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Urgh…I was supposed to do reviews of episode 6 and 7 on my livejournal, but certain circumstances made me unable to. I was going to do a double review, but…now that episode 8 is out now too. I think I’ll just give up. *sigh* Those were pretty good episodes too. I was kind of excited when I watched them, but since that’s died down now…it feels like it would just be a bother.

But! Finally! The Hawaii episode! I’ve been waiting for this since the anime first began. The overall plot of this episode is kind of boring and generic, but there’s some good KeixHikari moments to make up for it.

Oho~! I love it.


So, the SA are off on their little trip, going to Hawaii. On one side of the plane, Hikari is incredibly excited, on the other an aura of doom surrounds Kei. He’s still incredibly bothered by what happened in the last episode (When Hikari showed just how dense she is). When they get to the hotel, Akira decides they should go shopping. Ryuu can’t go because he has business to attend to and Kei doesn’t go either because he’s in a bad mood.

They go shopping, have fun, but when they get back (or the next day, I’m not sure), Ryuu asks a favor from everyone. A client of his family’s business son is there and they sort of need to babysit…or really just entertain him. His name is Chitose. He decides he wants them all to be his family for the week. Ryuu is the brother, Megumi and Jun are the grandparents, Tadashi is the weird uncle. Kei is the father and the mother is…Akira. Kei and Akira are obviously both very unhappy. And Hikari gets to be…Peso…the dog.

Because Ryuu is in a tight spot, everyone agrees to play along with Chitose’s little game. Even Hikari Peso who gets pet like a dog by Kei. Later at dinner, Hikari is forced to eat on the floor. After Kei’s offer of having “Peso” sit on his lap, he sits on the floor beside Hikari instead. But Akira shoves herself in between them. Chitose is unhappy with all this and decides to leave, Ryuu convinces him to stay and sit in his lap and stuff, Megumi and Jun get jealous. Later on everyone is exhausted. Chitose is out on the beach and Hikari sees him watching another family.

The next day everyone’s wearing swimsuits to go to the beach. Kei asks where Hikari is but pretends like he doesn’t really care. But when she comes out he shows otherwise, but alas…Hikari is wearing a dog suit. As they go to the beach everyone is depressed, except Hikari who is being very energetic. But Chitose orders her to talk like a dog…so she does. Things pretty much continue in the same way. Megumi and Jun get jealous a lot, Hikari tries to help Chitose, random beach fun.

But later Chitose orders Hikari to get a flower or something (wasn’t really paying attention). She has to swim out to this island and climb up a big cliff to get to it. So she took off her dog suit and wore her bathing suit before swimming out. Just as she grabs the flower, the rock she’s standing on breaks and she starts to fall down, but Kei grabs her by the arm. It seems he went ahead…or something. Then he pulls her up and this happens.

Hikari brings the flowers to Chitose, who is clearly unhappy. He runs over to Ryuu and pisses Jun and Megumi off by saying Ryuu is coming back with him (or something). This makes Megumi so upset that she’s about to scream, Hikari comes in time to cover Chitose’s ears, but gets the full blast of Megumi’s voice. Once it’s over, she’s in a daze. Chitoze acts like a brat, but since Hikari asks if he’s all right and stuff he apologizes and says he lost. So then Kei takes off the peso ears and all is well.

Later on everyone’s tired and laying around. Except Hikari who went to give something to Chitose. on the beach, Chitose meets up with his older brother who is none other than…Yahiro! Hikari seems very surprised to find this out. Hikari has something she wants to ask Yahiro, so she agrees to go along with him back to his house…or something. Either way, Hikari’s going back to Yahiro’s house.

Well, that was a crappy summary. Sorry, I was just incredibly unenthusiastic about most of it. For anyone looking for a better summary, reading chapter 13 of the manga would probably be best.



Ah~! As people from my livejournal know, I’ve been looking forward to this episode for a while. But they cut down two of my favorite parts. T_T

Heh…but that’s okay because they added in the best anime-original scene so far in this series. Oh that scene made me giggle.

The difference between their auras is amazing isn’t it. Hikari‘s all happy and I think this is the most depressed and frustrated we’ve ever seen Kei. Hikari is such an oblivious girl. She figured out that there was something bothering Kei in this episode, but she has no idea what. I know that it’s easier to notice if someone likes someone else than it is to notice if someone likes you, but come on!

lol, poor Kei. He has so much patience for a guy with such a short temper. I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet in the anime, but he’s liked Hikari since before they were in Junior High. That poor boy. It’s pretty entertaining, but seriously…poor Kei.

