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Well, this is going to be a running feature for the next ten (or now that I’ve done this one maybe it’s more like nine) weeks. I’m going to countdown my current top ten favorite anime girls and in each post discuss what I like about them and why. It’s just a chance I seized to go on and on about some characters I really like.

Tomoyo (CCS & TRC)

And we’re starting off with Tomoyo from both CardCaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle as my tenth favorite anime girl.

Some TRC manga spoilers beyond this point

Tomoyo in both series matches that sort of “ideal woman” stereotype they have in anime. A softspoken, polite, and kind girl. We all know the type, general perfection. Of course, Tomoyo has her little quirks. She’s a mischievous little thing with enough intelligence to secretly put together a plan without those around her being any wiser.

Of course, that’s just describing Tomoyo in the simplest way possible and even then she just sounds wonderful, does she not?

Heh, I still remember the first time I watched CardCaptor Sakura. I’d always heard about Tomoyo before watching it. I knew she was a rich girl and that she was in love with Sakura, but when she first appeared I was a little stunned and then burst into crazy fangirl giggles. I was definitely expecting her to act all crazy high-class or something. I wasn’t expecting the little bundle of cuteness that I recieved. Heh, this was before my fangirling days and I still wanted to glomp that cute little girl.

I just am so thankful that I didn’t watch the Cardcaptors dub first…imagine what my first impression of Tomoyo would have been then. *shudder*

I wasn’t sure what to think about Sakura being Tomoyo’s “most important person” when I heard about it before watching the series, but when it came up in the anime I automatically decided it was the cutest thing ever. Heh, and it turned me into a closet yuri fan (yes, I don’t talk about yuri much, but I am a fan because of the awesome drama it can have).

Also, a big reason I like Tomoyo is because she’s such a huge Sakura-chan fan! Tomoyo lives for Sakura It’s been a little rule of mine (accidentally) that if a character adores another character I like, they’re automatically a favorite character of mine. It’s just how it works. Because if I go, “OMGTHAT’SSOCUTE!” and Tomoyo does it too, I can’t help but be like, “Yes! I love you too now!”

Uh…when I read what I just wrote it makes so sense, but I’m sure most of you know where I am coming from…right?

But really, I love everything about Tomoyo. Her cute little voice, her ability to observe the feelings of everyone around her, and I swear, you cannot tell me that she isn’t the cutest ojou-sama to go “ohohoho.” How she manages to make a laugh commonly associated with bitchy girls sound so adorable is beyond me.

But more than anything, the reason I love Tomoyo most probably goes along with my couple fangirling ways. I think it’s impossible to be a SakuraxSyaoran fan and not be a huge fan of Tomoyo. Because if it wasn’t for Tomoyo…silly little Syaoran-kun might never have realized his feelings and never would have confessed. Or it would have taken him a lot longer and that’s no good! It took Sakura and Syaoran forever in both the anime and manga!

Yes, making that take any longer would have been bad.

So let’s now move onto Tomoyo number two. Or rather, Tomoyo numbers two, three, and four. Because one of the best things about the Tsubasa Chronicle anime is that it gives us a grand total of four Tomoyo’s (five if you include that one from Hanshin Republic).

Well, the anime’s version of Tomoyo was actually kind of boring. I think Maaya Sakamoto did a good job of bringing an older Tomoyo to life, but Bee Train totally jilted her on her cuteness and mischievousness. Unfair.

Urgh…but this isn’t meant to be a rant on a crappy anime adaptation. I’m supposed to be expressing my love for Tomoyo~! Let’s get back to that then.

For once I’m glad I read the manga before watching the anime because it filled me up with love for Tomoyo in Tsubasa. To be honest, I read the Tsubasa manga’s first volume before I was even finished with CCS. Heh, I already knew Sakura and Syaoran were the OTP (reason I started watching CCS in the first place) so it really didn’t matter.

I think she won me over even more quickly in Tsubasa than she did in CCS. It could be because I was already familiar with her character, which is partially true. But it’s really a combination. I loved her introduction. I loved her fake tears and her trademark, “ohohohoho” as she sent Kurogane off to another world. It was Tomoyo, but instead of me just finding all this stuff cute I had more of a, “AWESOME! LOL” reaction if you know what I mean.

Ah…the first chapters of Tsubasa were so much fun for a CCS fan.

And Tomoyo-hime just proved herself to live up to the “awesome” title I gave her in the beginning in more recent chapter. Or really, since the flashback in Record. No wonder Kurogane, the most stubborn and violent ninja ever (who despite not dressing like a real ninja at least wears black unlike some others I could mention) has sworn his life to her.

And then even more recently she saved everyone again and helped Kurogane once again. I loved it when she brought out Kurogane’s sword. I had so many flashbacks of Tomoyo from CCS, because she already knew what someone around her was going to want. She’s absolutely wonderful. Of course, for Tomoyo-hime it’s an actual power considering she’s a “dreamseer” and everything.

Moving onto Tomoyo number three, a character only seen in the Tsubasa Chronicle movie, and a character who resembles Tomoyo-hime more than just Tomoyo in general.

To be honest, she’s probably not a favorite character, but she is Tomoyo and probably the one thing that made the Tsubasa Chronicle movie worth watching (well, aside from those barrel scenes with Syaoran and Sakura). It was, like most anime movies, just silly wonderfully animated filler, but with so much Tomoyo I’ve been able to watch it five times. Tomoyo is just the best, isn’t she?

And of course! We have Tomoyo number four! The sole saving grace of the second season of Tsubasa Chronicle (over-dramatizing, but go with me). They cut out a lot of her scenes, but I still absolutely enjoyed her. It was like Tomoyo from CardCaptor Sakura in a whole new world. She even has her own set of bodyguards, walks around with a video camera, and she makes outfits!

