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Everyone fangirl with me! It’s here!

Talking about non-fangirl things, I actually watched Shugo Chara! on YouTube first rather than after downloading a torrent or finding it on NicoNico. Never thought YouTube would get to be the “go to” place. Go figure.

Anyway, the summary is below followed by extreme fangirling. I kind of half-assed the summary except for the good parts.


The episode starts off with all the Guardians chasing an X-egg, leading it into a trap on the roof where Amu (as Amulet Spade) and Iinchou are waiting. After Amu heals the egg, Kairi is noticably watching her and blushing a bit. Later everyone discusses what happens and praises Kairi…for some reason. Kairi blushes because of Amu again.

At Easter, there is evil plotting. The evil a**hole director is asking how Sanjou’s current plan is going. She makes a promise that she’ll get the embryo for Gozen, all that familiar stuff. Elsewhere Kairi is thinking about his mission as a spy. Amu runs into him. She asks him if anything is wrong and tells him he can rely on her and everyone else if he has a problem. More blushing Kairi. Amu and her charas leave.

That night Kairi is doing chores when his sister comes home…drunk I believe. She rants about work and Kairi takes care of her like a good little brother. Sanjou falls asleep on the couch and Kairi puts a blanket over her. She mutters in her sleep for Kairi to do his best and then whaps him in the face when she turns over.

The next day at school Tadase asks Amu if she’s doing anything the next day, and then asks her to go out with him. Amu gets excited until she finds out that it seems to be Guardian work. She agrees to go while in Cool and Spicy mode. Kairi is listening to all of this behind a tree in stalker mode.

At home that night, Amu and her charas debate about what she should wear the next day. She tries on multiple outfits including this really girly frilly dress that Eru seems to approve of.

So anyway, the next day Amu is waiting for Tadase to arrive, feeling all nervous. He arrives while seeming to be skipping =_=; and apologizes for being late. Amu gets all excited and fangirly about her sort-of date. Eru makes note of Amu being a pervert (ROFL). Tadase takes Amu’s hands so they can go skipping off together.

Meanwhile, elsewhere a certain catboy is laying around doing nothing and looking smexy.

While Amu and Tadase are shopping, Amu is barely paying attention and is just going all *hearts* and fangirly all over the place. Kairi is once again displaying ninja skills as he stalks the two of them…without glasses! Apparently he’s doing it on orders from his sister. However, he seems to be distracted by a certain joker. ROFL, and when asked about his clothes by Musashi he seriously brings up ninjas.

Amu sees a store and wants to go in, Tadase sees her looking at the store and suggests they go in. Eru takes note of Tadase being a gay boy cute and nice. Amu sees an armband (instead of the bag she already has) that matches with the stuff she wears all the time (red plaid). She wants it, but can’t get it for some reason. Kairi sees her looking at it. Tadase calls her over and puts a heart-shaped pin in her hair and says it’s cute just like he thought. Amu gets all blushy insists it’s not he sort of thing, but Tadase buys it for her anyway. Kairi is about to follow them out of the store, but seems distracted by the armband from before.

Eru gets seperated from everyone and runs around trying to find them. While Kairi and Musashi are trying to catch up with Amu and Tadase, they run into Eru. Kairi and Musashi try to leave, but Eru is suspicious. She seems to come to the conclusion that Kairi bought something for an angelic girl (or something, it was hard to follow).

Elsewhere, Tadase buys ice cream for himself and Amu. Amu wants the chocolate and it turns out Tadase loves vanilla. Amu thanks Tadase for buying her the pin. As it turns out, he bought it because it reminded him of Amulet Heart. Amu gets all depressed about her rival being her other self. Some of her ice cream drips on her skirt and Tadase runs off to get a handkerchief, making Amu hold his vanilla ice cream. Amu goes all fangirly over how nice he is.

The other charas finally wonder where Eru is. She’s wandering around with Kairi and Musashi who are still looking for Amu and Tadase. lol, Kairi can’t see because he’s not wearing his glasses. Eru assumes they’re looking for the person Kairi likes…or something. She goes into silly mode and demands a chara nari from Amu…who isn’t there. So she goes off to find her.

Amu is still waiting for Tadase to return and finally decides to start eating her ice cream. Then Ikuto suddenly appears and takes a lick before she gets the chance to. Obviously, Amu is freaked out and Ikuto’s just like , “hey.” After Amu freaks out a little, Ikuto asks why she needs to ice creams and Amu tells him that one is Tadase. After hearing this Ikuto goes into serious mode and says something like, “I also like…” big pause making Amu get all flustered, “…chocolate.”

Amu obviously gets ticked off so Ikuto’s like, “Did you get your hopes up?” Amu gets all mad and flustered. Amu then says that he’s always like that, teasing her and stuff, and she doesn’t get. She tells him to leave her alone already. But Ikuto quickly replies that he can’t leave her alone because he’s “interested” in her (I got the translation as she’s “on his mind” but I’ll stick with what’s commonly known, especially since it sounds better). Just when it’s getting all tense, Ikuto laughs, making Amu come to the conclusion that he’s still teasing her. Amu isn’t one to take teasing lightly, so she gets up getting all angry and just so happens to trip on a bag.

