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Ugh…filler. I hate fillers. Or at least “X-chara of the week” fillers. So…lame.

I’m just going to say this now. I’m waiting for the torrents for fillers. No one should really be in a rush to see how boring the episode was or to talk about how boring the episode was, so I figure this should be fine. You can only expect my fast timing like last week when it’s either a chapter from the manga, and Ikuto episode, or an Utau episode. So…there. Otherwise I’m waiting for the torrent.

Oh and also…I really summarized things. No attempts to translate lines. Because this episode…was just boring.


The episode starts with Saaya and her followers at an abandoned-looking house. She’s going to take care of the ghosts inside with a vacuum cleaner or something, but of course, everyone gets scared and runs off because of the ghosts. A little chara appears in the window of the house.

At the garden, the guardians are talking about the haunted house. For some reason they need to go investigate (or something). Rima finds out about Amu’s incredibly fear of ghosts and keeps scaring her. As they make plans, Amu pretends to have a cold so she can get out of it, though when Tadase asks if she’s all right she accidentally says yes.

Later Rima runs into a boy with a bunch of painting supplies. He’s rude, leaves, but leaves behind a picture that Rima finds. Rima runs out to her car. Her mom is being like she usually is, talking to Rima’s father. Later at the Mashiro residence, RIma is sitting watching some TV show with her favorite joke in it (Bara-Bara~nsu), but she’s not laughing. She looks at the picture the boy left behind.

The next day, Amu’s at her house and won’t get out of bed. She ends up leaving though (for some reason wearing her uniform even though she doesn’t go to school). Eru got left behind because she was kidnapped by Ami, but it’s all right since she seems to be having fun. Amu tries to be all determined, but gets scared by her friends.

Amu, Kairi, Yaya, and Tadase all arrive at the house. Rima doesn’t show up at first and Amu gets excited, thinking they won’t go in until Rima shows up and scares Amu again. Everyone goes inside when the gate opens by itself. When they’re still in the main room, the door closes behind them and neither Amu or Kairi can’t open it. They start hearing strange noises and Amu clings to Kairi, making him get all blushy. Then a doll starts moving on its own, freaking Amu out so she runs further into the house. Everyone follows her except Amu’s charas who get distracted by the chara that shows up out of the doll. The guardians find a room with a lot of paintings. Rima’s been left behind and she sees the boy from earlier entering the house.

The Guardians have all sorts of antics, including Tadase chara-changing. Ran, Miki, and Su find the chara from before. Rima talks to the boy and gives him back the picture from before, calling it an important thing. She guesses that it’s a picture of his family and he acts like a jerk about it. Meanwhile, Amu is running from whatever scared her last and her charas find her. They take her to another room full of paintings and painting stuff where she meets the transparent-looking chara. He’s in danger of disappearing or turning into an X-egg or something.

Meanwhile, RIma is talking with the boy and he tells his little story about his grandfather who taught him how to paint (or something). But his parents are a**holes like Rima’s parents and fight over crap. He needs to study and not paint. Crap like that. The charas basically tell the same story to Amu. When his grandfather died (or something) he got all depressed and all that.

Downstairs, he gets all pissed-off, rips his painting and his chara gets X-ed. Amu transforms into Amulet Spade and she and Rima team up. Rima is the one to try to talk what’s-his-name out of it first and Amu jumps in as well. Then Amu heals his egg and chara which goes back into his body now. Rima picks up the torn picture and Su tells her it’ll be all right. She chara-nari’s with Amu and they heal the picture.

The boy finds his gradnfather’s drawing book once he wakes up and there’s a picture of him with his chara over his shoulder. It seems his grandfather could see his chara. Rima gives him his picture back again, he acts like a jerk, and Rima calls him stubborn. So all is well and everyone leaves, with Amu feeling better about all the haunted stuff because it was because of the chara. Except she finds out the gate wasn’t because of the chara so it ends with her freaking out because of that. And all is well.



Ugh…so boring. I wanted to just keep smacking my head into my desk as I was watching this because I had to watch it twice. Once just to watch it, and then again to write the summary. So boring!!

Satelight basically fails at making good fillers. I will say that even though this one was really boring, it did have some character development for a main character (Rima) which up until now they’ve almost always failed at. But it just pisses me off that they keep creating new filler characters when they neglect awesome characters like Utau and Ikuto. What is wrong with them!? I get that they don’t want to mess with the plot but…ugh! Seriously!! I understand why they won’t show Utau right now, but come on! Ikuto’s the type of character that just pops in unannounced on Amu and stuff. How can you run out of ways to make him appear?

