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I really didn’t intend to have a rant on this blog so soon, but…*sigh* What can you do? You can’t control when things will piss you off after all. I debated about whether or not to even post this, but…well my blog is so plain and boring right now anyway. A rant is still a post, right? Heh.

Kanshaku dama no Yuutsu

For some quick background. I’m a really big Arina Tanemura fan. She is my favorite manga-ka. I adore her and her works. 3/4 of her manga are in my top ten list. I have never, ever disliked anything she’s done…ever. Admittedly, I am probably blinded by pure fangirl love, but that is just how it is.

Readers from my livejournal are probably already very well-aware of this. However, things need to be established when you start something new.

I am sick of OneManga.

Whoever runs it are a bunch of attention-seeking posers who only put up what makes them popular.

I’ll admit it, I go to OneManga. I don’t like downloading manga I’m only vaguely interested in reading and OneManga is really handy for that, especially with longer series. And instead of wondering, “When is that new chapter coming out…?” I can just check OneManga’s “recent manga” list every day and easily find what I’m looking for. Really, the site is a good idea.

But as previously stated, I’m sick of them now.

Half their news posts seem to be about “Hey! New Bleach and Naruto!” or explaining why Bleach and Naruto may be late that week. I’d really like to completely ignore the news for this purpose, but sometimes they have news on manga I actually read. Though that is very rare. And I can deal with that. Naruto and Bleach is popular. I get it.

However, when I woke up and found Kanshakudama no Yuutsu up on the site…my fangirl wrath was awakened. It’s an Arina Tanemura manga, shouldn’t I be happy? Maybe…if I and every other Arina Tanemura fan hadn’t already read it way over a year ago.

You see, Kanshakudama no Yuutsu’s official translation is being released by Viz in the beginning of August. Now, I wonder why after missing out on Kanshakudama no Yuutsu’s translation for so long they’re deciding to post it now?

It’s simple of course, they only spread around what’s popular and what people will go to their site for. They did the same thing for Arina Tanemura’s recently released work, ION…a week before it came out. A week.

This wouldn’t bother me as much if they didn’t have this plastered on the page:

Kanshakudama no Yuutsu is licensed in the United States by Viz. Please support the publishers that bring our favorite manga titles to the US by purchasing the official Kanshakudama no Yuutsu manga volumes when they are available in your area.

Who’s going to listen to this? If you really want them to buy licensed manga, don’t give it to them for free! Obviously!

Alright, I read and support scanlations of licensed manga. But I only read them because it would take forever to be able to read the latest chapter of Shinshi Doumei Cross or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle or…any of those others!

But what’s the excuse of releasing something that will be coming out in about two months? Do they intend to take it down once it’s all available for sale? No, that can’t be it. ION is still up there. Hana-Kimi is up there. So is Zettai Kareshi, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Alice 19th, Death Note, and so much more! Yup, everything except the TokyoPop manga they were ordered to take down is still up there.

And the sort of manga that’s up there? Well, there’s a few exceptions, but it’s basically anything that the common, out-of-the-loop, noob anime fan might want. There’s always a bunch more manga when a new season’s gonna be starting up (Zettai Karen appeared on the site shortly before the anime began). But that’s just the manga that there’s anime for? What about the rest? Quite simply, if they get licensed and then announced in magazine (like Shojo Beat where Arina Tanemura’s manga get announced to common fans), people will say, “Oh, I want to read that.”

OneManga isn’t one of those sites that’s doing it to “bring manga to the fans!” like some scanlating groups and sites. Scanlations generally work like fansubs, “Stop distributing once it’s licensed” and all that. OneManga is in it for the twisted fame and attention you can get from silly little noobs. I have experience with this sort of attention as I’m sure my livejournal readers remember from my rants about CrunchyRoll.

This isn’t my first problem with OneManga either. I can’t count how many times some one on YouTube sees a comment on one of my Image Shows/MMVs about how I need more scans and they go, “Hey! Check out OneManga!” Or when someone is asking for scanlations for a series and someone goes, “Hey! Check out OneManga!” Morons! Give them the site of the actual group! For the latest scans of ShinKuro go to Endless Youth & Co.! You can give them OneManga for the sake of easiness as well, but honestly!

So, that wasn’t so much of a problem with OneManga, but a problem with the people who use the site. But that just proves my point. The people who use the site most are silly little noobtards who fully don’t intend to pay for something that they can get for free. I know! I get messages from them all the time asking me where to get Shugo Chara!

“Um…try the store. My local B&N and Borders always seem to have it in stock. It’s a popular manga so it’s easy to find.”
“Oh…well I was looking for a site actually…Could you tell me where I can get the manga starting with chapter one?”

That’s an actual conversation through PMs by the way.

It’s especially annoying now that the content available in stores has surpassed the readily available scanlations. I still see people asking and got a message the day volume 4 came out in stores. Annoying.

At the very least they can just hang out in the stores and read it there. Or google the manga! If you’re getting it for free at least put a little effort into finding it!