Tadase comes back just as Amu and Ikuto are in this position. Tadase and Kiseki get pwned. Tadase quickly gets angry and tells Ikuto to let go of Amu. Ikuto says something like, it’s because of her that we’re like this (an approximate translation). Amu tries in vain to see that’s not it. Ikuto asks if Tadase’s favorite flavor is still vanilla, but answers the question himself saying that his tastes probably wouldn’t change (these are all sort-of-guessing translations btw). He then licks Tadase’s ice cream. Amu notices that it’s melting and takes a lick as well. Which as the charas point out is like an indirect kiss. (OMGYES!!! >////<)

Then Ikuto holds Amu closer and taunts Tadase with, “Is it okay like this? I’ll eat your beloved vanilla ice cream and Amu too.” That one finally did it and Tadase chara changes, as does Ikuto afterward. I think I understood the next taunting thing Ikuto said, but I’m only like 20% sure, so I’m not posting it. Tadase asks why he’s always going after Amu and Ikuto reminds him of what he said in episode 28, it all just depends on how he’s feeling (or something). A fight breaks out. Tadase keeps on using Holy Crown and Ikuto easily dodges every time, taunting him. Amu just watches in mild “huh?” shock.

Eru finally finds Amu, with Kairi still tagging along. Kairi wonders what the heck is going on with Ikuto and Tadase (lol, does Kairi even know Ikuto?). Eru then orders Amu to chara nari with her because it’s her responsibility as a heroine. The charas say that she can’t, but Eru somehow forces the chara nari. Cue transformation sequence in ROFL chibi mode. Everyone stops what they’re doing to stare at Amu. Eru then busts out Amu’s new attack, “Angel Wink” which is just Amu winking. Everyone sweatdrops. Amu asks why Eru did that, and it seems that Eru has forgotten.

The ridiculousness gets to Ikuto and he starts laughing while Tadase yells at him for it probably because he has a crush on Amulet Angel now too. Amu goes into super embarrassed-depressed mode.

Kairi is still hanging out behind a tree and after the craziness if over, he comes out. Kairi says he coincidentally saw her or something and asks if something’s wrong (or something). Or maybe he was talking about the wrist band, because he brings that out and gives it to her. He tries to make silly excuses and says it’s in return for whatever he gave her earlier (at the beginning of the episode, a strawberry or something). Amu of course, is very happy and thanks him enthusiastically. Then Kairi busts out his line, “The heart pin is lovely, but the usual you is the one I…” (only in his mind though). Then he gets too embarrassed and looks away.

Meanwhile, Ikuto is up a tree with Tadase at the bottom telling him to come down. Ikuto comments how he dislikes climbing trees like always. Then it ends with Yoru, Kiseki, Miki, and Su all saying something. Didn’t bother trying to figure it out, but I’m sure it was amusing.

So, to basically summarize these events:

Tadase asks Amu out on a sort-of date: +3
Tadase holds Amu’s hand: +5
Tadase buys Amu a pin: +5
Tadase buys Amu ice cream: +3
Tadase bought Amu the pin because of Amulet Heart: -10
Tadase runs off to get Amu a handkerchief: +3
Tadase takes too long to get handkerchief: -2
Tadase gets pwned by Ikuto: -5
Tadamu Score: 2 points (ROFL)

Kairi gets all blushy all the time around Amu: +3
Kairi noticed what Amu was looking at: +5
Kairi bought what Amu was looking at and gave it to her: +10
Kamuri Score: 18 points

Ikuto surprises Amu by licking her ice cream: +5
Ikuto tricks Amu into thinking he was going to say he liked her: +5
Ikuto tells Amu he’s “interested” in her: +10~!
Ikuto gets Amu all angry: -3 (awww)
Amu getting angry made her land in Ikuto’s lap: +10!!! And forget that “-3”
Ikuto gets Amu to lick the same ice cream as him: +20!!!!
Amuto Score: 50 points (YE~AH!)

lol, it should be noted these scores are done by an Amuto fan. But I stand by the order.



Okay, so everyone still alive? No one died from over-excitement, massive nosebleeds, or general fangirl overload? Everyone’s still here? Okay good. Because I almost died mid-way through. Just checking on everyone else.

(BTW, these screencaps are being changed with my own later.)

Amulet Spade! I missed you! All Amu did was Colorful Canvas and Open Heart and the fight was over, but still~! No Spiral Heart! No Amulet Heart! I am satisfied. Yes. Amu did two chara nari’s in this episode and neither was the over-used Amulet Heart. Good job Satelight.

Kairi’s crush on Amu is so cute to watch. The way he gets all blushy around her makes me giggle. NagihikoxAmu is still my back-up pairing, but AmuxKairi are my back-up back-up pairing. Cute~!

Oh yeah, and I know that’s supposed to be a strawberry or something, but doesn’t it look like a meatball?

Kairi is such a good younger brother~! But seriously, lately hasn’t the anime been making Sanjou more ridiculous and less “Muahahaha! I am the evil woman controlling Utau and creating X-eggs!”? Either way, she must be a difficult woman to deal with. And how old is she anyway? Because Kairi is like…ten or something. It just seems weird to me, though I know it happens. My mom’s friend has a 25-year-old and a 7-year-old.

Isn’t this in image that’s on one of the postcards in the special edition manga? Hmm, well even if I’m not sure now I plan on buying the whole lot of the special editions soon online. But lol, Mitsuki hair.

Urgh…I’m sorry, I really don’t try to bash Tadase except when he’s unintentionally being mean to Amu, but seriously. Seriously!!! How can I ignore this?

Okay, fine. I won’t say anything. I am pointing it out though. So anyone else can feel free to make a comment.