I hate Satelight again…until Ikuto or Utau appear. Seriously. They’re main characters. Use them like they’re main characters. Noobs.

Rant aside, let’s talk about other stuff.

Ugh…I really hate all these side characters. Amu’s fanboy, Misaki, and stupid Saaya. They’re all one-joke characters and after 34 episodes…none of them are funny anymore (I never even really saw them as funny in the first place). And then when you remember that she’s taking up screentime that could belong to Ikuto or Utau…just…ugh.

And besides…she needs to stay away from Kukai. She can have Tadase (they deserve each other) and she can shoujo sparkly eyes gay-ify him, but Kukai is off limits. Kukai is now officially considered Utau property. Back off bitch! Utakai~!

I giggled when Rima called Amu, “Amu” because I’d half-forgotten about their friendship since they didn’t really interact in episode 33 (not that I’m complaining, episode 33 was off-the-charts awesome). I giggled every time she picked on Amu too. Oh what a wonderful friendship! I’m waiting for that sleepover filler Satelight. I understand if Utau can’t go, but come on…sleepover.

Agh!!! I hate you Satelight! You can’t give me Amuto filler but you shove gay Tadamu crap in my face. You’re a company! If I search hard enough online I can find out your address! I’m warning you now. If this gayness does not get negated my Amuto…you’re in trouble. You have no idea how much.

Ah yes, the only thing resembling plot-connection in this episode. Poor Rima-tan~! The noobtards who can only watch fansubs still hate her. But I’m not ignoring them because my impatience for CR has gotten too big. Ugh…too many noobtards inviting me to clubs for anime I don’t even like. And I have no patience for their “OMG! No lock and key means no Amuto!” crap over there. How dumb can they possibly be? They’re all probably just Sailor Moon geeks only into “destined love” which to me is the crappiest basis for a relationship. How about their actual interactions? Freakin’ noobs.

No! I ruined this section meant for Rima-tan love with noob hate. Umm…Rima 4ever!!!!!! Yeah! There we go.

Kamuri~! lol, Amu is like Hikari-dense when it comes to Kairi. “Haha, there’s no way we’d like each other. We’re different ages.” I can totally imagine her saying that in a Hikari-like attitude. Though, it’s understandable in Amu’s case. She just doesn’t like guys younger than her (because she likes Ikuto, right? Right!?). But still…Amu you natural playgirl you.

Woo Rima and Amu teaming up! And hey! It’s Amulet Spade! And even later it’s Amulet Clover! No Amulet Heart at all! Good job Satelight. Now all you have to work on is putting Amuelt Clover and Amulet Spade into plot-relevant episodes. So you guys are still hated noobs this week.

Rima was freakin’ awesome in this episode. I love how she started the, “Believe in yourself” speech this time instead of Amu. I guess Shouta’s (or whatever his name was) problem was similar to hers so Satelight handed the speech to her. Good job Satelight. I still hate you though. Damn filler.

Heh, I had as much fun watching Rima call someone else stubborn as I did when Amu calls Utau stubborn. Oh you silly stubborn girls. You just like other people that are stubborn don’t you. But you can’t fall in love with that filler boy Rima. I’m hearing some good things about a possible pairing of you and Nagihiko (now all you two have to do is meet…).

I am so unamused by Amu’s scaredy-cat stuff. They anime has already abused it. There was the Nadeshiko sleepover episode, episode 11, and just…ugh. It’s one of those things that’s just not that funny. Most of the jokes in this episode were like that. Overused and no longer funny. That’s why even though I’ve enjoyed some fillers in the past…this one just was…so boring.



Ugh…two filler characters.

Amu’s cousin is getting married in the next one (no idea if it’s the guy or girl). I hate it when they add anime-original relatives to the main character. They could have at least made it Yaya’s cousin or something.

Anyway, I know we have that small possibility of a wedding fantasy, but…ugh, I can imagine this episode being just like that one with Amu’s parents. Who remembers how boring that one was? Yeah…I can imagine this one being a lot like that. All we have to look forward to is cute little Amu.

Keep your expectations low people. That way there’s less of a fall when next week episodes is even more boring than this week’s. But after this I hope we have Ikuto in the next episode. I’m warning you Satelight. I can only go two weeks without Ikuto. Three would definitely be pushing it.