I just thought I’d mention this again. The anime went through a really sudden, “OMGWTF” character design change in episode…5? Yeah, I think so. But I’m happy to see that they’ve pretty much already gotten used to it. I guess that’s why they’re professionals.

The animation itself is lazy as hell though.

lol, American flag and English. I have nothing to add here. I just think it’s funny that they added in the flag. That’s all.

Most annoying shota ever. Okay, maybe not, but still. He was cute at the end. Heh, watching this episode though, I was like, “He really is Yahiro’s brother.” He’s good at manipulating people, isn’t he?

Aww…see this is one of the scenes that they cut stuff out on. They showed Kei getting a little excited about the idea of Hikari being the mother, but…no one imagined Kei’s newly-wed dream with Hikari. So disappointing!!! But at least Kei and Akira’s reaction of being paired together was still good. lol, worst match-making ever.

Because of their incredibly lazy animating, this scene got cut out too. Why did they animate Hikari and Kei catching bugs back in episode 4, but can’t animate Kei picking up Hikari? Why!? I missed out on one of my, “lol, Kei you pervert” moments. Unforgivable!!! That scene was great! *sigh* But I’ll deal with it.

Kei seemed to enjoy Hikari being a dog so much more in the manga and it freaked everyone else out. I really wish they’d added that in.

Well, this scene was still the same. Inviting Hikari to sit on his lap. Heh. This was my second favorite scene from the manga, so I guess this makes up for it a little. Though I’d rather they changed this one than the other one. Poo.

lol, Kei you pervert. Actually, in the manga Tadashi and Kei have a couple of bathing suit pervert moments. Heh. But poor Kei, Hikari came out in a dog suit which is like…the opposite of a bathing suit.

Best anime-original moment…ever. Well, no that goes to a certain moment in episode 25 from a certain mahou shoujo anime, but this made me go *squee*. Seriously, moments like this are awesome when they’re anime-original because you totally aren’t expecting them and then there they are.

Heh…Kei got to see Hikari in a bathing suit after all. And closer than he expected. Kya! Awesome.

Since I didn’t review episode 6, I’ll just go on about Yahiro here. The anime definitely did his character right. The voice works, the character design good. Yes, I approve of Yahiro.

And also, for those who don’t know, Yahiro’s appearance = development. Akira gets character development when Yahiro appears and Kei and Hikari almost always move forward in their relationship. Though, with Hikari’s denseness, they just take small steps forward.



So, Akira gets some backstory in the next one and Kei and Hikari’s relationship moves forward. We’re still following right along with the manga since this is all from chapter 14.

Heh…and next week is…that. Oh I’m looking forward to it~! Because that leads to that and then…kya! That! Oh, I’m looking forward to the episode where Kei gets sick. Who’s with me!?


  1. HAWAIIIIIII~~~!!! xD
    Btw, the last two episodes were great (eppy 6 being more so) and I will mention Yahiro at the end of my post.
    Anyways…PESO! xDDDDDD ROTFL I missed Peso. I like how Hikari is so enthusiastic about it even though I want to whip Chitose’s ass for being such a damn brat. But he’s more likeable at the end so yea…
    Haha, poor Kei. Don’t worry. He’ll learn to not expect much from her sooner or later. xDD;;
    ARGH, but I am pissed at the cutting of “Kei picking up Peso” part. Hmm, but it’s television after all so it’s understandable (and there must be some gender issues involved as well). :/
    Heh~…I wish they could’ve let Kei join the girls on their shopping spree and then shown him beating up those annoying guys later for stalking him (not like that, all of you who thought otherwise. -.-; ). This is what sucks about 24-26 episode series. Certain good scenes have to be compromised. *sad*
    Urgh, and I wanted to see everybody’s (excluding Hikari) mind scenario of Hikari feeding Kei (lol)! *disappointed* The Kei and Akira match-up looks amusing but it only makes up for so much. Gonzo is really losing points from me for this.
    Ah, but the anime-original was win~! Lol, Kei, you hentai! xDDDDDD;;; Gonzo, you’re temporarily back in good graces for being momentarily genius. lol
    And finally, YAHIRO! My love for Yahiro has increased by like…100-fold after watching episode 6. O.O;; His voice actor is really good and they got his character right. All I have to complain was that they made it look like he was wearing a wig or something. I mean, one moment he his hair (which the color reminded me of red-bean ice cream, weird~) was just fine and then the next, he had too much. -.-; But it’s just episode 6 so no big deal.
    Anyways, can’t wait till next week’s episode. We get to go into Kei, Yahiro, and Akira’s past a little more (and see Yahiro get his deserved angst, yea! xD; ) and WAAAAHHHH~~~! That happens! Are! Are! Are! Kaaaaa~~! So excited! xDD

  2. Hmmm… I thought the adaption of the Hawaii segment was okay, though they cut out the moments I wanted to see, which happen to be the same as yours. I liked it when poor Tadashi looked like he lost his soul from shopping with the girls and Jun (I guess because there wasn’t much plot material in the original chapter where Kei ends up beating up the guys trying to pick up summer girls, as funny as it was).