Extra scene with Ikuto laying on the ground approved! It lasted less than a minute but it still made me giggle like the silly little fangirl I am. It was short, but it didn’t mess-up his character or have really bad art/animation, therefore…approved.

lol, Kairi is a ninja. I wrote all of my summary (except the Amuto part and after) the first time I was watching the episode so I wouldn’t have to watch the boring stuff again. So I made that ninja comment before I saw the little chibi ninja show up on screen. So it was twice as funny for me. But seriously Ninja Kairi = Awesome.

Ah well. We knew it wasn’t going to be the bag. I was thinking it would be like an, “OMG! Updated newer cooler bag!” because that is what mahou shoujo anime do. They update their mahou shoujo gear when they get the chance. But a wristband is fine. I’ll be curious if we actually get to see Amu wearing it though…

See? This is where I really like to bash Tadase. Freakin’ idiot. Even if he likes Amulet Heart and not Amu he shouldn’t be pointing it out like this all the time. Argh! So annoying! I wanted to just smack that stupid fanboy grin off his face. He made Amu cry (though in that anime comical way). And I’m tired of Tadamu fans considering the scenes where Tadase shows his crush on Amulet Heart as Tadamu scenes. If you ask me, they’re anti-Tadamu. If you like Tadase thinking about Amulet Heart all the time, at least consider yourself a TadasexAmulet Heart fan instead. Sheesh.

ROFL. I have almost no idea what happened in this scene, but that’s okay. I don’t think Kairi or Musashi knew what was going on either. I was incredibly disappointed that not only did the other charas tag along, but that Eru got seperated from Amu halfway through, but this scene sort of made up for it.

Oh, but Miki calling Tadase a playboy instead of Eru calling Ikuto one…not cool. Doesn’t even make sense. Why are you back to pissing me off Satelight? *sigh* At least the rest of the episode was good.

Kyaaa~! Okay! Who else screamed in fangirl joy during this scene? I know I did! Pissed my brother off too. Oh how I had waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for this scene. And now I have seen it. I can die a happy fangirl.

Or not. There’s still chapter 28 and above after all. I won’t die just yet!

Ikuto you sly little catboy. Pausing right there. Making Amu think that and then teasing her for it. It was made even better by his sad face after hearing Amu was hanging out with Tadase. Any girl would be tricked. lol, but she really did look a little excited. Oh Amu. You need to hurry up and realize (but if all goes as planned in the manga right now, perhaps she finally will~!).

Urgh…I am without a screencap of Ikuto looking all smexy and telling Amu that he’s interested in her. Deal with Amu being all tsuntsun and doubtful as a placeholder until I can make my own screencaps. Updated now.

I think the best part about Ikuto telling Amu he’s interested in her was that he got her to believe him right after tricking her. *sigh* But even though he was telling the truth, he laughed and so she didn’t believe him. I prefer to believe that Ikuto was being completely serious and just laughed because of Amu’s expression. lol, but even though he was telling the truth, he probably did it knowing that Amu wouldn’t believe him. He just likes teasing her.

Aww…no cat ears? I wanted Ikuto to get surprised and have his cat ears pop out when Amu came after him. But if Amu didn’t trip, what was she intending to do by jumping at him. Oho~! Let us all simply believe that Amu secretly wanted to be in Ikuto’s lap, shall we?

I feel kind of bad for Amu every so often. Because it’s so easy for Ikuto to make Amu get all flustered, but he’s always completely cool. Or maybe he’s just so used to her falling and having to catch her that this had no big effect. And in the manga, this is the second time she’s landed right in his lap. Hehe~! Either way, it’s a good thing Ikuto keeps his cool because then he turns out those certain lines.

Seriously though, I want to see Ikuto getting surprised by Amu again. It won’t happen until chapter 29 gets animated though T_T Unless they add in Amuto filler where that happens. But I’ll just be happy with any and all Amuto filler.

Ikuto > Tadase. He totally owned him in this short scene. Taking Tadase’s ice cream and then coming up with awesome lines about how he’s going to eat the ice cream and Amu (seriously, he seriously used a word for “eat” just to let any doubters know). I almost died during this scene…oh yes.

And Ikuto got Amu to lick from the same ice cream cone. Yes! Victory for Amuto! Licking Same Ice Cream Cone > Holding Hands. Obviously. If my translation was correct I think the charas even labeled it an indirect kiss! Hell yeah! Way to make me get more excited about a scene I was already X1000 excited for. Yeah! So there we have it. If we follow the “whoever kisses the girl first, gets her” semi-rule of shoujo then Amuto wins! Yeah! This counts okay. It counts!

Kya~! *goes into a corner to fangirl some more*

*ahem* I considered saying something about Tadase and Ikuto’s semi match, but all that needs to be said is shown. Ikuto > Tadase. That is all.

This was awesome. So random, but awesome. Amu all in chibi mode freaking out because Eru is making her transform. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Yeah.

lol, well it wasn’t that awesome, but it was still really funny. The whole Amulet Angel scene was. Oh Eru~!

Okay, so they didn’t give me Ikuto’s kitty ears at that moment, but they gave me Ikuto laughing at the absolute ridiculousness that is Amu transformed as Amulet Angel. Watch me turn this moment into pro-Amuto and anti-Tadamu.

Ikuto saw the whole thing as ridiculous since that was so far from Amu’s usual self, the Amu he likes. Tadase doesn’t realize the difference between laughing at non-Amu and Amu because he has a crush on Amulet Heart and sees Amu as the person that can become her and technically her. So ha! That is why I found this moment very fun. Ikuto wins…always.