Agh! My arguments are all over the place, but this is a rant and I’m just speaking in anger, so that’s to be expected, right? No one is actually going to challenge me on this stuff, right? They’ll simply let me feel angry, rant to get my frustrations out, and be done with it…won’t they?

Of course not, this is the internet. I fully expect to get a flame from someone who is in love with OneManga. But I’m venting. I feel a little better now. But the blog is so small now that it probably won’t happen for another two months or so.

Oh and to state finally. I don’t have a problem with helping people get scanlations, usually not even for licensed manga (though I really do go out and buy it myself). I just have a problem with the way OneManga does it. And as always, I have little patience for noobs who never try to figure things out for themselves. It is how I am.

My rant is over now. Sorry for those of you who read through the whole picture-less mess.

*sob* My beautiful blog has been tainted with a rant on the third post! Oh well, fangirl wrath needs to be shared. Otherwise it’s unhealthy (it’s unhealthy no matter what though).

Thanks to those who read this all the way through despite the stupidity. Here’s a picture of Haine in a maid uniform as a reward.

Awww…let the healing begin. The fangirl wrath just melts away.

Well, at least until OneManga posts Time Stranger Kyoko. I expect to see that any day now…

…Or a week before the release in July…

*sigh* I’m done. I’m going to go get a cookie.


  1. It’s not stupid to rant especially on this matter.

    I agree that OneManga should take down all the series that are already completed in English. They don’t have to take down every chapter. Just leave the first one on there for anyone who might seem to be interested before buying the manga.

    Argh, the very lazy noobs are the most annoying. If they don’t have the money, I can understand. At least buy it when you do.
    Other than that, there really is no excuse. Mangakas need to make a living, too. And they probably don’t even get as much of the profit their manga make since most of it goes to the publisher.

    *sigh* The internet. -.-;

  2. i really think onemanga is stupid too. haha. i prefer mangafox for reading. i only read manga which are gonna take forever to come here in bookstores in the philippines thank god SC and TRC aren’t ones of the mangas which take forever to be here.. hehe

  3. xiao_jie88: Thank you for agreeing! I can understand sites where the users just upload stuff themselves. But OneManga does everything on their own. They choose what to upload. And they always choose what’s either liscenced or just happens to be popular.
    *sigh* Well at least Tanemura-sensei is doing very well anyways. ShinKuro volume 10 was on the top ten list of manga sold in Japan this week.

    mizuu: I like mangafox better too…except the last time I got spammed with some gross pop-up, but I think they’ve fixed it since. And it’s good that the internet gets manga to places that can take a long time to get manga otherwise…but since most of the people who go to OneManga are from the US…not a problem for them. *sigh* Jerks.

  4. yeah, onemanga is pretty lame about a lot of things. Mangafox is a little more on the ball..even though they’re pretty stupid too.

    “or a week before the release in july”

    hee-hee! Just like with I-O-N.

    Yeah, the noobs are the main problem on any of these sites. The most annoying ones are the people who ask for scanlations for chapters that aren’t out already. Like, after chapter 122 of skip beat was released one girl was like begging the scanlaters for the new chapter, even though it wasn’t released yet. -_-

    cheer up though remember shugo chara episode 33 is out tommorrow. (does happy dance). >_<

  5. I like Mangafox much more. I just wish they had more manga there. And OneManga always updates so quickly, so it’s like I have no choice.

    Yes, exactly the same as ION. Ha! But even if they do it with TSK, people will have to buy volume 2 because there’s that incredibly awfully translated SakatakixKyoko chapter. I’ve been waiting for years to read that properly.

    Yes. I get questions like that all the time. Sometimes they just read through the entire series, so they don’t know how much is released and they ask. I’m okay with that. But stupid little noobs.

    “Yay! Chapter 122 is out!” *five minutes later* “WTF!? Why is chapter 123 taking so long!?!”

    *sigh* But episode 33 of Shugo Chara!…that was just so wonderful. It made all my OneManga rage disappear.

  6. […] have up to volume five? Can I borrow it?” from complete strangers. Heh, as noted in my rant from last week, I don’t even give manga links to noobs online. I’ve always believed you […]

  7. Hmmm, browsing through the web and came across this.

    First off, I’ll state this: I’m an admin at OM. Second off- what do you expect? It’s a manga site. We put up what people demand. We make things available hoping that they’ll like it enough to go out and buy the thing. And I know plenty who, after reading a manga, will go out and buy a manga.

    As far as the whole Naruto/Bleach thing… well, we don’t like it either. You ranted about noobs. The same people flood our inboxes if a week is missed, or if it’s a little late. Simply put, the inconvenience of the 3 messages on the main site is much more than the 200 emails.

    Other than those points, yeah. OM can be agitating; I know it. But we try to comply with the scanlator’s wishes as best as we can- for instance, you don’t see any new Binktopia releases anymore on there.