Yes, the Tomoyo from Piffle was the good kind of fanservice. Not nudity, but just something to make the fans happy (*sigh* I can barely remember when fanservice meant such a thing).

But we all loved this Tomoyo, didn’t we? I was especially happy when I found out she was fixing the race and stuff. That’s our Tomoyo!

So basically, to wrap up this rambling post: No matter what form she’s in, I adore Tomoyo. She’s just such a great girl.

Though to be honest, the CardCaptor Sakura Tomoyo will probably always be my favorite because she was the first and since she’s the youngest, she’s also the cutest (Oh but Tomoyo-hime was cute when she was little too~!).


  1. Tomoyo = eternal love, hun. Eternal.

    I would burst into tears if there was such a girl like her (and then glomp her immediately right after). ^^; She is adorable and so kind and sweet…I don’t see how anybody cannot like her. Or rather, I can’t imagine anybody who can say “I don’t like her” is a better way of putting it.

    Oh, you’re lucky you didn’t watch the dub version (I did but I was like 10 and dumb and really didn’t really notice the difference). They completely screwed her character with that horrible Valley-girl accent. *shudder* I don’t even want to recall it. -.-;

    But agreed. Tomoyo is just awesome because of being the awesome supporting character that she is. I love her affection and devotion to Sakura because that really is pure love (and love, IMO, is never wrong, no matter if it’s yuri, yaoi or hell, even incest). Not to mention she’s very wise on a lot of things (i.e. helping Syaoran with his feelings over Sakura) and of course, that cute little laugh of hers is win~! <33

    Haha, I think Ancient Japan’s Tomoyo is my favorite out of all the Tsubasa Tomoyos. It’s mainly because of her humourous relationship with Kurogane that won me over. Right after is Piffle Tomoyo (hmm, Bee Train’s version made me cringe but then again, a lot of things they did made me want to hurl. :P).

    Hmm, so yea. I <3333 Tomoyo to bits. We need more Tomoyo (hope CLAMP will bring her back soon)! ^^

  2. Eternal, that’s a good way to encompass everything.

    Yes! I want to as well! Actually, when I go to Otakon in…maybe two years, I’m bringing along a little girl who’s sort of like my little sister. I’ve brainwashed her to like anime. I’m making her dress up as Sakura and possibly Tomoyo (same outfit, just different wigs really). So my dream of glomping a Tomoyo may come true. Even if someone does dislike Tomoyo, they must live in fear of stating it aloud.

    I saw the dub version after. And I am so thankful. I think sometime when I was little I may have watched it, but I didn’t recall a thing. So then I watched it on demand one day and could only sit through five minutes. I tried again after getting the CCS movie and…lasted for fifteen seconds after they started talking. Why werre my super cute Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo replaced by awful brats that sound so OOC?

    You’re right. It’s never wrong. Especially when the love is so pure as, “As long as my most important person is happy, I’m happy.” How can a ten year old be so selfless? *sigh* Only in fiction I guess.

    Oh yes, Tomoyo-hime is my favorite Tsubasa Tomoyo as well (forgot to mention that). If you think about it logically, she’s such a small thing taunting a really big guy. But somehow she just wields so much more power. She’s so cool.

    Bee Train cut out so much. But the important scene with Kurogane and Piffle Tomoyo was there, so I don’t complain much.

    Tomoyo must show up! She is, without a doubt, little Syaoran’s godmother (if he has a godmother that is)!

  3. Oh yes, I love Tomoyo too! ^^ She is such a good friend to Sakura, always helping her out, may it be in the dark or at the front. And I love how she is so kind and cute while being naughty at times too, like helping Syaoran realise his love for Sakura with her cute comments. >.<

    I still cringe a little at the yuri part, but I’ll overlook at because she is so concerned about Sakura, kinda like how I like Utau, even though she likes her own brother. ^^

  4. Oh yes, she’s such a mischievous little girl. Saying vague things to Syaoran, making him get all flustered and say, “I don’t like her” and then be like, “I didn’t say I was talking about Sakura.” Or something cute like that. Kya~!

    More people should overlook such small things about a character. It’s not like it effects either of those girl’s traits, them liking someone. *sigh* Well, at least you’re able to put that stuff aside.

  5. Fuyu: xDD You brainwashed her into cosplaying as Tomoyo?! That is…awesome. lol xDDD
    Because dubs are just horrible that way. There only purpose is to make the world a worser place. :P
    Haha, now that I think about it, even though Kurogane badmouths just about everyone including his own charge, I have a feeling he would never harm girls especially if they are cute and petite like Tomoyo (see how he treats Sakura? Aww~). That is, if he’s not being assaulted by them. lol xD
    And yes~! ccsTomoyo has to show up or I will cry! ;_; And she still has to be video-taping everything ccsSakura does! xDDD;;;

  6. Oh yes I did. She’s only seen the second CCS movie (because she’s too young for subtitles and I refuse to let her watch the Cardcaptors dub), but she loves Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo…without knowing their names. So she was easy to convince. Once she’s twelve, if she’s still into anime I’m making her cosplay as Mitsuki from Full Moon too. Her brother will make sure she still likes anime I’m sure.

    No, he wouldn’t hurt them, but Kurogane is still such an intimidating person that I’m just amazed at Tomoyo’s fearlessness. lol, She takes no one seriously. Sakura isn’t really afraid of anyone either. *sigh* They’re both so cute.
    Everything ccsSakura does and she must have an extensive collection of ccsSakura and ccsSyaoran’s children by now. I really hope they have a daughter too though…Stupid CLAMP, only giving us a little information.

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