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May 26, 2008 at 6:37 am | Posted in Random | 11 Comments
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So, I was just checking my blog stats for the first time today…and I checked the search engine terms, because I always like finding out how people can find my blog. So far it’s mostly been, “Shugo Chara! 33” or some variation of it.

But today…I found the best thing…ever.

“amu is a perv”

Yes. Apparently, if you google the phrase, “Amu is a perv” my site is the fifth result. There’s no actual results for the phrase itself, but my episode 33 summary comes up because I said in the summary, “Eru makes note of Amu being a pervert (ROFL).”

Ah, and now that I’ve done this post maybe this entry will pop up as a result for the phrase “Amu is a perv.” Yes! I own that phrase now!

Haha, but seriously, if the person who searched “Amu is a perv” is reading this, let me know. Because I really and completely seriously want to know what you were looking for. I’m interested in any “Amu is a perv” results as well.

Heh, maybe this should be the next slogan for my blog.


  1. Pfft, that’s so cute! xD LMAO
    What is Amu-chi talking about? She was a (smelling) perv from the very start. xDDD;;

  2. everyone knows Amu’s a perv. Also ‘old man’? I mean Ikuto is older than her, but I think that might be pushing it.

  3. lol, that’s a new way to find your blog.

  4. by my above post I meant I was laughing at what amu said (I always love how they call each other perverted), not being mean about this entry. I was just reading and thought it sounded mean. Sorry.

  5. it’s now the first one when you search for amu is a perv. =))

  6. Hahas. Interesting way to find your blog XDXD. Now that you remind me? Both Ikuto and Amu are perverts! ^^ I knew that long time ago, but I just realised that both are perverts. Does that sound weird and confusing? Hahas. ^^

  7. xiao_jie88: Yes. Silly Amu. She should have known better. That little pervy girl.


    warriorhope: Oh I got what you meant when I was first reading it anyway. I love how they call each other perverts as well. And since thy’re both perverts they should just be perverted together already. >_<


    Lo-Lo: I know, isn’t it great?


    mizuu: Oh I know! It leads to this entry now when you search the phrase. I love it. The new slogan for this blog…”Your #1 search result for ‘Amu is a Perv'”. Yes!


    Starry: Yes they are~! Amu always thinking weird things, Ikuto always saying and doing weird things. Hehe~! No that doesn’t sound weird. I know what you mean. You know and laugh about a joke all the time, but then one day you just realize what you’re laughing at…or something.

  8. Hah-hah Yeah. Maybe in chapter 30.

  9. Hehe I actually used this to find your site again after I couldn’t remember which one had the super-detailed summary about shugo chara 33, but for some reason I remembered the “amu is a perv” google thing.

  10. haha! interesting way to find this blog! i can never remember website addresses when they are ???.(example:wordpress).com
    now, all I have to do is type ‘amu is a perv’ into google! so much easier! funny pic!

  11. now its 1st

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