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Sorry for the late post. Yesterday I spent the day out doing tourist-y things with my family. We got home at nine and I didn’t even get the chance to torrent the episode until today. And of course, I was slightly delayed today because today the last chapter of ShinKuro was released. That got priority,

Ah, but there’s no way I’d miss blogging this episode. Because this is that episode…and heh…I’ve been waiting since the anime started for this episode. And then there’s the next one…and then sometime after that. Heh.


Hikari gets taken to Yahiro’s mansion. She wants to ask him about Akira. She gets thrown into a jail cell which Chitose helps her escape. Kei and Tadashi go over to Yahiro’s mansion to get back Hikari. Tadashi finds Hikari and they go back. Hikari gets a note from Akira that she brings back right after Yahiro has agreed to let Hikari go and took Kei to where she was (and they’d just discovered she’d escaped). Kei gets mad at Hikari for making him worry (cute moment gets ruined by crayon crap). Yahiro has a flashback of Akira telling him to never show himself in front of her again. Tadashi and Akira have a cute little moment. In the car on the way back, Hikari kisses Kei on the cheeck because Yahiro told her that boys forgive girls if they give them a kiss. After explaining this to Kei, Kei gets mad and essentially tells her to watch her back. On the airplane on the way back Hikari’s all happy, Kei’s all moody and Kei calls Hikari number 2.

If you want more than that you’re out of luck. Because you have to watch this episode if only for the chu.



Woo! Who else has been waiting for this? Because this episode finally forces the HikarixKei relationship development into full speed. At least from Kei’s end anyway. Hikari’s too dense to realize any thing is different.

Heh…I just have to record every single moment of Kei’s evil auras. Oh I’m so glad Jun Fukuyama voices Kei. No one does that darkly evil voice quite like him.

Hmm…it seems like they made Yahiro into more of a “villain” in the anime. In the manga his whole imprisoning Hikari plan was just ridiculous and the only time he really seemed like he was doing something wrong was in that arc with Akira. I think that’s what the anime’s main problem is. Too much serious business. They take away some of the fun and make things more DRAMA!!!

That aside…Chitose was cute. He wasn’t in this chapter of the manga, but I’m glad the anime added him in. Heh, such a cute bratty little kid. Though, I’m pretty sure this is the last we’ll see of him. He has yet to appear in the manga again I believe.

Yay! See critics! This series gets into other characters’ development. It just takes a few episodes of ridiculous KeixHikari non-development to get there.

I like Akira. She doesn’t get enough love. I’m really glad we’ll be heading into her story more after making a few quick stops with other characters. Yes, looking forward to it. Because Yahiro = Development.

lol, Rich boy fight. Who has more money!? Ah, this was more entertaining than in the manga somehow. A rare feat for this anime. Maybe just because Jun Fukuyama entertains me. Yes…that must be it. I’m enjoying him more as Kei in SA this week because I didn’t get my weekly dose of Zero.

Ha! Your attempts to ruin all my favorite KeixHikari moments with that stupid color thing have failed! I snagged a crayon-free screencap of this cute moment! But still…annoying when they add that in. But I don’t care. Kei looking all worried was crayon free and it made me giggle so I am a happy girl.

Woo! Finally! Non-violent TadashixAkira development. Is that a blush I see? Oh it is! Akira is so tsundere. I love her.

Looking forward to future episodes for the TadashixAkira development too. They’re my third favorite couple in the manga, but probably second in the anime since I doubt we’ll get to Finn unless they add on a second season. Which I very strongly doubt. Gonzo and AIC have been doing a crappy job adapting this series so it won’t be popular enough to get a second season. No way.

And here it is people! WOOO! In the anime they made it seem like Hikari was going for something else and that made me giggle. Not yet Kei. Not yet. But still~! Haha~! This is why I love Hikari for being dense, because I get this. Once she’s not as dense in the manga she’s way too shy for this sort of thing.

Saying she stops being dense isn’t a spoiler btw. It’s just common sense. It starts happening in the next few episode.

