid comments on other forums. Like the Tomoyo fanboy who said Nagisa being sick was unrealistic. I mean, Tomoyo beats up every juvenile deliquent there is, takes on a girl armed with a sword, beats her, and becomes a legend. That seriously has to be more realistic than someone being sick with a life-threatening disease, and unable to go to school for an extended period of time, right? /sarcasm.

    Akio. Water Guns. Royale Rumble. That’s all you need. Seriously.

    I had almost the same thought that you did, until I went through her arc. Then it really changed my mind. The anime just…kills it. The extent that Kyou gives up for Ryou, just so Ryou can have Tomoya, is really surprising. There’s also the ending CG as well, where their ribbons come into play (there’s a reason why that’s there). But the most selfless character in Clannad is Tomoya (no surprise there). Everyone can see why, I’m sure.

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  12. I agree with you so much! Nagisa is one of the first female characters I’ve loved this much, but thats mostly because I can relate with her pretty well. (The shyness, and I’ve switched schools a lot, so starting over was VERY hard for me)
    I cant say my personality is like hers, but who’s is? XD

    But anyway, I dont really mind that they ‘hacked’ up Tomoyo or Kyou’s route. Really, those two routes are completely in-compatible with Nagisa’s since those two are very heavy one romance. Suure, they COULD have put them in (and they have Tomoyo’s-hen now too), but that’d make Tomoya look pretty bad. In the game though, I cant say Tomoyo’s arc was my favorite xD My favorites were Nagisa+After Story, Sunohara Siblings, Yukine, Kappei, and Fuko (but I preffered how the anime handled her story xD)

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  14. […] being the epitomic manifestation of the Helpless Key Girl (as coined by Baka-Raptor), or the Perfect Key Heroine, it let alone suffices that she’s the only girl out of five in the OP to display so blatantly this […]

  15. Perhaps the main reason why you can relate to her is because you see so much more of her and experience so much more of her through the anime than the other girls. Ever thought of that? Now if Tomoyo got her own 26 episode Tomoyo After, how would that go down with you?

  16. ritchan: This post is pretty old, but what the heck. I’ll answer.

    I did think of that, but nope that’s not how it works. I know Tomoyo’s story and I know the Tomoyo After story. Nothing in that is relates to me at all. The fact is that I was sick and Nagisa is sick and our situations are similar. Nothing in Tomoyo’s story is remotely similar to anything in my life or that I’ve seen in life. Perhaps you could try to make an argument for more exposure making me like her more, but even then I think that’s pushing it.

    I just like Nagisa. I have my own opinions about Tomoyo (and I tried to experience as much of her story as possible to stop this kind of questioning) and to me she just doesn’t match-up to Nagisa.

  17. Do real people say “TONKATSU” to themselves? :S

    (Yeah, I know this post is old. Linked from lelangir’s anitations.)

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