  1. Nagihiko and Rima would be awesome together! They’d have so much fun scaring Amu together. Besides, Nagihiko is great at cheering people up and if there was ever a girl who needed cheering up it’s Rima.

    Filler characters! (runs and hides) -_- This device only works in shows like Sailor Moon were its more about fighting bad guys and less about character development. Shugo Chara is suppose to be about charcters more, so it doesn’t make since to basically ignore two of the main characters. Poor Utau though. This was suppose to be her arc anyways and they’re not even showing her.

    Rima and filler boy. ^_^ I love how in most animes a filler character comes in and one of character has a crush on them or the charcter has a crush on the filler character (like that
    that shion girl from episode 20) and then you never about them again.

    Sparkly eyed Kukai (shudders). I agree with you. Saaya can have Tadase for all her fangirl fantasy fodder, but Kukai is Utau’s. Fangirls/boys are usually annoying characters, and Shugo Chara just reinforces it in every possible way.

    Rima-chan ^_^. The fact that there are still people who hate her is uncomprehaniable to me. Must be imature little twelve year-olds (no offence if anyone’s twelve) who assume she’s a bitch just because she destroyed an x-egg once (the same reason some people say they dislike Ikuto).

    Amu’s being a scaredy cat would only be amusing if she jumped into a certain other cat’s arms. Since Satelight decided to be annoying we didn’t get that.

    I’m still crossing my fingers for a wedding fantasy. (I think there should be one since the promo image for that episode showed Amu in a wedding dress.) Yeah it looks like another episode 19. Satelight, you can make some good fillers (refers to episode 18 ) so why aren’t you working on that instead?

  2. This epsiode was really boring. And when I was watching it, the stupid video would pause like every two seconds!! I was very frustrated by the time the episode was over. Stupid Tadamu filler didn’t make it any better. I was thinking “how can he look so girly without doing anything. My little sister even thinks Tadase looks like a girl. And she is in elementary. so sad. But the good thing about this episode was Rima. She is so cute and I liked how she scared Amu. But besides that, this episode was terrible. I’m kinda still hoping for a wedding fantasy. I kinda doubt it though. The preview makes it look like it will focus on the couple for the entire episode, but you may never know!

  3. Ugh. When will those noobs learn?


    Yeah anyways, this was pretty much a boring episode. I had to go watch the Amuto ice cream episode again just to get the (this episode’s) bad taste in my mouth.

  4. Bleh… I found this boring too. I only watched it… I actually don’t know why I watched it… I think they could have gotten Ikuto to show up. Maybe scare Amu enough to make her jump into his arms! Yeah! THAT would have made the episode worthwhile… if they’d done it. Bleh. Boring. But the chara was cute. Even if he was half see-through. Wow! I ove Rima’s trick with the spinning pins! That was cool. And yippee! No Amulet Heart!
    Has there been a sleepover EPISODE? Oh yeah, there was, wasn’t there? I remember! With the dancing and the creepy house and… yeah. Okay.
    Cute Amu! I saw it, I thought it was a flashback of when she was younger… she looks like a five-year old! So cute! Oh, so that’s who the strange people were… I know! Get Ikuto or Utau to come and crash the wedding or something! Seriously, I find an episode boring if there’s no development between/for main characters. I think we need more Utau. Nice Utau, though.
    And what happened to Dia??? Now that Utau and her did a character transformation, is Amu just gonna forget about her?! You dont just FORGET about one of you X-ed Charas!
    Haa… all in all, a pretty boring episode. I’ve watched Ice Creamu episode 5 times, fangirled about it and I still dont find it boring! I barely got through watching this the first time…
    Either way, thank you for summarizing! Now I actually know what they were going on about! I didn’t understand much… Thank you! Hooray for Fuyumaiden!

  5. when i say i didn’t understand much, i mean i didn’t understand much of the episode! My japanese sucks…
    But i understand your summaries! they are very helpful! thank you!

  6. I read the other comments after I posted mine! I think everyone’s thinking along the same lines…

  7. warriorhope: Yes! They would! And I can imagine Nagihiko being able to get past Rima’s own stubborn act since he was the one that got through Amu’s “cool and spicy” act first.