Iinchou~! You cute little boy you! Even he gets to pwn Tadase in this episode…just not out loud. “The one part that moron likes of you is nice, but I love all of you!!!” is what I heard. Tadase pwnedx2. Of course this means: all the boys in Shugo Chara! > Tadase. It’s just math at this point.

Heh, Tadase will never win against Ikuto. This isn’t just fangirl talk by the way. Ikuto has gotten the better of Tadase every single time. And in every chapter or episode Tadase does some “big” thing with Amu, Ikuto goes like ten times farther. Oh yes. Now hurry up and have them fight in the manga for real so I can watch Ikuto beat Tadase again.

I updated a little, but I’m tired. So I’ll do the rest of it sometime later…maybe.



Ugh, it’s just filler. I’m not even bothering with screencaps. It’s just return of the X-Chara battles. Except for a “twist” it looks like it’s going to be a ghost’s egg that gets X-ed (WTF?).

Oh yeah, and no Ikuto or Utau. Just back to those lame fillers. I’ll still blog it, but expect more sarcasm and less fangirl love.

EDIT: Now that the subs are out, I suggest everyone go watch them and ignore my crappy summary.


  1. Your new website is nice.

    Kya! I’m still in happy fan girl mode even an hour later while I’m working on my stupid law essay.

    The return of Amulet Spade. The last time she appeared in ten episodes right?(side note: Rima had a super cute expression on her face after she chased away the x-egg).

    We get to see the whole ugly face of Ikuto’s stupid stepfather for the first time. (can we be him up too?) I loved when Sanjou mocked him.

    Kairi is adorable in this episode! lol You’re right about the ninja thing. His shirt is even kind of ninjaish. I feel sorry for him though. Amu gets more flustered around Nagihiko. Kairi is more like Rima or Yaya to her.

    Tadase. This episode just proved what a loser d*** he is. The hairpin thing first of all made me want to drop kick him. Also, he didn’t even ask if Amu wanted it he just bought cause he liked it even though she wanted somethingelse. (gives Kairi more man points for actually listening to what Amu wanted). Than later when he had a vison of Amulet heart and his heart leaped out of his chest I wanted to stab him. lol the skipping scene made me laugh also when he said he liked vanilla. I honestly think I would like Tadase better if he was a girl.

    Ikuto. I almost did get a nosebleed when I saw the lying on the grass scene. He’s at his best in this episode. Teasing Amu, telling Amu he’s ‘interested in her’, being sort of sad when Amu thinks he’s joking, teasing Tadase. It’s all here. I didn’t mind when he laughed at Amulet Angel either. Your reason why he did it makes sense.

    For some reason his “fight” with Tadase made me think of Kodoucha for some reason, cause Ikuto kept jumping out of the way calmly like Akidp does when Sana attacks him. A real fight between Tadase and Ikuto is probably going to be more intense since Ikuto usually just kind of taunts Tadase during thier casual fights. I guess its because of the whole childhood friend thing.

    lol the charas at the end. I think Yoru said something about Ikuto and Kiseki said something about tadase. Suu’s expression was so OOC for her.

  2. oh gawds I think I’m gonna die…….Amuto Ice Cream Lick GAWDS!!!!!! My life is complete -goes into fangirl coma- I’ve been waiting for this :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kyaaaa… i almost died.. thanks for the review/summary.. i so agree with you.. all other shugo chara boys > tadase hahaha.. and the “ichigou” above sure looks like a meatball..

  4. O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaa!!!!!!! I was going all hyper and thought i was going to die while at school this week, and my friends were like, ‘shut up!’ but today, im alone at home watching and im like making a running commentary about tadase being gay, then Ikuto comes in and i start a running commentary about his home clothes then make running commentaries about Iinchou or even more gay tadase or just random stuff, then Ikuto appears 2nd time… house is silent, except for sound of video on youtube… then ice cream lick 1, ice cream lick 2… fangirl screams (kinda) echo through house! OMG i think i’m going to die from fangirl overdrive… kyaaaaaa!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU EPISODE 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU IKUTOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU FUYUMAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. P.S Ikuto laugh is cute!!!!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. GO AMUTO!

