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May 18, 2008 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Site | 12 Comments

Hey everyone! FuyuMaiden here, writing to you for the first time on my new blog~!


So! Welcome to Simplicity, my own personal little anime blog.

There’s a lot of reasons for me starting a little blog, but the simplest one I suppose would be, “I like anime.” So there you have it. Nice and simple, just like the name says.

Of course, that explanation doesn’t satisfy anyone and it makes for a really lousy introduction post, so allow me to continue.

So then~! What to go into first? I suppose my banner and choice of image for this post would be a good start. For those unaware (though I doubt these days anyone is unaware) that is Amu-chan, the heroine of Shugo Chara! the manga and anime I’m following closest these days. I chose Amu and Shugo Chara! for these purposes, since it’s mainly because of this series that I’m starting a blog at all (heh, also the day I created the banner was the day Shugo Chara! won the Kodansha award).

All this started on my livejournal where I’ve done episode reviews of Shugo Chara! since episode 14 (skipping only episode 16). At first they were really plain and I doubt anyone read them, but around episode 18 the reviews started turning into something resembling…well, a real review. The Amuto inspired me. And since then things have basically been the same, except the summaries have gotten more detailed as my Japanese has gotten better.

Then starting with episode 28 I started getting comments regularly from a lot of people. Heh, and since episode 22 I think xiao_jie88 has always been commenting and it’s probably because of her that I ultimately decided to continue with the episode reviews. If someone’s commenting and you can have discussions it’s a lot more fun. And of course all the regular commentors on Shugo Chara! and Special A ultimately made me decide to start an actual blog because I figured that people would read it.

And so here we are.

For now my plans are simple. I’ll continue with my episode reviews (though I plan on being less lax about it and getting them out ASAP) for SA and Shugo Chara! in the same (or a similar way). But I’m going to be adding on a couple of other series so I can comment when I have something to say about them. The other anime I’m currently watching (that I’d probably talk about) includes Code Geass, Itazura na Kiss, and Vampire Knight. There’s a few others I might bring up, but I doubt I’d really find the need to post about them.

Blogs should probably be updated regularly and two anime series don’t really do it (and the others I’ll just add in when I have something to say) so I have other plans as well. I tend to update my livejournal with reactions to certain anime news, so I’ll probably continue with that. I’ve also been buying and will be buying a lot of merchandise from Japan, so everyone can expect some “bragging” entries when I receive my items. I also plan on having a weekly feature of my Top Ten Anime Girls every Wednesday (you know, when things are really dead). I have a lot of favorite anime characters that are girls, so I’d just like to talk about them a little.

And I suppose that’s all. I hope everyone will enjoy reading my blog from now on.


  1. Omedetou, Fuyu-san, on the opening of your new blog! ^^ *applauds*

    The banner is cute~! And the motto is very true. Enjoyment is pretty simple…like Amuto. lol xDD;;

    I’m looking forward to your future posts but then again, I always do, hehe (and wah~! I’m glad my really weird commenting encouraged you to continue, lol) Ooo, and can’t wait for the Top Ten. That should be interesting. ^^

    K~! Can’t wait till your next post! ^^

  2. Ah! I knew you’d comment first! This is why you got special mention in my opening post!
    And yay! I’m glad someone agreed with my motto! I was thinking I’d be comments like, “That doesn’t make snese” or something.

    Heh…like Amuto. “Why did you like Amuto?” “Because…it’s Amuto.” Yeah, nice and simple.

    This week’s going to be slow post wise since I’m determined to start my episode blogging with Shugo Chara!, but next week I should be posting almost every day. Heh, especially when I get all my shipments from my “bankruptcy weekend” (I spent over a hundred dollars on preorders and stuff in less than three days).

  3. Yay! I feel so honored! *so happy* haha ^^ But I think I’ll be beaten to first comment by all your other fans due to different times zones or w/e. Ah well. *shrug* Nonetheless, I will comment (cuz I’m a loyal fan, too~! ^^)

    Wah~! Episode 33 is only…3 days away! I can’t wait! Go screencap crazy! lol xDD

    That’s great! Can’t wait to see what you bought (damn, how much stuff did you order? 8D)

  4. “Fan” huh? Somehow that term makes me so embarrassed. I’m happy to hear it, but…just so embarrassed since it makes me so happy.
    I know! I can’t wait! I am going to screencap every single time the angle changes in that scene! I hope the torrent isn’t too late, because I’d hate to have to use crappy quality screencaps.
    Haha, that’s still a secret. Once I get the final shipment I’m going to go all into it. Some of it is just unimpressive DVDs, but the last item is a wonderful pre-order. And I’m pre-ordering something else tomorrow that I’ll post about when I get that other one.

  5. *Sniff* I’m so proud of you.


    Looking forward to your posts here! XD

  6. I know, I am proud too.

    lol, but thank you so much. I’ll do my best to make my posts incredibly awesome in order to live up to my awesome new blog. ^_^

  7. Hellos. ^^ Congrats on creating your new blog. I will try to comment on your entries as much as I am able to. ^^

  8. Ah! I’d be so happy if you would. The main thing I’m looking forward to is discussing all these posts and topics with my readers.

  9. Oemg.How do u make a profile?!I soooo wanna Blog DX!

  10. Hello! Very cute banners! Do you photoshop?

    Please add me to your blogroll!



  11. 7: Yeah, I do use photoshop a little, but I’m still pretty crummy with it.

    And you’ve been added to the blogroll. I like your blog. Just starting out, huh?

  12. Yes, in fact, I just started last Friday! Gah…I feel so noobish.

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