    I know. It’s painful. I guess they can’t show Utau because she’s busy plotting or whatever but still. It’s been five episodes. Five!!! It’s crazy. Utau was missing for the first six episodes and now she’s missing again. It’s like she’s not even a main character. =_=;;

    lol, Shion. I keep forgetting about her. Well, she’s not important anymore anyway…Utakai! Heh, but no matter what Kukai gets an older girl.

    Yes. Someone needs to tell Satelight that the fanboy and fangirl fantasies are no longer funny. I can’t last through many fillers if they make all of them like this. Ugh.

    Agh! Are there still people talking about Ikuto? I remember that from months ago. Idiots! I do remember someone mentioning that on CR a week ago actually. I feel like punching someone. Leave my favorite characters alone. The ones who hate Ikuto are just Tadase fans using lame excuses to justify their jealousy over how much better Ikuto is. Ha!!

    YES! Stupid satelight why didn’t they do that? They should hire an Amuto fan to write some episodes already.

    Ohmygod that promo image! That’s a poster. I totally forgot about it until just now. Thank you for reminding me. I need to get that issue of animedia before it’s too late.


    Lo-Lo: Wow, that sucks. I had to watch it twice but at least the video wasn’t being lame. That must have been so annoying.

    Haha, I know a little girl (she’s 7) who thinks the same thing about Tadase. She’s an Amuto fan. Can’t understand a single thing, she just likes the two of them and thinks they should be together. Ah…little girl’s logic. I love it.

    Rima was the only thing that even sort of made this episode worth watching. Everything else…ugh.

    I want the wedding fantasy too…but I don’t think we’ll get it. My expectations stay low so that if it does happen it becomes like, “OMGFREAKIN’AWESOME!!!!” and I get to hyperventilate and stuff.


    steshin: Ooo, good idea. I’m going to rewatch the ice cream episode now. That will definitely make some of my rage disappear.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: *sigh* I don’t know why I watched it either. I guess for Rima and for the blogging. But still…so bad.

    Yeah, the chara was cute. The design was better than it’s been for a lot of anime-original charas. like Sunoppi…those eyebrows…so lame. But this one looked cute.

    The spinning pins made me laugh a little. Rima gets a new sort of attack within like…six episodes and Amu’s still got all the same ones. Ah, well I guess there was Angel Wink in episode 33 (haha, classic).

    Yes! They could have totally hired Utau to sing at the wedding or something (one of them can be rich). Or Ikuto can just be Ikuto, show up, and hit on Amu. I’m hoping for Ikuto more than Utau, but I know I’ll get neither.

    This filler was just stupid. Nothing connected to the plot. No Dia, no anything. Lame. And boring. Especially after episode 33’s awesomeness.

    Oh I get what you mean. I actually didn’t understand as much as usual anyway since I didn’t look up a lot of stuff because I figured, “Why bother?” So boring.

    Haha, I know. Everyone here is so smart, aren’t they? We all know what sucks and what’s awesome.

  8. Fuyumaiden: I thinl I kinda influenced my sister a bit though. But I maybe I didn’t, I don’t know. Anyways, I would comment when watching Shugo Chara! how girly Tadase is and fangirl scream evertime Ikuto shows up, so maybe my sister started to think the same thing. Now she comments with me how girly Tadase is and how cool Ikuto is. Seriously, she commented on how girly tadase was in this episode before me! I’m so proud of her!

  9. Fuyu: Yeah, he’s good with stubborn little girls. ^_^

    Pairings for shugo chara:

    1. Amuto: need I say anything else?

    2. Utakai:First, because in a werid way they fit (cheerful people and stubborn people are almost always good together). Second because Utau needs someone to help her get over her “love” for Ikuto and Kukai good at cheering girls up. Heh. Yeah Kukai goes for the older girls. He’s just like Amu that way.

    3. Rima/Nagihiko: for the reasons in my last post.

    4. Saaya/ Tadase: Two people that annoying belong together.

    (I just realised that the three guys who can cheer Amu up most of the time, are paired off with the stubborness trio)

    I know. The fact they seem to be in more episodes than certain characters make them doubley annoying. Fruits Basket and Kamichima Karin has already worn this idea thin. (though I wonder, does Japan actually have fanclubs like that?)

    That usually happens. Character bashing really sucks (unless it’s Tadase, then it’s okay). I really dislike it when people insult Amu-chan too. She as some issues, but a character without flaws would be boring.

    Hee-hee. Someone should write one and send it to Satelight in Japan.