    It’s real, isn’t it?! I’m not dreaming, right?!?! Kyaa~~~!!! AMUTO~~~!!! *fangirls all over the keyboard* xDDDDDDDDDDD;;;
    Satelight…the pope approves. *deep nod of approval* She will even overlook the stupid little change in the “playgirl” detail. *OMGGASP!NOWEIH~…* xDDD
    Ah, let’s start with Kairi-kun! Kya~! Iinchou was so freakin’ cute in this episode! <3333 && ninja Kairi is awesome! Not to mention his constant blushing (cute~! xD) and his stuttering at the end! And he was…MEGANE-less! 8DDDD Awesome. Now he just needs to go bushido and declare his love to our little Amu-chi. Yea~~~…
    lol And he is such a good brother, yes. Poor him, having such a nasty obaasan for an older sis. Though she was quite amusing when she was drunk, haha (she reminded me of Oshige-san a bit). xD
    And speaking of which, Amu looked so cute~! <33 (I get the feeling that P-Pit has not only been just reading other shoujo manga lately…they’re reading the BIG names in shoujo manga, lol) But where the hell did she get that outfit?! lol I thought her mom bought her (punk) clothing. xDD;;
    Tadase: Needs to be arrested and brought before the the SC! council tohearhissentenceofbeingpubliclyguillotined for making me writhe in agony just by looking at him (and that is a serious crime, dammit!). Immediately. MINIONS!!!
    Oh, and also adding to his points:
    Tadase skipping: -3
    Tadase having the worst fashion sense: -5
    Tadase being Tadase: -44
    Total: -50 points (ha! 100 points below Ikuto!)
    Note: This is a hardcore Ikuto fan speaking. I apologize if it offends.
    And of course we have to mention Eru~! She. Is. Awesome. Love radar, oh god. xD; & “Amu-chan no kokoro, UN-LOCK!” & “Angel Wink!” *wink* LMAO I love her. I really, really do. xD
    And finally…Amuto. It was HAWT…I’m surprised the ice cream didn’t melt in seconds (and that I didn’t die from fangirl overload but it’s okay cuz I won’t die completely happy until I see their children. xDD;;) And did Amu say “Atsui…” somewhere during their *explodes into fangirl giggles* indirect kiss? She did, right? Right~?! xDDD Ikuto is awesome b/c he just is. And Ikuto pwns Tadase ALWAYS. He even has two theme songs while Tadase has like…none. It is the law. Nuff said. x3333
    Aww, poor Amu. Being a playgirl must be hard job. lol But seriously now, we need more moments where she surprises Ikuto (and/or make him change expressions, w/e). I want to see him get angry at her at least once even if it’s vaguely noticeable and I don’t care what the reason is. He needs to get mad (or depressed, however you want to put it) because that just further clarifies that he does like her…And then after that, they should have a hot make-out session as reconciling with each other. xDDDDD;;;;;;;
    Alright, I will come back and comment later (cuz I need to watch the episode 20 more times until it leaves me satisfied for the day). I’ve almost reached over a page on word doc (ha, and almost all of it is mostly fangirling. ^^;) so I hope this fits. Mucho gracias for the wonderful summary and review. You are, as always, awesome just like how Ikuto will always pwn Tadase (look, we have reached equilibrium! Who said this doesn’t contribute to science? 8D). xDDD;; AMUTO 4EVAR~!!!

  8. Best episode ever. btw I was reading a charater profile and it said Ikuto stole the key from Tadase if thats true (hopefully not) does that means she was supposed to end up with Tadase. >_< Despair.

  9. warriorhope: Thank you, I like my site so far.

    Ah, Rima’s face was cute. How did I miss commenting on that? Oh well. But yes, the stupid nasty director is fugly. I hope someone (either Amu or Ikuto) smacks him in the face with a wooden pole later…or a metal one. More damage.

    Yeah, Kamuri ended before it even really began. It seems Amu likes older boys, but she’s not into younger ones.

    Whoa, so much Tadase violence lately in my comments. I like it. He really was at his stupidest in this episode. No matter how much Satelight tries to redeem him, Tadase still fails. But I would like Tadase better if he was a girl too. Since I automatically like traps, I really hope they reveal him to be a reverse trap someday. That would be awesome, but it won’t happen.

    Yes! Ikuto was at his best! I love Ikuto no matter what, but I especially love him when we get to see those other sides of his personality. Like him laughing and getting surprised. Yes~! Ikuto was great in this episode~!

    Ah I remember that in Kodocha. It is kind of like that. But the real fight that may be happening in the manga soon is going to be so drama-filled. I love my drama.
    Yes! Su was all like, “Serious Business.” it was funny.
    fuyu_maiden_fan: Don’t go into a fangirl coma just yet! There’s still more amuto moments coming. Or at least leave the coma in time for those! Oh and I like your name, it made me giggle with joy (lol).
    mizuu: pretty much everyone agrees with me. The last popularity poll I saw, Tadase only had 5%. But I’m also glad I’m not the only one who thought that strawberry looked like a meatball. When watching I was wondering why Amu would be eating spaghetti in the garden.
    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: lol, love the sequence of events. It went something like that at my house too. My fangirl scream would have woken my entire family up if I didn’t have a handy pillow nearby. And yes! Ikuto’s laugh was just…ah! It was the best.
    yuu:Yes! Go Amuto~! OTP status will soon be at hand!
    xiao_jie88:Such a long comment! Thank you!

    Yes, even the playboy/playgirl stuff can be ignored because, because! Kya! We need to create new words to describe this episode!

    Kairi is just awesome. I can’t believe he’s the youngest member of the Guardians. He’s so far ahead of Tadase!!! With or without glasses. Oh, I hope we get some sort of epilogue after Shugo Chara! is over, because I want to see a teenager Kairi. I bet he looks good. I want more chances to fangirl!

    Yeah, I do wonder where she got that stuff. I feel like it might have been mentioned, but I missed it. Either way…why are all of Amu’s clothes so awesome and/or cute? I demand Satelight pimp out Shugo Chara! even more and make a clothing line! Even if most of that stuff would look bad on me, I have a certain little girl I can force to wear it all.

    lol, more Tadase violence. And as for the scores, I’ll try to remember to factor in his lameness in the future. 100 points behind is much better.

    Eru really is the best Shugo Chara I think. Still waiting on that plushie Satelight (or some toy company that gets permission from Satelight). I’ll probably buy the keychain as soon as I find it…but I want that plushie.