But oh! This leads to everything. I’m so looking forward to it.

I also liked how they flashbacked to Yahiro’s kissing idea instead of showing it in sequence. It makes it a bigger surprise for the anime-only fans. Like…OMG! Kiss (on the cheek)! Woo! In the manga I pretty much expected it while I was reading.

Alright! Evil aura #2! Seriously, when I was reading the manga, this was the chapter (and the ones after) that made me love the series. We go from 0 development to…development and giggle-worthy scenes in every single chapter. Oh yes. Though I get the feeling the anime will keep things slower since episodes are longer than chapters…but still. Development~! Haha~!

Exactly the same as when they went to Hawaii. Poor Kei. It must be tough liking a girl who’s denser than a brick. (lol, and look at all the stuff Akira bought)

It’s been a while since Hikari got “ni-san”ed so I felt it was screencap worthy. Ha. But she did beat Kei in the popularity contest recently. Go Hikari!



I kind of expected them to skip the next chapter. There’s nothing overall-plot related happening in the episode. But I’m really glad they aren’t. I like the episode.

lol, I assume this either anime-original or replacing that scene in the garden, but so begins Kei’s real advances on Hikari. Looking forward to it. It also looks like they show him kissing Hikari’s hand…like instead of her hair. I don’t really care either way as long as it’s in there. Haha~!

Hey…it’s the loser from the first episode! Anyone else remember him? It’s been a while. It’s so rare of Maki Minami to bring back a one-chapter character, but she brought him back. Heh…he’s such a ‘tard. I hate him. I wish he got beat up again, but if my memory is correct, he just gets owned.

Hey! Ryuu development! The chapter barely qualified for a Ryuu-centric chapter in the manga, so I assume the anime will be adding in some stuff as well. This and the Sakura stuff is the only Ryuu & the twins development we’ll be getting in the anime. *sigh* It’s too bad that recent awesome chapter about Ryuu and the twins won’t get animated. But I can deal.

And so everyone…I’m raising my expectations from now on. Because from here on out is where all the stuff I love about SA shows up. So Gonzo (and AIC too I suppose), stop being sucky. Get your act together or I will be visiting you with my trusty whiffle bat…or something more dangerous.


  1. Summary + caps = love it. Short and sweet w/eye candy is all I need. Ha, look, it’s quite simple. xD;
    Fwoo, I’ll have to watch the episode before I can judge on how they’re making Yahiro act. But if what you said is true, I hope it doesn’t last long. Cuz I like playful, toying Yahiro (btw, above last pic of him was cute~!). x3
    Chitose > Sui in my book right now (anime-wise, that is). Episode 8 aside, he’s much more mature and it’s so sweet of him to help Hikari even if means going against his older bro. I’m glad they added him in since he gets zero appearances after Hawaii is over…except for that one time
    when they were training Hikari how to be a cheesy “man”, he was clinging to her because the trainer dude scared him. Kya! So cute! <3
    Hey, is there any way we can hide spoilers on our comments? There should be some code for that, right? :/
    LOL at the rich boy fight. See, their Mexican standoffs don’t consist of guns but checkbooks! >8D
    Akira is so cute. Akira blushing is cuter. Akira blushing because of Tadashi is UBER KAWAII~~!!! x333
    And duuude~, who can resist the awesome KeixHikari moments this eppy was half chock-full of? xDD;; lol Kei is just chillin’ in his chaffeur and goes “huh?” when she just gives him a peck on the cheek…and then it’s purple (yes, purple!) demon aura. Awesome. Just awesome.
    But poor Kei. xDD;;
    But yay! He’s gonna start making moves on her, finally! I can’t wait. *goes Yahiro squeamish-excited* lol
    And oh, that guy…who cares about him? xD;
    Ryuu on the phone is hawt. *weirdo* xDD;;
    I want Sakura to appear. T.T I’m gonna keep saying that until she finally does.
    Gonzo, plz be less dumb and give us what we want. That’s all I have to say. -.-;