    Hope you can get it. All the image needs is Ikuto in a tux. ^_^

    Lo-Lo: Your sister’s a smart kid. (my mom thought the same thing when she saw me rereading volume one). I’m glad I got volume four the other day so I have smexy pictures of Ikuto to block out seeing girly Tadase.

  10. warriorhope: you got volume 4! Lucky! My mom hasn’t taken me to Barnes and Nobles even though she promised me, and if I could drive, I would. But not old enough to drive so, yeah. I want smexy pictures of Ikuto(pouts). Now I’m jealous of you.

  11. I speak for myself on this one (so don’t kill me). I am so glad this episode was boring. Internet was being retarded and if Ikuto or Utau showed up, I would have screamed bloody-murder and broken windows. -.-;
    That aside…
    I thought filler boy was a ghost! o.O;; Guess not. Must be cuz his Chara or whatever was so ghostly-transparent in the preview (or maybe it’s just me). Eh, not like it matters. :P
    Much love for Rima this week for “Yes, I understand your problem. Now shut up and get on with your life!” more or less speech delivered…and for teasing Amu, too. xDDDD Somebody had to do it if Ikuto or Nadehiko wasn’t there because we all love to see Amu getting teased and you can’t expect Tadase or Yaya to pull that off. :P Oh Rima, I love you more now. <3
    Tadase…is touching…Amu. His filthy hands are on her forehead…I want my minions, NAAAOOOO!!! DX
    Seriously, he should be thrown in the trash with the rest of the worthless nobodies and they can be miserable-happy together.
    Anyways, enough talk about them…cuz AMU CLUNG TO KAIRI~! Kyaaaa~~~!!! xDDDD It wasn’t Tadadumb! It was Kairi-kun~! And so I am temporarily happy. xD;
    My patience is .0000…1 away from strangling the idiots in Satelight for making some of the worst fillers and filler characters of the year. And as much as I’d like to jump on the wedding fantasy bandwagon with everybody else, I’m highly doubting it (so Ikuto better crash the party to steal the cake and Amu). :/ But oh god, please don’t make it a Tadamu. I can forget about fillers easily but a Tadamu appearing in the wedding one will give me nightmares forever (hmm, the only good part is that I’ll be rich from suing Satelight for mindraping me. xDD;; ).
    So on my want list now is:
    1) AMUTO!!! Always and forever. xDD;;
    2) PLOT! or Ikuto or Utau appearance
    3) Chapter 30, and MOAR AMUTO goodness (and Tadadumb losing…again).
    4) UTAKAI FTW!!! Rawr. <3
    5) Black Diamond single/Dia back.
    6) Sleepover filler.
    7) Etc…
    So ends my weirdest comment to date. Thx for the summary (and your great effort through boredom). I’m goin’ to sleep. *dead*

  12. Lo-lo: Sorry to hear that. I think you can read all the chapter online. Not the same as the printed copy, but better than nothing.

    Everyone: Episode 36 and 37 are the Tadase emoness episodes, so Ikuto and Utau will be back. Plus we can laugh at Tadase girly transformation.

  13. warriorhope:Dx
    Say it isn’t true…why do we have to waste two episodes on him when we can use that time for Ikuto? His whole dilemma should take at most…1 1/4 of an episode or something. -.-;

  14. Lo-Lo: Haha, influence is fine too. As long as she knows the truth now. I didn’t influence Emily (the little girl I was talking about) to like Ikuto. But I’d already influenced her to like catgirls and catboys so…that might be how that happened. But it doesn’t matter, because she’s right.


    warriorhope: Yes! All of that is entirely correct! The pairings in Shugo Chara! better work out this way or there will be HELL to pay!!! Ha, though I’m fine with Tadase ending up alone too.

    Haha, they are. Well good guys need stubborn girls. It’s a rule.

    I don’t think Japan has fanclubs like that…or at least I hope they don’t. It makes you wonder though…where the inspiration comes from…

    lol, Bashing Tadase is always okay. The thing I hate most is when people complain about Amu being able to do everything AND do nothing. WTF?

    I just ordered the magazine today. Yes the magazine with Amu in a wedding dress and the issue of Megami with that awesome image of Amu and Utau.


    xiao_jie88: Well at least some good came out of the episode being incredibly awful. OMG! Imagine if that happened for the ice cream episode! No! Even imaging someone else go through that makes me cringe!

    I thought he was to…or that he wanted to be a ghost or something. I put it in the last post too, but…he wants to be a painter. How ordinary.