    OMG! You heard it too? I was certain it was just my imagination when I heard Amu say “atsui” so I completely ignored it, but if you heard it too then…kyaaa! More reasons to fangirl!!! This episode was the best episode ever~! I swear I’m still at risk of a heart-attack from over-excitement.
    Tadase does have that one lame all royal sounding theme though. It sounds so…ugh. Ikuto has two awesome themes though. And two > one. Awesome > Lame. Ikuto wins another round.

    She surprises him in chapter 28, but even if that does get animated it won’t be for a while…*emo*. Ah, but Ikuto does get surprised when Amu shows up at Utau’s concert, but it’s not quite the same thing.

    “Make-out session”…I’m going to go crazy just imagining such a thing. Ah! I want them to kiss in the manga already! I’m getting so impatient!!! Give me lots of drama and then have them make-up with a kiss. And OMG! How awesome would it be if Amu kissed Ikuto first? Kyaaa! I’m getting all excited for things that might be really far off!

    It contributes very much to science. Science and math is what makes up half the Amuto = OTP argument. It is a fact. A mathematic and scientific fact!!!
    Charity: Oh there’s no reason to feel despair. In my opinion, people always put too much emphasis on the lock and key, but even if they do, the ownership of they key remains the same. Tadase says Ikuto stole it. Ikuto says it belongs to him. I believe Ikuto. Because he’s always upfront when he steals something. He doesn’t make excuses. I wrote all about it back on my livejournal if you still need to be convinced.
    Woo, all that replying took a little while. Thanks to everyone for commenting!

  10. Kyaaa!!!!!!!!!!! AMUTO!!! Oh my gosh! Even though I knew that there will be an ice cream scene in tis epi ages ago, I can’t help but fangirl att he ice cream scene!!!! >…< He looks so cute without glasses!And he gets points for buying that armband for Amu as well! This only shows how insensitive and dense Tadase is. He couldnt even see that Amu wanted that armband, and he was with her too!

    But tha person who owned this episode is none other than Ikuto!!! ..<

  11. Argh, my comment got cut. :( and I worte so much too!!!! Nvm, I shall just cut short the rest of the comment untill the last part.

    Can someone pls tell me wat happened during the last part of chapter 29? Cause it showed Ikuto wearing a cape and having weird eyes. Butwasn’t he still sleeping on Amu’s bed a moment ago?
    Oh, and if Utau is with Kuukia, I will support them all the way!!! ^^ Go Utau, Kuukia is cool, and a much better choice for you! Time for you to find ur true love~!!!!

  12. Starry: Ah, I’m sorry to hear about your comment. Comments being cut hasn’t really happened yet, so I’ll look into finding out why it did.

    Chapter 29…okay. I’ll tell you what I came to understand from the chapter. Anyone reading this comment who does not want to know should stop reading now. I should also state that I’m not sure about this. It’s just what I sort of think happened.

    It seems Ikuto has that power similar to Utau’s. The ability to force an egg from someone. It’s apparently a Tsukiyomi thing. And it seems Ikuto might be more powerful than Utau, which is why they were so unwilling to let him leave. But Ikuto is against doing that, so it seems…he’s being controlled because of that weird radio signal.

    But about Utau and Kukai, I completely agree. That pairing took me by surprise but…it works so well. I totally support it. Utau needs some real lovin’ too. All the guys can’t be after Amu.

  13. Fuyu-san: My brain has bombed from the awesomeness of it all. I can’t think of anymore words. xDD;;
    Kairi does need to come back at the end and not just for the epilogue (w/contacts, lol)! He has to help his sempai-crush defeat Easter and yadayada! xDDD
    YEA! I love her outfits, too! They should totally bring out a clothing line for it (they’d get more money at least :P). haha, have you brainwashed your friend into obsessing over Shugo Chara, too? xDD;
    Yes! I’m not alone! lol I went WTF?!?! because that certainly wasn’t in the manga and now that I’ve watched it over again, I think it translates to “Ah, I was just…!” or something but who cares?! Let’s just keep it that way cuz it makes the Amuto just more irresistible if Amu says it’s hot, too. xDDD;;
    I thought if it more as the the second Seiyo Academy theme than Tadase’s theme, actually. The music is not bad but the fact that it is associated with Tadase is. :P (And Ikuto’s themes are so awesome~! xD)
    *emo-s with you* Yea, he was surprised when she suddenly appeared. (I’m gonna merge some of my thoughts on your comment back to Starry-san here) Hmm, but maybe we can think of it this way. Besides the fact that the Dumpty Key was reacting to Amu (we still don’t know the reason why he’d run off after that), since he apparently has a stronger power to force eggs out of people’s hearts, that might have affected Amu as well…maybe. And he’d deeply regret it if he’s at fault for hurting Amu, even unintentionally. Of course, this is all just speculation. I’ve been thinking back to episode 12 (?) about how he wouldn’t continue playing after he noticed she was there. So yea, those are my thoughts. :/
    lol Hey, you never know, that could happen in the next chapter. I mean, Ikuto did tell her that she was his most special person and who would’ve expected that right after Tadase’s confession? Not that I’m complaining, nope. xDD;; LOL And Amu kissing Ikuto first? Nooo way…that would be too great! I can’t see it happening (yet) but I’d imagine it being more on the cheek (she is not forward enough) but anything can happen. ^^ Hey, maybe she’d have to do it to break that weird radio signal spell on Ikuto. Oh yes~! xDD;;
    Starry-san:YES! Another UtauxKukai supporter! They make an interesting, cute couple, no? xDD For some reason, the Tsukiyomi siblings seem to be attracted to people younger than them. lol

  14. Fuyu: A metal pole would probably be best. I can see Amu doing it.

    Yeah traps rule. I can totally see him be a reverse one too. But they already have one trap so they probably won’t have another.