    Do we do it for the attention? I can tell you no, honestly and straight off the bat. We do it because we enjoy it. It’s a ton of work, but building a community is a great payoff.

  8. Yup…I know plenty of people who go out and buy manga after reading it online as well. I know I do it. It’s just too bad the people who buy manga aren’t really the same majority anymore. If you guys expect everyone to read the manga (when you put the entire series up there), you’re kind of delusional. Most people don’t buy to read something they’ve already read.

    Okay…I guess I can understand that as far as the news thing goes, so I’ll just chalk that one up to the noobs (god knows they deserve it).

    If you complied with the scanlators’ wishes then some of that manga wouldn’t be up there. I know there’s at least a few series that the scanlators specifically put in “read me” files that said, “stop distributing after licensing” and…OM puts them up after they’ve been licensed. Makes no sense to me.

    Yeah, but you enjoy the attention, right? And you can’t build a community without the attention anyway. And I cam to the conclusion that everyone did it for the attention based off of the fact you guys only put up series that are already well-established. So you can’t say I was wrong to come to that conclusion. It’s common sense (even if the actual answer turned out differently according to you).

  9. Can you name the series? I’ll see what I can do about them.

    We don’t expect everyone to buy the mangas, but it would be nice…

    Attention can be nice sometimes. Just remember with more attention comes more noobs. We put up series that are actively being scanlated and that have a demand for them. I can’t say that I’ve read a tenth of the series on the site. We upload a lot on feedback, and also on what series are being scanlated.

  10. Well, a couple of them were Tokyopop series so they certainly don’t matter anyway. But in the scanlations of Full Moon wo Sagashite and Alice 19th I have there’s a Read Me file that says to stop distributing. But since both of those series had a couple of groups scanlating in the early chapters it’s entirely possibly you guys don’t have the same scans (in fact I think the scans for Full moon are different). So you can forget what I said about that.

    Ugh…yes, that’s true. So if I disagree with anything you guys are doing I can probably say you’re getting proper punishment from awful, awful noobs.

    I figured you guys mostly uploaded based on feedback, which is probably what prompted my little rant in the first place. People are always going to want to read something they’ve heard of and these days most people hear about a manga after it’s been licensed. So I may not like it, but it’s only to be expected.

  11. One more thing- we’re only a little over a year old. We started with tons and tons of shounen. Like, nothing else. A year late… isn’t, for us.

    By the way, nice blog!

    P.S. There’s nothing as satisfactory as a noob taught not to be.

  12. Um…..I’m gonna have to disagree here. I really like Onemanga but I ALWAYS buy the books when they come out on the shelf. I recently finished Moe Kare and I can tell you whole-heartedly that I’d buy it if it were licensed. I use onemanga to check out manga I’m curious about. Really, what’s the difference between reading manga on a site or going to a bookstore or library and reading it there? Pluse onemanga DOES link to the scanlator’s original website where you can actually download the manga. I will agree that probably a lot of n00bs use the site so they won’t have to buy manga ever but please don’t lump us true manga fans in with them. Please?

  13. Chiibi: Oh I know all that now that I’ve cooled down. This is just a silly little rant because I was ticked. A lot of things I said were either mostly wrong of I didn’t add in extra words like, “most” and instead used words like “all”.

    I mean, I read manga at OneManga too and I buy everything that I read past one chapter. Everyone I associate with regularly does the same thing. So I know we’re all out there, just…my view is basically based off of the people I’ve seen saying, “You don’t have to buy it! You can find that at OneManga!” when someone asks where to find a manga in a forum. Ugh…

    But I understand the reality of it all perfectly now. Rants are always wrong on at least some level (and yet, I write them anyway).

  14. Rants about how much you love things are always great though. XD

    Yes, the “you don’t have to buy it!” attitude is terrible….>_<

  15. ah let it go, c’mon peoply its INTERNET T_T

  16. Hm, you’re so veryvery right. *Heheh, Arinachi from YT by the by, I swear! I’m not stalking you! I just searched “Arina Tanemura” on WP and your site shows up.^^*

    The first one they gave out here was “Time Stranger Kyoko” which is being released officially (In english, of course) this summer, or that’s what I’ve heard anyway. I really want to read them (Talking in general, not about TSK) as books, I really do, but they are so SLOW! It’s sad because the official ones A: Include original stuff like Penshaki and comments B: Are usually WAY better translated and C: Easier to read, and who doesen’t want an Arina book on their shelf?!

    Grahh, I buy the books no matter what anyway D:

  17. arinachi: It’s okay if you’re stalking me anyway, I don’t mind. I’m used to it (haha, I’m only half-joking actually).

    Yup, the first volume of TSK comes out on the first Tuesday in July. I’ve been looking forward to it for months! But I know, they’re so slow! At least the scanlators don’t translate everything so we all have to buy the books to get the wonderful, wonderful extras that come in Arina Tanemura books.

    But it just bothers me that some people don’t want to buy the books. How stupid are they? It feels like common sense to me! But meh…

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