    Yes, Rima was wonderful. I’m glad she’s in the guardians because she supplies me with most of the entertainment these days. Since they’re really not giving Eru enough spotlight…unfair.

    YEAH! Dump that loser in the trash! Seriously…I want Tadase to just go away. I need to get my printer working and get a set of darts so I can throw something at Tadase whenever he pisses me off. Since my dreams of knocking over a figure will likely never be fulfilled.

    OMG I would love to see that. Ikuto just freakin’ stealing Amu away from the wedding. But from the preview…I wonder if we’ll even get to see the wedding…maybe it’ll just be the last five minutes or something. But if they do add in Tadamu…ugh…someone will need to get hurt. I want to know who writes all the fillers…

    Yes! That list is exactly the same as my list. Only I want a random Alice in Wonderland episode. Ikuto is guaranteed to appear in something like that. He’s a cat after all.

    Haha, no way is that your weirdest one. The pope stuff has been much weirder.


    warriorhope (again, lol): OMG! Not a filler! But that will have that really gay moment with Amu and Tadase blushing, right? Ugh…don’t want that. Either way: plot, Ikuto, and Utau are all good. If only it didn’t come with Tadase.

    But heh…I am looking forward to Tadase’s gay transformation.

  15. Xiao_jain: I know it’s a sad state of affairs isn’t. But I also heard that the title for episode 38 is suppose to be something about lock and key, so there is possible Amuto.

    Fuyu: Yeah. I think that Peach Pit and Satelight will listen, ’cause everyone knows there’s nothing more terrifying then fangirl rage. Tadase can end up alone, as well. Either alone or with some annoying filler girl.

    Maybe some manga-ka came up with the idea and everyone just copy the idea from that. It’s scary to think about such people existing in real life. If girls like that went to my school, I’d start taking online classes. -_-

    I know what you mean. Those people are so annoying!

    I saw the amu and utau one too. It looks awesome.

    Yeah, I don’t want to see that either, but if the plot starts to move along maybe we’ll get to see the Ikuto arc animated, which means a certain chapter gets animated..^_^. Plus as you can see from my above comment to xiao_jian, episode 38 might have alight amuto in it. Even it’s probably just going to be when the dumptey key reacts with the humpty lock. Yes, gay transformation! I hope they do make it as girly as possible.

  16. warriorhope: Wait did I see you write something about the lock and key. *imagination runs wild* Wait a minute! They’re…not going to bring back…that scene, are they? No of course not. I can’t let myself get excited, but…oho~! Maybe! Even if they did I’d expect they’d tone it down but…hahaha! I want episode 38…now. Any possible Amuto must be watched immediately!!!

    And there are so many annoying filler girls already to pair Tadase up with. Just…not…Amu.

    Yeah, or it’s inspiration from real-life fangirls of the anime characters just shoved into school settings. I could buy that.

    Doesn’t it? Ah! I know I’m getting that one since Megami just came out, but I hope the store I ordered from can get the issue of animedia too. I need to look at it and imagine Amu marrying Ikuto.

    I kind of really doubt the Ikuto arc will get animated unless they extend the anime. So I really, really, really hope they extend it. But I hope episode 38 is Amuto filler instead of just something from the manga. I want extra Amuto. Aside from the ice cream scene, this arc is severely lacking in Amuto.

  17. warriorhope: WAH~! I just read that this morning and wanted to scream. xDD;; I hope we get that nice shiny, purdy background with the Amuto WHICH THERE WILL BE!!! xD;
    Fuyu-san: ARGH!!! I did a count and I realized I probably won’t be able to watch episode 38!!! NUUUUUU~~~!!! *dies*…Cuz I’ll be on vacation but I think I’m coming back the same day…but I will try to find internet even if it kills meh! >:0 Or not. I’ll just be making a huge ruckus on the airplane home. *absolutely does not care about missing Tadadumb episodes* xDD;;
    But painters are cooooool…cuz they can paint…and be artistic…which I can’t do. xD; But filler boy was a loser. :P
    Haha, but we learn to appreciate and love characters even more when they don’t get the spotlight (I know, it doesn’t really make up for anything xD; ). ^^
    Ikuto stealing Amu away bridal style!!! YEAAAA~~!!! xDD; Hmm, but after hearing the preview, it sounded like Amu’s first love was her cousin (so I guess it’s safe to assume her cousin’s the guy). o.O Aww, her first love was a pastry chef! xD; *just glad it’s not Tadadumb* lol (I really am on a roll here. ^^;)
    *adds that to list* Srsly, if they can animate ribbon-and-curls Amu, then they can definitely animate smexy Cheshire cats. xD
    *sigh* I told myself I would never fall back into crazy fangirling after my last birthday and look what Shugo Chara! did to me…so it’s not my fault! xD; But srsly, I’m really not that crazy as my comments as are. I’m really shy and quiet and nobody really knows I’m there outside the internet. *gasp!shock* 80 lol My other self is the internet. :P