    Starry & xiao_jie88: Utau x Kukai >_<! Somehow the idea of a cheerful guy and a serious girl is adorable.

  15. warriorhope: Yea, right? xD Their personalities completely clash with one another. They would seldom get along, Utau would be constantly annoyed by him, Kukai would be constantly amused by her and I can watch that all day long without getting bored! Kaaa~! xD Is there a name for this shipping yet? If not, I’m sticking with Utakai until then (which reminds me of the term “Uruk-hai” from LotR, lol. Orc-ish couple. xD;;;)

  16. xiao_jie88: But…but…I wanna see Kairi looking older with glasses. It is my secret man moe (WTF?). Teenage boys and men with glasses…only certain ones though.

    Oh, she likes Shugo Chara! as much as she can without understanding any of it. She, wants “that cat boy and the girl with pink hair” to be a couple. I didn’t even push her in that direction. She just totally decided it on her own. I’m so proud. That cute little Amuto fan.

    Yeah, I know I sort of figured that after re-listening to it. But I will still believe Amu’s meaning was “hot.” *sigh* Though I’m pretty sure in the situation it would mean more like what you said or, “Oh crap” or “I got caught” or something. *sigh*

    Hmm…well either way they play it for Tadase just when Tadase he’s in king mode or something, so it doesn’t count that much anyway. Even better.

    Ah. That’s true. Nice theory! That makes Ikuto the even better choice for Amu since he’s been secretly protecting her. Oh~! That’s great~! I love stuff like that.

    Heh, but if there’s enough drama…in manga and anime sometimes…stubborn, shy girls are known to make some big move once the drama is over. Or, of course, to end the drama. Oh no, I won’t be giving up on Amu suddenly being a forward girl. Because that’s just…too awesome. Tsundere Amu is fun, but she needs to go ahead and make a move herself!!!


    warriorhope: It is decided then, Amu must whack that stupid director with a metal pole. But really, I’ll be satisfied with him getting hit with any sort of blunt object.

    *sigh* I know, it’s too bad. Tadase would make a much better girl. But Nagihiko will have to be enough trap to satisfy me.


    Utakai! If there isn’t a fandom-approved name for the UtauxKukai yet, that’s what I’ll be using as well.

    Oh my mind is already running wild. Utau is all annoyed by Kukai but secretly starts blushing because he casually says something that makes her embarrassed, she gets caught gets more embatrassed and tries to act like she’s not, and…oh there’s just so many possibilities! I mostly want Amuto in the next chapter, but I wouldn’t mind some Utakai either.

  17. NOO!!! I’m so late in giving a comment! My stupid Internet connection has been so screwy that I haven’t been online for 2 days. I finally decided to go to an Internet cafe.

    Sigh. Anyways….(goes to fangirl mode)


    Sorry, I can’t type anything sane as my fangirl mode has taken over. XDD

  18. Oh yes! What about Kairi liking not one part of Amu (unlike a certain Tadase) but all of her? I think that deserves a +10. (LOL But Amuto is still victorious XD)

  19. steshin:Oh…what an awful time for your internet to be sucky. You were late for the fangirling!!

    Ah, that’s true. That does deserve some positive points. Then you give those to Ikuto too since he likes the real Amu and you take away points from Tadase. Oh yes, then the scores work out much better.

  20. Fuyu-san: xD Ok, ok. We’ll let him keep his glasses (man moe, lol). He has to be glasses-less during the big boss battle, though, but that’s still gonna happen since during Chara-nari so no big. ^^
    *gasp* Smart girl! 8D Very, very smart.
    I will await the day Amu finally becomes brave enough to do that with great enthusiasm. Even if halfway through, she’s seriously thinking of pulling out. xDDD
    lol Kukai can say almost say anything without breaking a sweat (even Shion’s mention of his, erhem, bathroom breaks when he was a kid left him stunned for like half a second). It will be an uber squeal-fest from me when he says things that will make Utau blush (*squeal!*). And besides, we all can assume that Utau knows she will never be with Ikuto in that kind of relationship…so she mind as well start everything new. And I think she hates being ignored or not answered to and Kukai certainly isn’t the type of guy to ignore people. ~.^

  21. I completely support Utau and Kukai! Kinda of a random pairing, but they look cute together. And this episode was awesome!!! did Tadase look even more girly than before in this epiosde or is it just me? I don’t think I have seen a guy “run” like that in my entire life.

  22. p.s.AMUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Huge Amuto fan) I would have screamed really loud when I saw the ice cream scene, but it was 6:00 AM when I saw this. And my dad is NOT a morning person.

  23. xiao_jie88: Yes! The glasses stay! But yes, he can have them off for the big boss battle.

    I know! She’s great. I gave her the present I was saving for her last day of her visit (she lives in a different state) once she said that.

    If she stops halfway through Ikuto can take it from there! Ah! I want to see all of these situations we’re coming up with. When’s the next chapter coming out?

    Exactly why he makes a perfect match for Utau. Ah! I want to see Utau blushing because of Kukai then going, “What the hell?” to herself like Amu has been known to do. Heh…stubborn. But yeah, I get the feeling Utau’s going to be getting out of her denial soon and will let go of Ikuto. Then she can run off with Kukai and we will have a big couple celebration party!


