A Small Preview (For Summer…or some season)

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It seems like summer previews are already coming out for what people are blogging. My blog is too new and I feel like it’s still too early for me to do one of these but there is one series I absolutely have to bring attention to.

Though…I’m not even sure if it’s going to be in summer, fall or…whatever. I’m just hoping for summer.

Hakushaku to Yosei is an anime that takes place in 19th century England. Thus my interest is already perked because I’m one of those girls into that era. Add in some fantasy, adventure, and some shoujo elements, plus my positive bias toward anime based off of light novels and…well, this anime is definitely topping my “must-watch” list.

Then…add in Nana Mizuki.

Yeah…my interest in this series just freakin’ tripled.

So, because of Nana-sama, this whole review is going to be based around her…

Like…”God I’m so glad she’s playing Lydia. I can’t wait to hear her say that name!” Because for some reason, I absolutely love when Nana Mizuki says words and names with the letter “L” in them.

I was already interested in this series because…shoujo. I mean, I’m interested in any shoujo series that gets animated. And if it happens to be a light novel series…even better. See, I sort of hold the belief that light novels tend to have better storylines than manga, because the writer only has to worry about the storyline. The art is pretty much always left up to someone else. And if a light novel is popular, it’s because it has a good story. Pretty art and fanservice don’t do too much for light novels because pictures aren’t all that common.

Or maybe it’s just best to admit that I have a bias toward light novels because I’m a writer (or hope to be one). Yeah…that’s probably it. But I’m planning a whole post on light novels later, so I’ll stop that talk here.

But I think it’s really strange for me to be so into an anime that there’s almost no info about. All you can really find is on the ANN page. The website has a layout all set up, but none of the links are working. It looks like the site just got set up on the seventeenth. So…no info there.

I suppose people can now see why I am doubtful that it’s coming out in summer even though it was announced back in February. But maybe it is. I know it took a while for the websites during the Spring season to get their acts together.

Either way…Summer or Fall, I’m definitely looking forward to this series.


  1. Well, after glancing at a few blogs, it’s pretty safe to assume it isn’t coming out for Summer 2008.

    But you can hope for a Fall 2008 release, right? -_-

  2. *GASP!* Nana-sama? Did I hear you say the Nana-sama?!?!?! 8DDDDDDD *fangirl scream*
    I am definitely going to watch this one for all the obvious reasons. lol xD Shoujo, 19th-century England, fantasy, bishie knights…and of course, Nana-sama. xDDD
    Ah, and Hikaru Midorikawa is playing the main guy? Awesome~! I love him! His voice acting is so great so I doubt he’ll disappoint. Haha, and there’s Tomokazu Sugita as well. Pretty strong cast so yea, I’ll most likely watch it.
    It’d be great if it came out during the summer but if not then I wouldn’t mind the fall (I’m currently watching like 4 shows until August or something). But thx a lot for the info! ^^
    And now I want a trailer (with Nana-sama singing the theme song or any kind of song). T.T

  3. Looks cute. Victourian/ Regency England is cool. Also the animation looks decent. (I hate how a lot of modern anime shows make everyone’s hair gray, or reddish brown or this ugly navy blue color).

    The cat with the top hat looks like the cat from the cat returns. ^_^

    Nana Mizuki? I’m impressed. She’s already doing a lot of voice work on other series, so I’m surprised she was able to take on another main character.

    Fall would be good. Izanara na kiss and Shugo Chara are mostly likely going to be over by then so I don’t know what else there will be on to watch. Of course summer works too because I’ll have more time for anime then.

  4. Anonymous: *sigh* Well it does look like that’s what I’ll have to. I always hate waiting for an announcement on when an anime is going to start airing. So annoying.


    xiao_jie88: Yes! I know! Nana-sama~! I was already looking forward to this anime then BAM, I checked the page on ANN for updates and saw her name.

    Hikaru Midorikawa seems to be doing a heck of a lot more voice acting recently. i guess he’d been doing games or something before or something (so I’ve heard), but now he’s in all sorts of anime and I’m loving it.

    lol, it’ll be nice to hear Tomokazu Sugita being in shoujo instead of some harem or fanservice-y anime for once (it seems like that’s all I ever see him in).

    I want Nana-sama to sing the theme too! She didn’t sing anything for the spring season. So disappointing. When’s the Black Diamond song going to show up!?


    warriorhop: Yeah, it’s just a promo image, but the character designs look really nice. I just wish I were more familiar with the animation company.

    Well, seiyuu get paid per episode, not by the amount of lines, so they try to get in as many series as they can.

    Ah! Shugo Chara!’s going to end in Fall…no! Stupid Satelight…they need to extend it already. But Shugo Chara! emoness aside, it really does look like it will be Fall. *sigh* Well I already have some anime to watch in summer (plus the continuing ones) so it’s not really a big deal…I guess. But I really want to see it.

  5. GASP.

    So watching that.

  6. Kya~! I can’t wait to hear her voice! x3
    I know! The first time I heard his voice was in Fushigi Yuugi (and that was quite a long while ago) and after that, didn’t hear from him until they started animating visual novels and such (at least, I started noticing his roles then).
    Haha, it must be because he has such a great sarcastic voice (Kyon, :P) so it’s great for humor, especially if it’s related to something perverted.
    I think she will~! :/ Speaking of which, isn’t it also time for the spoilers/titles of the future episodes to be released already?
    Well, seiyuu get paid per episode, not by the amount of lines, so they try to get in as many series as they can. *coughJuniecough* xDD;;

  7. [This part got cut off for some reason, oic…]
    I think she will~! <333 She should sing more! Her voice is beautiful! And I want the Black Diamond single out, too! RAWR! I mean, it already takes a while for the single to come out after we hear a snippet of it during an episode so Satelight better hurry it’s ass up and cut down on the damn fillers! Dx

  8. steshin: That’s my exact reaction the first time I saw it. Ah, looking forward to it (in the fall…dammit).


    xiao_jie88: That’s exactly how it was for me! Heard him in Fushigi Yuugi, looked him up and saw nothing familiar. Then all of a sudden, BAM! Because some VNs got animated he’s in everything.

    But oh…now I’m reminded. I want a Little Busters! adaptation. Kyousuke…agh! Stupid KyoAni! Animate faster! Haruhi will probably be in the fall so the After Story won’t be until later and we probably won’t get a Little Busters announcement until the last episode of the After Story. And then the actualy anime won’t air until a year later. Just…ugh!!!

    So random KyoAni rant aside. Haha, yeah. He is perfect for those roles so I guess that makes sense.

    I don’t know. I’m only really hearing about future episodes in the comments these days so someone else will have to let me know. I hope so though. We’re reaching the next season soon, so the business with Kairi should be coming up at some point. If they follow the same pattern they did in the last arc.

    Why can’t Satelight just make good fillers? I don’t get it. Ugh…well we better be hearing the Black Diamond song soon. The sooner it shows up in the anime, the sooner we get the single.

  9. Yea~…*so tired now* ^^; My internet was being stupid so I’m way behind. *wants to cry*
    But you said everything I wanted to say, so yay! Agreed. lol
    Yea, me, too. & Satelight just wants us to hate them, then love them when they finally give us Amuto or something plot-related. :P Dummies.
    If they dare deprive me of Nana-sama goodness any longer, there will be hell. Dx
    Which reminds meh, I’m gonna read episode 34 now~…

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