  2. I think the anime will probably close around when Aoi shows up, so they’ll probably move some stuff up to push HikarixKei to make Aoi’s appearence after the first London visit (or combine them) to be part of the ending. But that may just be an unfair comparison to how they ended the Ouran anime. Or maybe I’m thinking too far ahead…

    I thought the adaption of this episode was okay in terms of making it longer, but I was disappointed that they had Chitose break Hikari out of jail. I can understand wanting to use his character more (since all he does it make a tiny dimissable cameo in chapter 14 and another one in chapter 24), but it takes away from Hikari’s charm much like what happened in episode 4. I agree that moving Yahiro’s “something that will make Kei very happy” conversation with Hikari was a pretty good move though.

    The animation has gone down, but it could have been worse. I thought they got rid of the crayon sketchy moments, but they seem to be making better use of them.

    I can’t wait for the next episode. So Kei isn’t going to hold back any more…

  3. xiao_jie88: I think Yahiro being like this was just for this episode so they could make Chitose be a little hero and all cute and stuff.

    Hmm…I might like Chitose more than Sui too. But I adore Sui for his brother complex so it’s hard to say.

    Ah that’s true. So we might get to see Chitose again after all~! But as far as spoiler tags go, I could have some if I had a normal wordpress blog (hosting it somewhere and everything). But with wordpress.com you really can’t add anything in. Kind of stinks…I want a poll. But right now I don’t have the money (or patience) to get a host and set up a blog and all that.

    Oh another scanlation for SA came out today and I got to see Akira blushing because of Tadashi (or really because of something Kei said about Tadashi). Ah~! So much fun.

    Oh yes, so much HikzarixKei and it only gets better from here. I really want the anime to get past chapter 33…

    I’ll keep saying it until she appears too. I…want…Sakura. I at least want to know who her VA will be or see her character design.


    kaekyo: Yeah, actually that’s what I think too. I think they might move stuff around though so that Hikari and Kei get together by the end of the anime (or really…I hope they will). But it will probably end with Aoi showing up. Unless they intend to go for a second season, but I doubt it.

    I know what you mean. I kind of wanted Hikari to break out of jail and doing everything all secretly. But it wasn’t as bad as when they screwed everything up in episode 4, so I guess I’m fine with it.

    Yeah. The animation’s gotten even lazier and the art’s really inconsistent again. They changed the character design a little back in episode….5 or 6, but now they keep going back and forth and then just getting it wrong all together. Annoying.

    But I do expect the next episode to be good. At least story-wise. Once animation gets bad it’ll stay that way…except maybe in the last two episodes it gets better sometimes.

  4. Fuyu-san: Ok, that’s a relief. ^^
    I wonder how Chitose and Sui will interact with each other if they ever meet. xD; Probably won’t but maybe they’ll be comparing brothers or something. *rolls eyes*
    Boogers. That sux. But then again, people who read comments or even episode summaries in general are forewarned about spoilers as it is. So it’s their own fault (unless they stumble on it by accident) if they continue reading. :/
    Aww, that’s too bad (I want to vote! lol). But I’m sure you’ll be able to do all that later on. ^^
    I know~! I saw it! It was awesome! Lots of KeixHikari goodness and a good sprinkle of AkiraxTadashi here and there. lol, Kei vs. Akira on love relationships. Kei: 2 (but Hikari didn’t even hear him, so it’s really 1. xD; ), Akira: .5

  5. I’ve actually been wondering that too. lol, but Sui would totally win if they compared brothers. I get the feeling Chitose wouldn’t even care though. That cute little brat.

    I don’t think people who read this blog just for the summaries and stuff even read the comments since…they’re not really looking for conversation anyway. So…I doubt anyone really gets spoiled. If they did I’d likely have gotten a flame about it by now.

    Two chapters in one day…who’s doing these scanlations anyway? And why are they so quick? But looking forward to more~! The Akira and Kei teaming up stuff is classic.

  6. ok, probably a lame question but…why was Kei mad? was it because ‘Yahiro’ was the one who suggested the kiss? I dunno…plz tell me! >_<

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