  18. o_O I just found out the entire title for episode 38. If what I read is correct then it really does seem to be Amuto. It’s called “Key and Lock, Him and I” (or something really similar) and…my expectations are officially up in the sky right now. I can’t help it. This really might be…Anime-original Amuto.

    Kyaaa! I can’t hold it in! How long until episode 38? I want it now!!!


    xiao_jie88: That…that’s awful! If that’s how it’s going to be you must watch it as soon as you get home! Find a direct download or watch it on YouTube or something! Not a second can be spared if episode 38 really is Amuto.

    Ah, that’s true. It was just so ordinary. Why can’t other kids have crazy dreams like the guardians? And Utau and Ikuto too. Angels, devils, and cats. Not normal dreams.

    Ikuto gets to carry Amu like that a lot already though, doesn’t he? Haha, not saying that I wouldn’t like to see that though. Ah, really is that how it is? I didn’t pay any attention to what was being said in the preview at all because of my zero interest. Haha…not Tadase then (at least in the anime) awesome.

    Yes…Ikuto being the Chesire cat *dream mode* God! I really hope they do that! So many possibilities! It would absolutely be the best Alice in Wonderland parody in anime ever! No other anime really has the chesire cat hitting on Alice, right? Ah…I really want that…

    I never used to be this crazy actually, even for Arina Tanemura stuff I was pretty calm even online. Just…after I got into Shugo Chara! the floodgates opened and now I’m a rabid fangirl.

    lol, I’m kind of like that too. Most people are I think. It’s easier to be all crazy and fangirlish on the internet. You’re around so many other fangirls and craziness that it’s actually hard not to be that way.

  19. Fuyu: Yeah, I could see them continuing that scene. It would make all the amuto fangirls (or boys) happy.

    Yeah, especially that one girl who continues to show up. Plus she actually likes Tadase so it would work out.

    I could see that too. I’ve seen fangirls on and off line that are that bad.

    Hee-hee! Hopefully we’ll get to see that on Saturday. I’m still hoping for a wedding fantasy even if my dreams get crushed.

    If they add at least another 13 episodes they might able to pull it off. I really want an animated verison of chapter 28, even if it’s a movie or an OAV. BTW have you heard about chpater 30? the end is such a cliffhanger.

    Xiao_jian: I was the same way when I read about it the other day. My mom was all “what are you so happy about?”

  20. I would love it if they continued that scene. Every single fan of the manga wants that scene more than anything else. I know all of us girls want it, but I’ve noticed plenty of guys specifically enjoying all the Lock and Key stuff. And not all of them even read the manga. I’d love to see anime-only fans reactions to that scene. Even if it’s calmed down.

    Right they can go be annoying somewhere together.

    Ugh…convention yaoi fangirls. Lots of them can be that bad. I haven’t been to a convention yet, but I saw some of them hanging outside a hotel once…crazy.

    13 episodes is what I was thinking too. But I doubt we’ll get a OAV, they don’t really make them for magical girl anime.

    I briefly saw someone mention something about chapter 30 and if the translation was right the drama really is here. My inner-Ikuto fangirl is panicking right now, but my drama-loving Amuto agenda side is quite pleased with this turn of events.

  21. It will be the awesomeness thing ever. Yeah all the anime only amuto will be really happy.

    I’ve heard bad things about them too. The most annoying fangirls I know are the girls who like death note at my school.

    A movie maybe then? If pretty cure can get a movie, then Shugo Chara should be able to get one.

    I’m worried for Ikuto too, but happy because this means Amuto probably is going to happen in the manga at least. Guardian’s Wish has a summerery for chapter 30. Go to the Amuto page. This chapter is just going to insipire even more Tadase hate and Ikuto love. ^_^

  22. I used to know some really annoying InuYasha fangirls when I was in Junior High…wanted to smack them. I liked InuYasha, but I wasn’t an annoying fangirl. I haven’t really encountered any Death Note fangirls, but if they’re anything like they are online…ugh.