    It think it’s mentioned in much later chapters of the manga (around 73 I think) that Kei’s actually loved her since elementary school, not just junior high. I think that’s a mark of his incredible patience (or persistance, in any case), so at probably almost ten years, he’s getting a little anxious about how Hikari feels about him, especially now that she’s demonstrated pretty clearly that she makes lead blocks look paper thin without x-ray vision.

    But Yahiro is perfect (I don’t like him that much, but at least they haven’t screwed up his characterization). And Yahiro = development. ^_^ Minami Maki does not waste any appearences for Yahiro.

    I am totally with you on the upcoming episodes, which will hopefully move in the same direction as the manga without too many detractions. Can’t wait until the episode Kei gets sick…

  3. xiao_jie88: Yes, episode 6 was wonderful. I can’t believe I missed out on fangirling about it. And episode 7 was just…ridiculous. *sigh* But this episode was good anyway.

    Haha, Hikari…really. She got all enthusiastic about being Peso because she figured something was up with Chitose’s family, but she can’t figure out that Kei likes her. But watching her be all into being Peso was fun. Heh, Yuko Goto does a good “wan” I guess.

    I really just think it’s that they were too lazy to animate it. I’d say it’s probably Gonzo’s fault. That’s what they do. Animate completely useless stuff, but ignore the good stuff.

    I was kind of expecting that to get cut out, but I wanted to see it since it showed Kei sort of just being accepting of the fact that Hikari…is dense.

    Yes, I would have loved to see that little fantasy. Maybe they can shove it in someday, though I really doubt it.

    Well, episode 6 is when they were still going through their um…random character changes. So I can forgive the inconsistencies, especially when working with a new character. In this episode, Yahiro seemed fine. But since he only appeared for a minute or to…that’s not saying much.

    Yes! That! I’m getting so excited! Poor Kei, but after that he finally loses some patience and things develop! Though, of course, you have to give some credit to Yahiro. Heh.


    kaekyo: Yeah, I really wish they hadn’t cut out those moments. But I guess because they added in a couple of good anime-original scenes I ranted less than I normally would have (But I was so looking forward to the Peso scene).

    Ah, well yeah. I said before junior high I think. I just wasn’t sure how much before so I left it at that. But elementary school…heh…poor Kei. I really hope we get to find out what caused him to start liking Hikari soon though. Minami Maki keeps showing that one scene but…ah! I wanna know!

    Yahiro is such a jerk, but I enjoy every one of his appearances since it always equals development for someone. Hikari and Kei, Akira, and in later chapters Megumi. Hmm…but I get the feeling the anime won’t get to the Megumi stuff.

    Oh yes, the episode where Kei gets sick. I can imagine them adding in a lot of filler in that episode but as long as it leads to that I’m fine with whatever they add in.

  4. I have stopped watching it because the anime have stopped rousing my interests, and I have other nicer animes to watch too. Not only that, the anime have been pretty dispointing, by cutting out all our fav parts, and sometimes they let kei get out of chracter. For example, the face he made when he was depressed. It was cute, but isnt it abit undinified? He strikes me as a ‘cool’ chracter, but cool chracters dun make such cute expressions every episode! It turns him into a ‘uncool’ character. I shall just look att he reviews first and wait untill something catch my attention or make me excitied before I start watching again. ^^

    Gomenasai if my words hav angered anyody. This is just my thoughts.

  5. Starry: I’m sure no one’s offended or angry. Most fans of the manga agree that the anime really isn’t doing it justice. It’s messing up all over the place.

    I continue to watch it, holding out for those rare KeixHikari moments, and later the AkiraxTadashi ones. Things seem to be getting better, but they still aren’t great.