    Lo-Lo: They do look good together. And Kukai is the only guy who’s really interacted with Utau besides Ikuto, so he is approved.

    Yes, Tadase looked even girlier than usual. He was skipping, smiling, and blushing like a girl. And he was wearing shorts on a day he didn’t have to. *sigh*

    Yay! Another Amuto fan! Haha, everyone who comes to my blog seems to be an Amuto fan. It’s wonderful~!

  24. hey !! its me Mo0on12 :D i found your new blog its really cool and i liked that episode too !!

    GO AMUTO !!

  25. Yayy can’t wait to catch up and see this episode!!! seriously I’m way too excited. could be the coffee… :) thanks for the awesome summary in the meantime!!

  26. hey, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that this is one of the few times we see Ikuto in home clothes? he always wears his school uniform! Argh! I gave a running commentary on his home clothes when i watched the episode. then i stopped when i went into fangirl overdrive (ice creAMU scene!) anyway, just saying.

  27. Amuto007: hee-hee! He wears regular clothes more in the manga it seems (like in chapter 24, 27 and 28). I like his clothing style. He dresses like guy unlike certain other I could mention.

  28. mo0on12: Hey~! Glad to hear from you here~! Yes, episode 33 was wonderful!


    susieq9: You’re not caught up? You have to catch up! If it’s because of the fansubs, they’re picking up now anyways (epic episode 29 is now subbed).


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Well, that’s true. But usually when Ikuto’s wearing his school uniform, so is Amu so it makes sense. And he must leave the house wearing his uniform so no one knows he is skipping. That bad little cat boy. Never going to school. But I like it when he doesn’t wear his uniform. His regular clothes are so cool.


    warriorhope: Oh! Nice shot at Tadase! I loved that.

  29. Fuyu: Glad you liked it. ^_^

    Episode 34 is out. We get to see Kairi in samurai mode! (off topic, but doesn’t Kairi seem like Jin from samarai champloo. In looks anyways.) Plus Rima-chan looks adorable in this episode. It almost makes up for the lack of Ikuto. Almost.

  30. i kno this is was so funny

  31. U rule!!!!

  32. YESSS! XD I love a good Tadase bashing. OMG if you think he’s bad now, WAIT til chapter 30. I hate him so much. Almost as much as Eichi. ALMOST. XD But yeah, Tadase, get a freaking sex change already because

    AMUTOOOOOOOO <3. I rewound Ikuto’s laugh like three times. I’m quite Amuto-crazy…they’re almost as good as MitsukixTakuto, hence they have a nice spot in the top ten couples of mine. <3

  33. I think they meant an indirect kiss between Tadase and Amu. Because it was originally tadase’s and i think they even said he licked it before he went running off for the handkerchiefs or napkin (whatever it was). Ah well… :(

  34. Oh and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that effing dress amu tries on. Sooo dang pretty. Oh why cant real life just be like anime? The world would be a much more amusing place, if anything.

  35. OMG I found this episode surprisingly great! And you know what’s better? It was subbed ALOT faster than expected!!!!!

    Also, the charas getting all
    worried/flustered = WIN.

    Miki and Yoru getting happy over it = SUPER WIN!!!

    I wish Yoru and Miki would confess/cuddle D= That’d be AWESOME!!!! and I also think Miki and Kiseki together is kinda cute XD

  36. OMGOSH!! Great summary‼♥ ^.^ I luved it cant wait til i get to episode 33 I’m on episode 32 part 2!!!! O.O I wish there were more Amuto episodes and more of Tadase getting pwned!!! :Lol but Kairi x Amu o.O I think i like Amu x Ikuto and Kukai x Amu ^.^ BEST!!! like in the first few episodes i liked Tadase x Amu and then Ikuto came and i became Ikuto’s fangirl!!! ^0^
    Amu is so lucky‼♥ I wish Ikuto was real and he went to my skool!! Or at least I want Amu’s life‼♥ (>^3^)>

  37. did yah notice in pic 21 Kiseki is choking yoru?

  38. AmuTo is bad for my health! xD
    I’ll lose a lot of blood with those AmuTo scenes you know?! xD

    (I’ll die once I watch all those AmuTo scenes in the manga when they get animated! Hahaha! xD)

    Btw…Tadase is such a girl. Nuff said. ⌐_⌐

  39. i love ikuto’s smile
    i have the nds game of it
    it’s fun 4 fans

  40. ah where did u get the game tell me please is it out in america???

  41. ahh….i feel as if i died and went to fangirl heaven. Tadase is pwned umm, at least 3 times. Nagihiko,Kairi,Ikuto. I really do love Kukutau. I just want to through Utau onto the floor, drag of Kukai from wherever, through him on top of Utau, and sit on his head. ikuto/Amu, kairi/Nadeshiko as a real female, and Rima/nagihiko are my fave pairings.

    LOL sparkly Holy Crown… tadase….man you need to prove to the masses that you can act manly…..

  42. Hmm, did anyone notice the charms on the bracelet? It had a heart, spade, clover, diamond, and cross. It turns out that the diamond is Amu’s 4th… so, what about the cross…?

  43. […] will keep stringing me along…sigh. Although I may have read spoilers…about an (omg) ice cream “almost-kiss” in episode 33! It’s sad but I’m really excited…!! And, I hope chibi Ikuto shows up again because that was […]

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