    Yes! Shugo Chara movie! I will travel to Japan to see it. Seriously…if I managed to get the money together, I would totally go.

    Haha~! That’s what I’m thinking too. But stupid Peach-Pit, how many cliffhangers in a row is this? I just got finished with ShinKuro’s crazy rollercoaster ride of cliffhangers and now Shugo Chara!’s doing it to me too…

    I didn’t see the summary on Guardian’s Wish, but saw somethings written somewhere. If it’s all true I really do hate Tadase more than before and my Ikuto love has grown…didn’t even know that was possible. And my belief that Amu and Ikuto belong together has also gone up!

  23. They are. I even met one who said Death Note was the only cool manga series. I felt like hit her over the head with my copy of Shinkuro volume that was reading at the time.

    There’s Nagihiko x Rima in chapter 30 too! They look cute together. Plus I saw the awesomest scan of Ikuto and Amu.

    I’ll do it too! (starts saving just in cause)

    Manga always has cliffhangers. It’s so people will buy the next issue or volune to see what happens.

    Same. If all is true than Tadase an even bigger a**hole then I thought he was, and Ikuto rules more, and Amuto rules the most ^_^.

  24. The only cool manga series. You should have hit her over the head. But not with ShinKuro…a dictionary would have been better.

    There is? Rimahiko? (Don’t know what the fandom-approved name is, but that’s what I’ll use for now) I want to see. Amuto and Rimahiko…awesome.

    That’s true. And it makes it exciting and more drama-filler if you have to wait for the drama conclusion for over a month.

    Tadase…ugh…I really think Peach-Pit wants us to hate him. And Ikuto is so awesome. Amu better be figuring things out in the next two or so chapters or my patience for her will run out. Even Amu’s awesomeness can only make me so forgiving.

  25. U rock! Good summarizing btw…

  26. lol.

  27. why do you keep on saying you giggle? what are you. GAY??

  28. and why are you so exited about a frickin sleepover?

  29. alisha: Thank you so much.


    Anonymous: lol indeed


    gen santos: Can I assume you have both the next two comments even though they’re under different names? Because they match in stupidity.

    First of all, if you’re implying that giggling is girly and therefore makes me gay…I’m a girl. As far as explaining why I keep saying giggle. I giggle all the time. Tehehehehe.

    And why am I excited about a sleepover? Because I’m a girl. We have fun with sleepovers.

    But thank you very much for making me laugh at your lack of knowledge (AKA stupidity) ^_^

  30. Ahaha. You make me laugh. Well i personally liked this episode, i never really paid much attention to all the extra characters (goes to show how boring they really are), but now that you point them out it would makes sense for the Shugo Chara! producers (whatever their called) to cut them out and use the time to focus on the interesting characters. & lol @ gay-ify. Tadase really does seem gay doesn’t he? Maybe they should add some yaio (sp) to the mix? Although maybe that would spicen the show up a little TOO much. xDDD (*Cough**IKUTOxTADASE *Cough*) Lmfao!!

  31. omg you are SOOOO right! Tadase is gay!

  32. HEY CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY U GUYS SAY:” Kukai’s is Utau’s!”? Can e-mail me at Thanks Chara Fans!

    PS: I don’t think Kukai’s even met Utau face-to-face to talk!

  33. Memorycutie: I’ll reply here, but I guess I’ll send you an e-mail too. Kukai and Utau did talk briefly in episode 29 where they agreed on liking competitions.

    It comes up again in the manga where they challenge each other to a ramen competition and run off together. (That scene will hopefully appear in the next season)

    Basically, they haven’t had a lot of moments together, but they really, really suit each other.

  34. i like shugo chara but i cant see this episode

  35. YAY!!!!! Tadamu scenes<3 their meant for eachother, their perfect age and Tadase isn’t all that much older then he then ikuto, ikuto need someone round utau’s age! amu’s just a little girl ikuto need a growing woman not a kiddy girl

  36. TadAmu Fan: Im sorry as a Tadamu fan that’s EMBARRISSING.

  37. esta muy chida
    la serie see
    bueno a mi me gusta n.n
    ikuto º¬º
    pero bueno
    hay les dejo
    este comentario
    nos vemos

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