  6. Fuyu-san: When it comes to romance, Hikari just doesn’t know anything at all. And I find that so cute (and her “Wan!”, too) especially since she is a girl. lol xD
    I wonder how Gonzo managed to continue existing. I hardly ever hear good reviews about them and the series they animate. :/
    And oh yeah! I purposefully forgot about those changes. Ah well, they more or less got him right so I’m content. :3
    Hehe. Does Yahiro contribute to their development anymore after that? *can’t quite remember*
    kaeyko-san: That’s a good point you make on Kei’s patience/persistence. 10 years is a long time…he should get an award for that or something. But then again, Kei seems pretty much inhuman in everything else so maybe it’s not so surprising if you think about it. ^^;
    Not to go off-topic or anything (sorry if I do), but does anybody else think that Yahiro and Sakura (and I guess Aoi, too) are the few only characters who actually play a big role in Kei and Hikari’s development (I’m not even sure if I’m wording this right. Sorry!)? If you put their consistent apperances aside, maybe? Cuz every other new character Minami Maki brings into the stories don’t last for more than 2-3 chapters or so (i.e. Nagi, Iori).
    Gah, I confused myself just now. @.@;;;

  7. xiao_jie88: lol, that’s true. And she is cute. It kind of bothers me how everyone is already so impatient with her. Like, “No pairings at the end of the Ouran anime!?” impatient. We’re only on episode eight and people were complaining back in episode 5.

    Gonzo continues to exist because they provide lulz. It is that simple. Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Gonzo. They’re like that one kid in class that always disrupts class and annoys people, but because he’s funny everyone likes him anyway.

    And Gonzo is popular among more casual fans who only watch anime and don’t read manga. People who don’t even know Gonzo by name like the anime they work on. Or so I’ve found.

    Yahiro contributes to their development in small ways; pairing them together, helping Hikari crossdress, which leads to her saying that one thing to Kei which causes that number 2 (lol, I keep referring to it as “that.” I guess to avoid spoilers…?).

    Oh but about the characters I get what you mean. Sakura…oh I can’t wait until she appears. But you forgot Finn! She adds development for Kei and Hikari in her strange little making-Kei-jealous way. But yeah, I get what you mean. Though…Iori might show up again. Either that or he’ll simply be forgotten…like the president.

  8. Fuyu-san:I suppose so. :/ And there has to be at least one studio we must poke fun/bash at so yea. -3-
    xD The crossdressing! I really hope they animate that part! It’s one of my favorites! lol
    I need Sakura to appear already~! lol, so desperate. And wah! I did forget to mention Finn! How bad of me. :P Though, for some reason, I never really cared much about Finn. I dunno why but maybe she was just another person who was an obstacle-catalyst for Kei and Hikari’s relationship…how many are there, anyway? I keep thinking that there’s a lot but also thinking there aren’t that many. Oi~… :/
    Kaah. I hope Iori shows up again. I really, really do cuz I really liked him and how well he and Hikari can relate to each other. Other than that he’s the only. xD; Minami Maki seems to have a habit of throwing in random new characters to add an interesting twist only to abruptly stop their part somewhere along the way and then forget about them (some of them, anyways).

  9. Yeah, I really hope they animate it as well, partly because part of that chapter felt like it was translated oddly to me. Something in the chapter confused me. But ah! I want to see Sakura spewing blood from her nose and ears. Hmm…I wonder who would voice Sakura anyway.

    I mostly like Finn because of her relationship with Ryuu. When she was all after Hikari and you think she’s a boy I thought she was really, really annoying. There’s a lot of them and not a lot of them it’s confusing.

    And Iori is the first guy who’s actually been a real rival for Kei because of how he relates to Hikari. Up until now Kei’s only gotten jealous of people who have no chance so I like Iori. Though he doesn’t stand a chance either since Hikari likes Kei too much. Heh.

  10. I want to know that, too~. And there are so many good seiyuus, I really don’t know which one I would prefer so I hope the casting for Sakura is a good one. It has to be or I will spew blood myself. xD;
    Haha, I find her relationship with Ryuu funny but so far, it’s kinda one-sided, isn’t it? Since Ryuu is a pimp always busy worrying about the twins. Hmm, poor Finn. She has to do so much as a “prince” and can’t even allow herself to like him because of that (and the people who raised her to be like that are stupid). :P
    Haha, yea. Hikari and Kei have a history, too. Hmm, don’t you think Iori kinda resembles Kei a little (I mean, in looks clone)? I wonder if that was intentional or not. ^^;
    (Ah, it must be tough for you to reply especially for every post. You don’t get emails about new comments, do you? Hrm…I’d say you don’t have to worry about responding to mine (just the things that seem discussion-worthy, lol) cuz I’m happy just commenting but it’s up to you. ^^)

  11. In the latest chapter though, I think there’s signs that the two of them can have a relationship. Have you read the latest summary yet?

    Yeah, he kind of does. It might be intentional, but since in any manga or anime it’s easy to make characters look similar…I guess we’ll never know.

    Now, I don’t mind replying to every comment. I set aside a few minutes to do it everyday and I always have a lot of fun replying to everyone. This is why I got my blog going to discuss stuff with the readers. It’s fun so far.

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